Naga Markets Theft and scams


To Whom it may concern
I am a full time trader who trades news and disruptive tech i regularly make trades that equate to 50/3000% profit and also trade option's regularly so i am a very competent trader who understand markets trading and been with enough brokers over the years to know when something is very wrong please see other trades below from other broker as reference i have never in all my time of trading ever had a issue until joining naga markets i will start from the beginning and have included all trade data e-mails posts from members and messages from there support and also a seperate list of the many violations being committed here daily and thank you for your help investigating and resolving !

i joined naga trader on 2020.01.31 and was trading uk real stocks on there mt-5 server everything was fine until on Fri, 28 Feb at 14:18 i recieved a email from there account manager Nicholas Pastellides

Dear Pete,
The company would like to update you on the incident regarding the trading on UK stocks in your Trading Account 6000389 (BG-NM-G1)
In order to resolve the matter as soon as possible, please communicate with me at your earliest convenience.
Lastly, we would like highlight clause 15.19 of our Client Agreement and respective provisions you accepted on 08.11.2018. Please find attached for your convenience our Client Agreement referred to herein.
To summarise the clause for you, the Company reserves the right to claim any funds and respective gains for any amount of money received by the Client (you) erroneously. This is irrespective of how these gains were made.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Nicholas Pastellides | Account Manager
NAGA Markets Ltd
Licensed and regulated by CySEC (License No. 204/13)
Ariadnis 7, Moutayiaka, 4531 Limassol – CY t: +357 25 041 410 w:

Basically stating that my trades were erroneously mistakenly there was no mistake i start reading at 6am and trade from 8am till 9pm daily when i spoke with Nicholas Pastellides he said that the system had allowed for 100% guaranteed wins to this i laughed and asked why my vodafone trade was down 397.30% see photo plus others and also lost many others and never used more than 10% drawdown with what he was saying was impossible as any person doing as he said would have used their entire budget knowing zero risk and would not be losing so from my balance we agreed i would allow 19000.00 gbp to be taken from my account leaving me 36000.00 gbp at this point on 03/03/2020

Good Day sir Thank you for you phone call and offer as requested i am happy to pay 19500 gbp 500 over your request of 19000 to continue trading and using your services sir ! These funds will and have been returned via my 14000 Gbp 30.00 Gbp and 3000 Gbp naga card withdrawals canceled. and a Further 2470 that i will place in my seperate trading account before the 31/03/20 for you to remove repaying the full 19500 gbp as said for allowing me time to close my necessary position's Also Thank you again for resolving this matter best regard's Peter simmonds
vodaphone trade down 397%.jpgbaa12f39-0735-458c-8610-643560a3abcd.JPG
open 400% down vodafone and my other position's

Naga reply 04/03/2020

Dear Pete,
We acknowledge receipt of the consideration of yours placed with us through our Sales Department and specifically during the telephone conversation on March 3, 2020 at 10:37 A.M. to your personal phone number 07949521564.
This communication is following our email to you on 28.02.2020 regarding the incident of trading on UK stocks in your Trading Account 6000389 (hereafter referred to as the “Account”) and your response via email at 03.03.2020.
NAGA Markets Ltd (hereafter referred to as the “Company” and/or “we”) has given a consideration to the incident, your “Trade History Report” attached herein and all communication via email and telephone between the Company and yourself on the matter.
Therefore, the Company would like to inform you that it is our decision to take the following action as a gesture of good will. This does not mean that we hereby accept any kind of liability and we reserve any and all our rights in accordance with the provisions of the Client Agreements concluded between us on 10.10.2018.
Considering all the above, the Company hereby informs you that all pending withdrawal transactions in your Account including the one regarding your NAGA Card will be cancelled and any relevant amount will be returned to the Company. Specifically, the amounts we refer to herein are the below:
• 3.000 GBP, pending to your NAGA Card; and
• 24,496.24 XRP (pending transaction within NAGA Wallet); and
• 33,184.38 XRP (pending transaction within NAGA Wallet).
In respect of the amount 2,500 GBP already withdrawn from your Account, we hereby anticipate being returned to the Company by 31.03.2020 as suggested by yourself (hereinafter together with the pending transactions referred to above as the “Settlement Balance Agreement”).
In consideration of this Settlement Balance Agreement between yourself and the Company, an affirmative reply to this email stating that you agree is therefore required, whereby yourself and the Company consider that you relinquish, waive, release, acquit and forever discharge Naga from the specific and any other directly related claims, disputes, actions, charges, contractual obligations, complaints, causes of action, rights, demands, damages of whatever nature, at law or in equity, known or unknown, asserted or not asserted, which they have now or may have in the future against the Company, based on any actions or events which occurred prior to the date of this Settlement Balance Agreement.
Upon receipt of your email, we will proceed accordingly, and your trading account will be fully operational with the settled funds being available.
Kind Regards,
Nicholas Pastellides | Account Manager
NAGA Markets Ltd
Licensed and regulated by CySEC (License No. 204/13)
Ariadnis 7, Moutayiaka, 4531 Limassol – CY t: +357 25 041 410 w:

