1. Kelly Yeung

    ATFX Awarded the “Best Global Broker” in 2022

    As the world’s largest financial EXPO, the iFX International EXPO held in Cyprus from June 8th to 9th has gained the trust of thousands of brands worldwide. The exhibition has not only built a bridge for global investors to communicate with brokers but also announced the winners of the 2022...
  2. J

    Yum Forex (Han Global) has cheated me $110.000

    December 2021, I met a girl from China via Tinder, and we quickly switched to whatsapp. Her residence is supposed to be in Guangzhou. Assumed name “Arya”, whatsapp Nº +852 6632 6923 She supposedly earns a lot of money daily in gold investment using the well-known MT4 trading platform. At first...
  3. M

    CDG GLOBAL Withdrawal Issue

    Hi everyone, I just want to ask for some advice or help on how to withdraw my money from CDG Global fx. They told me that they have process the withdrawal but I havent received the money until now. Thank you
  4. E

    Brave Climbing Global Capital.

    Has anyone successfully Retrieved money from Brave Climbing global . They charge a 10%percent fee at withdrawal and 3% penalty for everyday past 7 days. This is on the total amount in your account. They way this works is they as you to join and have a level with a bonus for...
  5. H

    Has anyone heard of Global Venture gventurep vip

    Was encouraged to invest into this trading scheme, so made a small deposit and made a small amount withdrew it with no problems. Done this quiet a few times, but was always a little concerned as Im not up with all this stuff I'm older and about to go on a old aged pension, so every dollar is...