1. L

    BEAWARE OF FOREX MANAGED ACCOUNTS! PART 2 (Be Careful About "Forex Trading Group"!)

    I agreed that Forex Trading Group would manage my 37K investment. If they delivered as they projected my account would grow to $115,800 in 12 months (the first week they actually lost $3,100!) From the profit of $88,800 they would deduct $17,760 (20%) as an incentive fee which I expected. But...
  2. A

    InvesttechFX Sacm

    InvesttechFX Sacm Angel Gonzalez. cuenta 38478. Abri cuenta en InvesttechFX hace mas de un año. Cuando quise retirar mis primeros beneficios me dijeron que estaba trabajando de varias IPs. No me pagan y me obligan a trabajar de un ,VPS, que tengo que pagar de mi bolsillo solo para ellos...
  3. R

    I have opened an account with Invest Techniques fx (40240),, and I have deposited 1000 USD, and now I cannot withraw any amount, since they told me I have to trade at least 120 days before I make any withdrwal request, now my profit is more than 26,400 USD, please see my...
  4. K

    InvesttechFX - will they ever return our funds?

    I too have not received my funds back from InvesttechFX and have been attempting to do so for over one month now. I had opened my account with them in November/December 2008 and am not a VIP member. I do know that FPA has graded InvesttechFX a scam. I do not know how many traders ever get their...
  5. Z

    Problem Invest Tech FX withdrawal problem

    Hello! I'm a new member in the forum, I have withdrawal problem at Invest Tech FX. I will send a more detailed summary soon. I think they do dark things. Has anybody similar problem with IT FX?
  6. C

    InvestechFX is a Scam

    On August 8, 2010 I opened an account with InvesttechFX. I deposited $6000 and was given a $1000 bonus. Through my manual trading activity I increased the account balance to $16,307. Over 5 months I withdrew $3760. The withdrawals took 2 weeks but happened eventually. I made a withdrawal...
  7. F

    Investtechfx Toronto Canada / London

    I am 2 Years customer of Investtechfx, make Money in the Forextrading. If I start to make withdraworders the trouble begin.At the last they offer me a final Release if i wait until December 31th 2010 i get back USD 3500. 7 Months past and on January 1th i sent Emails for tranfer my Money. Until...
  8. H

    InvestTechFX: Yet another person with a withdrawal problem

    I placed a withdrawal request with InvestTechFX two weeks ago, and, in spite of several email and telephone communications, have not received the funds. Some background: --My request is for $1000, my initial deposit amount. The current balance is well in excess of that now. --The account...
  9. P

    Investtechfx - interesting business model

    *** After 3 long weeks of discussions, we finally found an amicable solution for both sides ***
  10. P

    Investtechfx "Investigating" me

    After waiting for a withdrawal from Investtechfx for 2-1/2 weeks, now my account is now under review: My Response: Investtechfx, I've been waiting for a $500 withdrawal from them submitted Nov 19th. I guess that because I've been making money, now I'm being investigated. If this...
  11. Laszlo Dobiasz

    InvesttechFX withdrawal problem

    I'm affraid that investtechFX is a scam. I opned my account one year ago. First time I withdraw money in January. It took 5 weeks to get my money back then. Now I have a nice profit, and want to withdraw again. I send my first withdrawal request to them by email at 2010. aug. 02. They...
  12. H

    INVESTTECHFX is a scam brokerage

    INVESTTECHFX is a scam brokerage I had a account with them and invested nearly $3500 the brokerage company squared off all my positions overnight I had raised a dispute the company agreed to reimburse me 50 % of the loss and that I would be able to take out my 50% after 1 yr I was shocked...
  13. S

    InvesttechFX Broker sold my open trades

    Hello all, I need a advise from the experts. I had 2 trade possitions open when the broker closed both of them without my knowledge. At that time I had over 2200.00 USD in my account, and free margin 1914.00 USD,. Is this a proper margin call? Also attached the actual screen after closing the 2...
  14. B


    Investtechfx charged commissions on each trade when they should not because I was trading without an EA of any sort. They did not provide good service. They tried to force me to trade in larger lots, thus putting more at risk and increasing the chance of failure. I never saw the 1 pip spread...
  15. S

    Withdrawal problem InvesttechFX

    Problem getting money from Forex broker. Hello all, I would like a help/advise regarding my problem with a forex broker. Here is my situation in brief. In june 2009 I have opened a real mini account with 300 USD, since i'm new i was doing mainly mini, micro trading. About 3 weeks ago I...
  16. O

    Resolved - InvestTechFX - Beware, Beware!!!

    You will never see your money again,even you try to withdrawal money you just deposit, they will transform a lot of excuses to refuse your withdrawal. Their tactics are as follows: 1.They slander you to use an illegal scalping EA, even if you are trading manually, and then seize your money...
  17. P

    InvestTech FX Senior executives charged by Canadian Police over alleged fraud

    No one in FPA will be surprised about this news regarding Investech FX. It's been a long time coming but it looks like justice might soon be done. Here is the link: InvestTech FX Senior Executives Charged By Canadian Police Over Alleged Fraud | Forex Magnates
  18. B

    No withdrawal possible with InvestTechFX.

    Stay away from InvestTechFX. Once you have sent them your money it's gone. No withdrawal possible. There is always an excuse. BackSpace
  19. S

    Problem with investtechfx

    Hello everyone, I'm new and I do not control well rule of the forum, I apologize. I'm French and I'm 56 years old. In March 2010, new in forex, I opened an account with investtechfx as they claim to be in Canada, I was inspired confidence. For 2 years I lost about 10000 USD I deposited in small...
  20. J

    Investtechfx is SCAM

    I do not know which is more harmful, if the scam that has made me, INVESTTECHFX, or simply the way it did. Not only did I cheated my money but also made me lose time for years. I opened an account with investtechfx. I deposited money to work and got good benefits, problems began when asked...