Now as mt-5 real shares was a new service i was willing to listen to this and thought maybe there could have been issue as they removed some of the other members funds but as on the agreement they never restored my uk stocks and then removed all uk cfd's that was not even included they removed all of these from my account making unable to trade ! So i was only able to trade US cfd's and indices that i proceeded to trade on mt-5 and as was instructed was fine when a autocopier tells me they are not receiving the correct profits i was making they contacted naga and said problem with auto copy so i initiated a auto copy and hedged against this as i am very suspicious they create fake trader account to make people copy and blow all there funds because i have never seen a floor specialist in wall street not be able to manage a 3000usd account so they show clearly a -4.58% loss but when you look closely really -461.98% on 1 another -559.90% -561.01% so very clearly not 5% i have emailed regarding this see below and this was their response

Good day I am writing again today 30/03/2020 to notify you of a mistake on your system you took money from my account saying uk stocks had issue and now your autocopy has as well it was showing a 5% loss while really losing over 1600% also clearly they results do not show on this traders page for his autocopiers as is the most copied ? many many users have same issue copied 5% and took 90% of budget on trade this will have to be corrected as i had to urgently thank you best wishes

1600% autocopy failure.JPG
uk stocks and cfd's removed from me 1st.JPG
naga shown result above below is the real losses being incurred bye the user message's from traders and posts they delete also my account shot showing no available UK cfd's bar 1 further impeding my trading

users posts that are deleted
Raficzek why the person i copy has invested $5 but in my position is investing from him 133$ ? i set 90% copy amount

CRYPTOPETE @AnaNAGA I never once said it had affected your efficiency but it has affected the results being shown on winning trades and results displayed on trader's profile and support has been notified

laurenmartins18 @Cryptopete I need help, my trades are not closing automatically at +10% profitable! There is a bug in the system, please check the pictures

Some of the Other members posts that are deleted daily with there concerns or issues to hide what is happening here !


So now after notifying them i look on my account and find that it says that it has been locked and i am unable to use mt4 - mt 5 for trading i messaged support to see if there was a issue they told me that it was under repair see messages 345fe618-29d5-4730-94a7-997d9f29791d - Copy.JPG

Arturo profile
We are sorry for the inconvenience, we have reported this and are already working towards a resolution with our technical team. As soon as it has been solved, we will inform you.
ok sir so it is a issue on mt5 server not issue with my account thank you again for time and help
Arturo profile thumb's up

This was their response i was waiting for withdrawals at this time and had opened positions and thought nothing of this then i noticed that my positions on naga platform would be delayed on open 15/20 minutes and when exchanges shut off for 15 minutes they will do as long as they like so to put more members in to a negative position every single issue here always lands in there favour and costs the user 1000S mt4 and mt5 function fine so after messaging for 2 weeks i get a message saying have i received email well here is the email received on the 03/04/2020 from Naga compliance

Dear Sir,
Please find attached the termination letter issued by the company on the 31st of March.
Kind Regards,
Compliance Department
NAGA Markets Ltd
Licensed and regulated by CySEC (License No. 204/13)
Ariadnis 7, Moutayiaka, 4531 Limassol – CY t: +357 25 041 410 w:

termination letter.JPG

So they tell me doing repairs while trying to make me loose on there platform lock account saying no issue then produce this false allegation so now i wanted off the site as i felt they are just making excuses to take traders profits and i do not want to trade for them !

