1. Zforex

    Global Market Insights: Inflation Trends, Central Bank Policies, and Geopolitical Impact

    Fed officials have countered recent market optimism following the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, where three rate cuts were promised for 2024, sparking a rally in the financial markets. Currently, market participants are assuming a 69% probability that the first rate cut will take...
  2. Zforex

    Global Markets React to Economic Trends and Political Shifts

    On Friday, markets in the Asia-Pacific region attempted a rebound, with Australian stocks bouncing back from a one-year low in the previous session. Investors continued to process new inflation data. Meanwhile, European stocks are expected to open slightly higher as investors remain cautious due...
  3. Zforex

    Global Markets Tumble Amid Earnings Worries and Bond Yield Surge

    The Asian market experienced a substantial sell-off, with Japan and South Korean benchmark indexes leading the region's declines. In Australia, shares closed at a level not witnessed for over a year, as investors drew insights from Wall Street's overnight performance. In Europe, stock markets...
  4. Zforex

    Global Markets React to Business Activity Data and Economic Uncertainty

    Asian-Pacific markets recovered from earlier losses, driven by the evaluation of private business activity surveys in Japan and Australia, along with South Korea's October producer price index. European markets cautiously opened higher on Tuesday, with investors monitoring the latest Eurozone...
  5. Zforex

    China's Property Market Woes: Implications for Economic Recovery and Global Growth

    China's economy faces significant challenges, especially in the housing market. Historically, the real estate sector has been a major contributor, accounting for up to 30% of the economy. However, it has struggled for over two years due to a government-initiated crackdown on developer borrowing...
  6. Zforex

    An overview of the global market

    Asia-Pacific Markets Slide on Japan's Inflation Data, TSMC's Net Income Decline; European Markets Await Spanish Election Asia-Pacific markets experienced a decline on Friday as investors analyzed Japan's consumer price index figures for June. According to official data, the country's core...
  7. T


    My account 16240022. Although 518 USDT(Tether) was paid through TRC20 payment system (XM TRC20 ADRESS: TRNAaNbVWaLeb9z8uNsQuN1HmKdHEzSGrZ )2 day ago, this amount was not reflected in my accounts, contacted support, although it was said that a refund mail would be sent within 24 hours...
  8. Badger88

    Problem ICMarkets Global withdrawal delay

    Hello guys. Did anyone tried to make a withdrawal from IC markets global this week? I try to get my money back, the withdrawal requests are being processed for more then 30hrs now. Support says there is a general problem on their end but i'm afraid i'm being scamed - today morning they said...
  9. M

    CDG GLOBAL Withdrawal Issue

    Hi everyone, I just want to ask for some advice or help on how to withdraw my money from CDG Global fx. They told me that they have process the withdrawal but I havent received the money until now. Thank you
  10. E

    Brave Climbing Global Capital.

    Has anyone successfully Retrieved money from Brave Climbing global . They charge a 10%percent fee at withdrawal and 3% penalty for everyday past 7 days. This is on the total amount in your account. They way this works is they as you to join and have a level with a bonus for...
  11. H

    Has anyone heard of Global Venture gventurep vip

    Was encouraged to invest into this trading scheme, so made a small deposit and made a small amount withdrew it with no problems. Done this quiet a few times, but was always a little concerned as Im not up with all this stuff I'm older and about to go on a old aged pension, so every dollar is...