1. C


    Hi, on 22/07/2020 I did withdrawal request from my NAGA account 6011376. Till today I just received excuses from Support services like "we have big withdrawal queue and bla bla bla" but in reality nothing happen. My money are still stuck on the account. as you can see in the image below. I put...

    Hello Guys I am opening scam alert against & going to reveal reality of NAGA Group. They are totally scam. Please stay away. I traded last week Friday 29 MAY 2020. I made profit and after that I applied withdrawal request. After this I waited for 1 day and there was no approval of...
  3. Cryptopete

    Naga Markets Theft and scams

    05/16/2020 To Whom it may concern I am a full time trader who trades news and disruptive tech i regularly make trades that equate to 50/3000% profit and also trade option's regularly so i am a very competent trader who understand markets trading and been with enough brokers over the years to...
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