Good day I have still received no phone call or email other than you are terminating account for suspicious trading ? you have already taken 17000 gbp for a error that you said arised on uk stock server that i was very inclined to believe and now you send a email with no details of amount or trade i have over 300 trades and all you say is you are owed more money and suspicious trades i am very suspicious of your traders as mentioned and feel your site is designed to make poor traders lose and do not wish to help people at all ! Also furthermore as said top traders are naga account holders with higher leverage that then blows account for all the autocopiers to lose very simple you locked me off instant execution and also freeze my open bye 15 minutes yesterday on macys completely shocking behavior and i have never seen any broker gift a 36000 balance this is all corrupt down to the email stating as a gesture of good will ! While also not giving one reply regarding the extra 16000 gbp taken via autocopy while clearly a malfunction saying 4.58% on trade and taking 16000 gbp very clear fault so now 33000 gbp taken suspiciously with zero email or proof and then allowing me to trade for 15 days more with no mention of owed sum or amount totally unprofessional and ilegal from the start not once did a account manager email or discuss how to make money or if i needed help so you wish me to carry on suspiciously trading while you plunder my account every action you have made is pure speculation and While all being at my cost i liked the site and thought would be a good platform and to be fair maybe if you sore i was good get a job at naga as advisor or trader but there is a dark sinister side to your services and actions that show otherwise. I want a phone call or email to finalise this mess as i want off your site anyway now as i will have other good trades this week and again you will try and take some disgusting i want to finalise and transfer my money and btc to a professional brokerage were they have real traders and do not make up excuses to take profits. Now very simply explain what you want from me bye phone or email urgently. So we can get finished now as I Have had enough of this now i have included my trade data as i am sure you are aware. And i also find it very funny that you say suspicious trading on your platform i could only use your platform so clearly have not done anything wrong i have also included the 16000 gbp autocopy malfunction that you must address the same as i had to return 17000 for your error you can very clearly see incorrect i will wait for a reply or call regarding these situations as i will leave at weekend so not to impede more of my trading for the following week as with these market conditions my trades will get lot more extreme and for much higher sums and do not fancy trading here with no mt4 or mt5 and opening delays and response to winning trades thank you
best regards

Now here is the most disturbing a position was opened on my account bye naga at 11.01pm on mt4 but shows as 10.01pm on there platform see photo's no exchange is open and no trading this position was opened bye them using 6176.85 gbp for 796 teva shares at 9.50 now i do trade teva when 5/6 usd range but would never buy so high and also while not getting one reply about my funds or what they were trying to take or explanation would you open a 7000 gbp position and then at this time i was horrified and new they were trying to destroy my account so i posted asking were they are buying stocks at this time it was deleted in 2 minutes hence why so many screen shots as i do not trust this broker at all so closed every position even incurring a 1280.00 gbp loss rather than risk more of their tricks this post was removed in 30 seconds so everything closed zero open orders as their platform deliberately has issues dailey that play in their favour to cost traders i really notice this when they stopped my mt4 they never close for maintenance and blame issues for traders balances vanishing and always incorrect stats in there favour when they could simply do repair out of hours but it favours them users losing money all the time

Teva trade opened bye them showing 10.01 pm on naga platform and showing 11.01pm on mt4 sorry new here just realised can add 10 photo's will add them all and trading report on follow up comment

My response sent to them via email
Tue, 7 Apr at 23:03 To: Naga Markets |
Compliance You have now opened a false position on my account buying 796 teva real stockl i cancel all pending order's and your mt5 server shows being opened at 11.01pm while markets closed and 10.01pm highly illegal activity on your behalf again see photos and who would buy that so high complete joke again and have all the proof that just keeps mounting up more shocking behavior 07/04/2020 you have been notified !

17/04/20 To Whom it may concern I still have received zero correspondence or a reply from support regarding my trading account you closed on the 15/04/20 from your termination letter sent on the 31/03/20 and the issue of the autocopy trade that malfunctioned taking 16000gbp erroneously while clearly displaying a 5% loss and taking 1600% see photo included i sore you adjusted my stats on site so to move me from listing and get your usual auto copy losers back up on top also as always said. I have a balance 63,857.15gbp plus 1btc and 16000 incorrectly taken bye your auto copy error so nearly 860000 gbp and have had zero reply or proof i had over 36000 after your last so called error that i corrected but here nothing about my 16000 incorrectly taken and then suspicious trading excuse this is without doubt the most shocking behavior i have seen on any trading platform period and all i see is negative comments and issues from users being deleted all day long with just excuse after excuse i want a reply or a phone call with the relevant team as also you are now hindering my money from more profits dailey just sat there with no response i have all the trade records from mt server and proof of everything i am saying about your platform and some of the goings on you should not be allowed to operate yes we released mt5 but if good we kick you off and instant execution if you do not profit and best one yet lock trading for 15 minutes on your open to weaken profits and hope others fall further in the red and then lets not forget my all time favorite buying 6k worth of stock on my locked account at 11.01pm shown on your server while all closed hoping it tanks the next day to sabotage my account see photos how and were was that bought just like all the other goings on the regulatory boards will have a field day with all this absolutely ridiculous and you look after your traders i will expect a reply immintly to these matters. best regard's

