1. D


    hello guys first of all i am newbie trader here the first thing i experienced is that i already deposit to fxcm from 14 September 2020 but untill now my account is not funded yet anyone have experienced something like this? is fxcm scam? thanks guys
  2. N

    FXCM is a scam. They are cheating a lot of traders. They need to be closed to protect order traders.

    My account number at FXCM is 78061197. Via this email, I request FXCM Dealing Desk team to return my money. FXCM is a scam when my orders were cut at wrong stop-loss price. I have 4 sell orders US30 at about 26222 (attached image). I have one stop loss order at 26285.07, one stop loss order at...
  3. E


    Hi, I am from indonesia I had account in fxcm my account was opened at 23/5/2017 it was working fine but now suddenly i recieved email from complianceinfo@fxcm.com on 18/8/2018 that they are terminating my account and asked them emailed them what is the reason they are terminating my account...
  4. W

    Resolved - FXCM SCAM!!!!!

    Hello! My name is William. I have trading account in broker www.FXCM.com ,number асс 99025277 . I make deposit 2050$ in FXCM use Skrill 01.06.2016.Due to some problems, this money was not credited to my trading account. They told me the payment was not accepted and would send the money back to...
  5. M

    FXCM UK - Scammed me: account locked since 3 week - no withdrawal

    Hi, my FXCM UK account were loocked since 3 weeks. The support wrote me that my account is Locked because it is "under review" on 11-01-2018. No more explenation about this "under review". After some days i asked to the support chat and by telephone but they told me that they did know...
  6. A

    FXCM Buy Limit order not filled

    I placed an order to buy 0.5 lots of AUD/CHF on June 3rd 2015 at a limit price of 0.65884. The price moved through the buy limit price by 40(!!!) pips on August 24th 2015. I complained to FXCM and the explanation of why my order wasn't filled came back saying there wasn't enough liquidity in...
  7. Master Yoda

    FXCM: Crime and Punishment

    The "Crime": FXCM UK fined 4 mln stg for witholding client profits | Reuters https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-forum/scam-alerts-folder/33096-fxcm-uk-announces-16-9-million-settlement-fca-asymmetric-slippage.html The Punishment: FXCM Profit Falls 70% as Trading Revenue Declines -...
  8. Alex Findlay

    The Gain Capital FXCM deal was a slap in the face for justice GOOGLE the facts.

    FXCM trades against their TRADERS and sells accounts to GAIN for up to $500.00 each reportedly.after being barred in the USA. The two brokers thereafter collude to illegally hold funds preventing FREEDOM OF CHOICE when it comes to selecting a Broker. TWO unscrupulous brokers getting together to...
  9. Astro409

    Limit Hit Three Times

    I just created and filed an Audit Case because I want to know why my USD/JPY long position did not close if my established limit was hit three times. I saw it and heard it. I also saved an imaged to my computer plus have a snapshot on my FXCM account. Looking at a One Minute Chart the candle...
  10. A

    FXCM - not saying it's a scam, but submitted an audit report. **** happens.

    FXCM - scam or not? but submitted an audit report. Well just to start off I lost $8,000 to forex trading, my broker was FXCM. I like their no dealing desk execution and it seems like a great forex company. Probably due to my lack of risk management I lost these $8,000 but the prices were very...
  11. F

    An old case with EUR/CHF on FXCM

    It is my first time here. I have an old case, which now I finally had some time to deal with. On 2011-09-06, SNB brought EUR/CHF from ~1.12 to 1.20 in just a few minutes. I had an EUR/CHF short position. The stop loss was at ~1.15, but the position was closed at ~1.18. My account went negative...
  12. J

    FXCM Fraud

    FXCM scamed my trading by closing all positions without any reason. The Metatrader froze and then all positions were closed ruining my long term strategy of shorting the EURUSD.
  13. S

    Pips Royale - RED ALERT, RED ALERT, RED ALERT !!!

    Again we have a Forex offering which looks very suspicious but since I have not bought nor intend to do so I cannot call it an outright scam. When looking at the promotions for Forex EA's and signal services you should be very aware and look for anomalies in the presentation. If the product is...
  14. F

    FXCM EURGBP price squeeze only in FXCM!

    Hi, It's strange for me to see that demo & live price have different lows in FXCM. Today in Eurgbp I notice in live RAW Feed lows are 0.82437 FXCM demo MT4: 0.82451 ATC MT4 ( demo RAW ) : 0.82469 GFT live: 0.82542 ProRealtime: 0.82553 Roboforex ( demo ): 0.82531...
  15. T

    FXCM Scams

    If you feel you have been scammed by fxcm you may want to think about contacting the following below- Take a few minutes to get information that might change your standing or situation. It did for me and people i know. this information is available publicly but i am just posting it here for...
  16. T

    FXCM- Another Class Action Being Considered

    All, Another Class action is being considered by a well known and well experienced law firm against FXCM/ Forex Capital Markets If you are affected or feel you may have been affected feel free to contact the email below. canon1950@gmail.com
  17. E

    Dishonest Vendor

    I have sent you several emails on the robot I purchased for the Tradency platform with FXCM ,that was cancelled.You have not refunded me on this purchase. I never received this robot with FXCM as they told me they do not do any business with you. Don you have left me no choice but to report you...
  18. G

    Class action lawsuit launched against FXCM for fraud and racketeering!

    I thought this mob was supposed to be large and well regulated? Looks like they are as crooked as they come in reailty. Fraud and racketeering! Morgan Business Trial Group Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Nation's Largest Forex Dealer -- FXCM
  19. S

    FXCM use sync to scam its clients

    Hello FPA hello fellow traders ! FXCM - one of the largest forex brokers has been caught with many lies about how they do business - still they continue their business and they are now even listed on NASDAQ - how can that be? Well, I have actually prepared a short video with all the...
  20. M

    Read this and add FXCM to your BLACKLIST

    I hope this is the correct procedure to file a complaint. I opened an account with FXCM and than closed it because of their rollover rates. I asked my money back with a wire transfer and then: 1. received confirmation of wire transfer to me 03.12 at cost of EUR 15. 2. After one week they...