1. Zforex

    An overview of the global market

    Asia-Pacific Markets Slide on Japan's Inflation Data, TSMC's Net Income Decline; European Markets Await Spanish Election Asia-Pacific markets experienced a decline on Friday as investors analyzed Japan's consumer price index figures for June. According to official data, the country's core...
  2. T


    My account 16240022. Although 518 USDT(Tether) was paid through TRC20 payment system (XM TRC20 ADRESS: TRNAaNbVWaLeb9z8uNsQuN1HmKdHEzSGrZ )2 day ago, this amount was not reflected in my accounts, contacted support, although it was said that a refund mail would be sent within 24 hours...
  3. Badger88

    Problem ICMarkets Global withdrawal delay

    Hello guys. Did anyone tried to make a withdrawal from IC markets global this week? I try to get my money back, the withdrawal requests are being processed for more then 30hrs now. Support says there is a general problem on their end but i'm afraid i'm being scamed - today morning they said...
  4. M

    CDG GLOBAL Withdrawal Issue

    Hi everyone, I just want to ask for some advice or help on how to withdraw my money from CDG Global fx. They told me that they have process the withdrawal but I havent received the money until now. Thank you
  5. E

    Brave Climbing Global Capital.

    Has anyone successfully Retrieved money from Brave Climbing global . They charge a 10%percent fee at withdrawal and 3% penalty for everyday past 7 days. This is on the total amount in your account. They way this works is they as you to join and have a level with a bonus for...
  6. H

    Has anyone heard of Global Venture gventurep vip

    Was encouraged to invest into this trading scheme, so made a small deposit and made a small amount withdrew it with no problems. Done this quiet a few times, but was always a little concerned as Im not up with all this stuff I'm older and about to go on a old aged pension, so every dollar is...