Naga reply now with a whole new excuse and alligation Wed, 22 Apr at 09:32
Dear Mr. Simmonds,
In continuation to your email your previous email please note the following:
In relation to your statement “You have already taken 17000 gbp for a error that you said arised on uk stock server that i was very inclined to believe and now you send a email with no details of amount or trade.” Please note that the amount was around 52K and we went down to 17K. You agreed that you have no other claims in respect to that particular incident.
In relation to your statement “Also furthermore as said top traders are naga account holders with higher leverage that then blows account for all the autocopiers to lose very simple you locked me off instant execution and also freeze my open by 15 minutes yesterday on macys completely shocking behaviour”. Kindly note that the trade was not frozen. There was no tick for first 15 minutes. You traded yourself 20 minutes after first tick which was executed in milliseconds.
In relation to your statement “While also not giving one reply regarding the extra 16000 gbp taken via autocopy while clearly a malfunction saying 4.58% on trade and taking 16000 gbp very clear fault so now 33000 gbp taken suspiciously with zero email or proof”. Please note that the incorrect showing of the Return on Investment has no effect whatsoever on the loss in which you have incurred.
In relation to your statement “Disgusting I want to finalise and transfer my money and btc to a professional brokerage were they have real traders and do not make up excuses to take profits. Now very simply explain what you want from me by phone or email urgently”. Kindly note that once the deduction of your abusive trading has been completed, you will receive your remaining funds which belong to you. Please proceed with the immediate closing of all of your positions.
In relation to your email below, please note that the trade was pushed from your side, since its uses the same IP address with all of your account login sessions. We did not open the trade for you.
Also note that the “Open Trade” button was disabled on that time, however by enabling the button via a script in which you have used, this once again proves your abusive intentions towards our company and platform.
Kind Regards,
Compliance Department

i have zero computer programming skills and cannot believe such a far fetched excuse !

So now they say i can create buttons on mt5 to trade what i like and what ever prices i have never heard such a heinous false allegation and blatant fraudulent attempt to take a traders money i would have made millions if that was case and also as said i would have had very different lot sizing and drawdowns and would have had very different results all they do is stall replys they blocked messaging on whole site as all the members complaining and just delete posts and refuse to answer the phone i cannot believe what they are doing daily here also as stated i will be happy to prosecute in court and have not given them a 36000 gbp gift if the situation was reversed i would have me in court if true and provide substantial facts and evidence before making false slanderous allegations with the attempt to illegally remove more of my trade winning's

My Response
To Whom It May Concern 1st my balance was 36000 after the 17000 deduction agreement that was confirmed and signed bye yourself
2nd No all platforms and other brokerages were open fine your symbols did not open for a 15 minute delay on multiple positions for me you also told me mt 4 and mt5 were being repaired while banning me from using them and not saying as they function correctly and support continued this lie for 3 weeks hoping i would incur more losses
3rd you showed me losing 4.58% in value while really 1600% and not a issue trade should have lost significantly less clearly as many members have had not 16000 gbp loss
4th My account was closed on the 15th i closed all positions incurring a loss of 1280 gbp due to lagging platform and insufficient support to help with adequate trading 2 days prior my account clearly shows closed on naga platform and posted status also and was deleted bye support have screen shots
5th Best yet while clearly showing impossible for me to trade and all exchanges closed you accuse me of initiating a trade when i already posted 2 days prior i would never trade again via your platform and incurred a loss and also knowing my account was being closed prior in 2 days i would then buy 6000 worth of stock nothing you say is correct your whole site is designed for people to lose and you make excuses not to pay i will take full legal action over this matter as i have done nothing wrong and happy to submit my computer all trade records and all the proof i have nothing to hide and NO REASON TO LIE i see daily complaints deleted replaced with half positive posts advising more trading never any real support or help anyone would think you would have least called with account manager but just excuses for why everyone is losing there money on your platform
6th oh i can open trades on meta trader when i like on a billion server hahaha yeah right i would be king of forex you understand how ridiculous this sounds people go of proof same as a court facts and you delete all yours thank god for the proof good luck with excuses i want reply before friday or i will take immediate action i have included just few photos let alone support messages the levels of corruption here are unprecedented and banning me from posting proof and messages will not help i have 130000 friends in trading group i will ask all to post on your site and also go to all main forums you are present on lets see what the public thinks of this anna naga message 1 on my friends deleted comments if you really help your customers why delete all there problems and worries and just leave trade more ?
best regards
To Whom It May Concern Also after checking i closed all trades on my account on the 08/04/20 and posted status saying i would never trade again and that i deliberately closed at loss of 1280 gbp because of your service and support very clearly shown in photo's and you limiting me to your naga platform that has many errors always present in your favour all pending orders closed photo shown with date and then i buy a 6000 order of a stock that max would make 1.50 a share but 80% more likely collapse 4/5 dollars 2 days before you state closed and when i had ceased trading due to poor trading platform and all your messing about that sounds accurate just like the floods of members that have contacted me regarding your practices
Best regards

To Whom It may concern
I have received no correspondence and now see you have emptied my account off 63857 gbp leaving my 1 btc also that i purchased for 5700gbp with current value off at 18.01 today 6940gbp you have tried to transfer the below payment to a account that does not accept international payment without even asking or mention of amounts also as you were made well aware you took 17000 gbp leaving me 36000 of my balance before this 2nd attempt to take more began also this is included in my current funds i want a email regarding this situation urgently or will be left with no alternative apart from the mentioned actions bye friday as said i will seek full damages and a full amount as you have locked my initial agreement anyway while still taking your agreed sum so are voiding any agreement on that also i see nicholaus still works for you !
best regards

Nicholas Pastellides
Thu, 30 Apr at 08:35
Good day sir I know you are still at naga as was informed this morning bye phone that you never left and mt 4 or mt 5 has never been under repair and that you were not sacked as being told please contact me regarding the theft of all my funds immediately and blatant disregard for are 1st signed deal and also further theft of all other trading profits best regards

To Whom it May Concern I still have received no response regarding my account you have made false and slanderous allegations and provided zero facts or proof or even a valued response proving even more exactly what i am saying that this is merely a excuse to try and steal more of my funds i want a full detailed email containing all violations facts and data and any accusations listed i have prepared in chronological order and will be sent imminently to the financial ombudsman now as said i will not let you get away with this as you are the criminals and should be closed down to protect other traders as well ! Now Also not answering your phones at office and banning me on messenger and live support will not stop this or delay the inevitable you have already taken 17000.GBP for a error with zero proof that was allowed after leaving me 36000.00 gbp from a signed agreement that you have now also gone back on and now claim Indices and US Stocks and have made 2 other significant withdrawals from my account of 59339.41 GBP + 4517.74 So 63857.15 GBP Plus 1 btc on site valued at 5700 GBP at time of purchase giving me a grand total of 69557.15 GBP And also the 16000.00 GBP Autocopy malfunction that clearly showed me losing below 5% while really being 16000% taken see photo attached with trade details see my full trade history and also that i further closed my open trades incurring a loss of 1280.00 GBP Due to your poor platform and support and lies Your behavior and actions are shocking and frankly very disturbing. As Well as all the lies you instructed your support to tell and also claiming that your 1st representative was sacked who signed are initial dated signed agreement and dealt with it even though he posts dailey everything you say is untrue and unfounded and only more proof of your intent of deceit. Below is a list of the payment's received bye myself to date i want to know were is the rest of my money why have you paid in such small amounts and so many payments i have traded for 8 yrs and i have never been paid bye a broker like this only further adding to my suspicions and have had much more success on other platforms and never had 1 issue or ever been accused or connected to any activity you suggest so i am afraid with all the evidence and proof and facts i will be expecting a email or phone call to discuss and let me know immediately or as stated i will proceed fully and also go for damages and slander on top and the complete total of 102557.15 GBP And whatever other penalties they feel as this is now theft and slanderous false accusations with the intent of stealing my legitimate trading funds with zero proof facts data or evidence below is what i have received to date and what is outstanding. Best regards Mr P Simmonds
69557.15 GBP
9970.34 GBP Received 59586.81 gbp remaining and you have shown no proof of the 16000% auto copy malfunction as clearly 1350.00 GBP with 5% but your system allowed it to lose 16000 gbp so 1600% and you say not a issue just like you signed email you have now gone back on ! And the now missing total off 59586.81GBP not including autocopy malfunction that is also very clear to see and the 19000 gbp already reclaimed that i am now highly suspicious of

30/04/2020 30/04/2020 Fin: NAGAJohn Kennedy £51.00
30/04/2020 Fin: NAGAJohn Kennedy £133.00
30/04/2020 Fin: NAGAJohn Kennedy £230.00
30/04/2020 Fin: NAGAJohn Kennedy £236.00
30/04/2020 Fin: NAGAJohn Kennedy £120.00
30/04/2020 Fin: NAGAJohn Kennedy £500

Then paid radomly to my other bank account ?
30/04/2020 Fin: NAGAJohn Kennedy £1.60
30/04/2020 Fin: NAGAJohn Kennedy £1992.74
30/04/2020 Fin: NAGAJohn Kennedy £1000.00

30/04/2020 Naga 250.00 GBP different bank they used

1BTC withdrawn bought with 5700.00 GBP currency-Ƀ0.9954325 Withdrawal 05.05.2020

So Total Received is 9970.34 GBP

So still no reply 1 month after closing all positions and saying termination and still allowing trading even though i choose not to many days before the closure and at my own expense i wrote to support called offices then i left a review on trust pilot were they report any genuine issues and get removed within 5 minutes and just add another fake positive same as the website but as soon as removed i finally received the most unprofessional letter seen to date with such a detailed explanation of any accusation or evidence basicly tuff we are taking funds so have now decided to get assistance to stop them from avoiding justice and answer for there damaging slanderous false allegations and the theft of my trading funds !

Dear Sir,
Kindly note that the earnings generated as part of your abusive behaviour for 28 trades between 13/03/2020 and 27/03/2020 which resulted to 57,339.41 GBP, were deducted from your account.
In addition to the above, further 2,000 GBP was deducted from your account as per the previous incident
Additionally, please note that all remaining balance you had in your account and in your wallet has already been refunded back to you.
Kind Regards,
Compliance Department
NAGA Markets Ltd
Licensed and regulated by CySEC (License No. 204/13)
Ariadnis 7, Moutayiaka, 4531 Limassol – CY t: +357 25 041 410 w:

So Basically now they decide to take 5 months worth of work with zero proof or evidence while making the most audacious unfounded slanderous accusations and feel they can do as they please so have been left no choice now but to take action now starting with the financial ombudsman and then to court if needed people really need to be warned about this site as it plays on people with lower budgets less educated traders looking to learn that they just crush there account with technical failures and excuses and malfunctions then offer a pittance of what you had
best regards
11.01pm purchase bye naga.JPG
Teva trade 11.01pm bye them
closing statement on 8th.JPG
closing account statement that was deleted within 30 seconds

the closed account the opened a positon on trying to incur more losses.JPG
showing very clearly i cannot trade nor did i wish to so why 7k worth of stock near it all time high

staff memeber they claimed was sacked while he still posts.JPG
staff member still posting months after being sacked

Lauren martins post.JPG
members post regarding my questions and concerns raised deleted in 15 minutes as usual
teva trade oepned bye naga at 11.01pm.JPG
my 100% winning portfolio the cheek
Trade on another platform that has never had 1 issue with my trading as have no other broker
My Final correspondence with naga


To Whom It May Concern
I have asked for a complete trade history since the beginning of joining with every trade listed and all accusations and proof including are 36000 gbp agreed sum all deductions costs everything!
You have illegally stolen my funds without any proof you further have gone back on are 36000 gbp agreement while taking your part and still taking my funds you refuse to answer till i post reviews and go on trader forums that will not be deleted bye your own support on forex peace army were you can explain.
as you will be aware any trade violation would be notified or error in 15 minutes not 28 trades later also i have asked for very simple things but you think you are the law and can do as you please i am afraid it does not work like that also you refuse to answer your autocoopy malfunction that so many users suffered and now feel you can take my legitimate funds with zero proof or fact's and then further fabricate a story about creating a button to avoid paying me my funds THIS IS SLANDEROUS AND TOTALLY FALSE ALLEGATIONS again with zero proof and now reply in the most unprofessional manner seen as said only due to my posting so you have now taken 57,339.41 + 19000 +16000 from your auto copy malfunction that i have all the proof photos reports from other traders facts and you have a excuse with zero proof and i have a written email from you already for your 1st error but as said this is merely a attempt to steal my funds and will take every necessary action against you


To Whom It May Concern
Also as stated i am posting this entire story on every trader forum as i am so guilty i am providing every detail your emails are 1st agreement you saying sacked while he posts 2 days later all the support messages lies excuses and all the photographic evidence of everything i am saying full trade reports from mt4 and mt5 everything the lot i have Nothing to hide and will make sure as many people as possible here about this and see what you are attempting to do also all your other victims will come forward and post you can not stop them when they have proof and also be sure to leave reviews wherever possible warning traders about your platform

i have opened a facebook page called naga scam for victims to join so you can be heard and not deleted
here is a review recently left i feel will vanish imminently from trust pilot they just report negative and leave positive and trust pilot should investigate as allowing fraudsters to manipulate the ratings

1 review

1 star: Bad

3 hours ago

Scam! Stay away!
My personal experience with NAGA is very bad and it is a pity because I opened an account after I read your review (amongst few others). What you say is inaccurate. When i registered I got a phone call from a guy called Jason Baker, who immediately tried to "sell" and make me pay. We talked and then the next day he called me again to ask for money. I put some money just to see how it works and immediately after that, he disappeared, although i tried to talk to him asking for help/details which he was supposed to give. Then the platform threw me out and could not log in again. After a lot of tries and after asking for reseting my password (which took sooo long) I managed to get back in the platform. I tried to make the trade (maybe more than 20 times) that I wanted but each time there was a problen and they could not process it. Again i asked for help from Jason but he never replied to my emails. So after all of that, i tried to withdraw my money back and guess what, I couldn't!! So bottomline, I lost my money and time. Too bad. Everyone should stay away from them.
2020.04.08 15:06
Naga Markets Ltd
6000389 (GBP, 1:30, NagaMarkets-Live, real, Hedge)
TimePositionSymbolTypeVolumePriceS / LT / PTimePriceCommissionSwapProfit
2020.01.31 12:21:49.73219819TSCO.rebuy10.00248.002020.01.31 13:01:46.080254.900.000.0069.00
2020.01.31 12:23:59.93619820VOD.rebuy10.00147.822020.01.31 13:00:23.007152.340.000.0045.20
2020.01.31 13:05:39.61619853VOD.rebuy10.00149.282020.01.31 15:43:02.046149.820.000.005.40
2020.01.31 13:06:14.25219854TSCO.rebuy10.00247.602020.02.03 13:01:38.116263.800.000.00162.00
2020.02.03 10:40:22.15420367SSE.rebuy1.001533.502020.02.03 13:01:42.2781606.500.000.0073.00
2020.02.03 10:49:25.27820373GNC.rebuy10.00242.302020.02.04 13:01:17.389246.900.000.0046.00
2020.02.03 13:15:11.41320494SSE.rebuy8.001531.002020.02.03 13:19:34.3131532.
2020.02.03 13:19:17.90420495TSCO.rebuy10.00251.702020.02.04 13:02:18.599255.400.000.0037.00
2020.02.03 13:19:49.70820497SSE.rebuy5.001533.502020.02.04 13:01:29.9271570.000.000.00182.50
2020.02.04 11:56:58.19920907RTO.rebuy1.00486.202020.02.04 13:39:04.136487.
2020.02.05 10:59:12.88521733SSE.rebuy10.001539.002020.02.05 13:02:18.6121541.500.000.0025.00
2020.02.05 12:44:49.24921814TSCO.rebuy10.00252.102020.02.05 13:01:23.578256.800.000.0047.00
2020.02.05 12:55:31.75421823SSE.rebuy30.001541.002020.02.05 13:01:55.8561540.500.000.00-15.00
2020.02.05 13:07:43.15421831TSCO.rebuy20.00252.102020.02.06 13:00:30.563261.700.000.00192.00
2020.02.05 13:10:25.99021838RTO.rebuy10.00494.902020.02.05 14:12:23.226495.600.000.007.00
2020.02.05 14:21:52.51721897AZN.rebuy1.007614.002020.02.05 17:28:10.5897649.000.000.0035.00
2020.02.06 09:54:43.48622485AZN.rebuy2.007612.002020.02.06 10:50:29.2307629.000.000.0034.00
2020.02.06 12:50:52.02922659AZN.rebuy4.007674.002020.02.06 13:01:11.5687838.000.000.00656.00
2020.02.06 12:56:42.08822670SSE.rebuy10.001583.002020.02.06 13:00:11.5781623.500.000.00405.00
2020.02.06 13:08:59.89722683TSCO.rebuy20.00254.402020.02.06 17:28:32.920254.600.000.004.00
2020.02.06 13:37:20.88122696AZN.rebuy2.007676.002020.02.06 17:13:07.4617735.000.000.00118.00
2020.02.06 17:15:34.52723030AZN.rebuy2.007736.002020.02.06 17:28:23.9017742.000.000.0012.00
2020.02.07 16:39:15.40123884AZN.rebuy2.007675.002020.02.10 13:01:10.3267818.000.000.00286.00
2020.02.07 16:40:35.37123887TSCO.rebuy20.00255.202020.02.10 13:00:12.321261.200.000.00120.00
2020.02.10 13:17:32.43124447RTO.rebuy10.00502.402020.02.11 14:07:12.879496.400.000.00-60.00
2020.02.10 13:29:21.78824451RTO.rebuy10.00502.402020.02.11 14:07:08.484496.400.000.00-60.00
2020.02.10 14:54:34.54624514TSCO.rebuy40.00256.302020.02.11 13:00:15.080264.000.000.00308.00
2020.02.10 14:55:36.42624516AZN.rebuy4.007658.002020.02.11 09:33:51.7817792.000.000.00536.00
2020.02.11 11:56:31.84125760RTO.rebuy10.00420.202020.02.11 14:07:03.050496.400.000.00762.00
2020.02.11 12:10:56.82525775RTO.rebuy10.00420.202020.02.11 14:06:58.597496.400.000.00762.00
2020.02.11 13:09:36.46625837RTO.rebuy10.00420.202020.02.11 14:06:51.267496.400.000.00762.00
2020.02.11 14:07:49.98225893AZN.rebuy4.007712.002020.02.12 13:00:06.5517774.000.000.00248.00
2020.02.11 14:09:14.43625894TSCO.rebuy40.00258.502020.02.12 13:01:13.372260.300.000.0072.00
2020.02.12 13:37:34.54027379RTO.rebuy1.00493.202020.02.13 13:00:36.698507.200.000.0014.00
2020.02.12 13:38:02.53727380AZN.rebuy5.007609.002020.02.13 13:01:38.5017760.000.000.00755.00
2020.02.12 17:25:09.58027808TSCO.rebuy30.00256.802020.02.13 13:00:06.636261.200.000.00132.00
2020.02.13 12:51:40.22128795SSE.rebuy10.001629.502020.02.13 13:00:10.9591672.000.000.00425.00
2020.02.13 12:56:12.93928803AZN.rebuy4.007538.002020.02.13 13:01:26.5807760.000.000.00888.00
2020.02.13 13:42:12.37028865RTO.rebuy1.00490.402020.02.14 13:02:07.589491.800.000.001.40
2020.02.13 15:52:22.54929046SSE.rebuy5.001630.002020.02.13 16:21:41.4291631.
2020.02.13 15:54:50.64829056AZN.rebuy4.007538.002020.02.13 15:57:06.7767542.000.000.0016.00
2020.02.13 15:58:50.91929068AZN.rebuy4.007536.002020.02.13 17:21:59.6507561.000.000.00100.00
2020.02.13 16:16:15.69829135AZN.rebuy4.007518.002020.02.13 16:25:05.1497530.000.000.0048.00
2020.02.13 16:33:32.04229157AZN.rebuy4.007514.002020.02.13 16:46:39.4797520.000.000.0024.00
2020.02.13 16:48:08.69429190TSCO.rebuy20.00252.202020.02.14 09:00:13.495267.200.000.00300.00
2020.02.13 17:21:48.74029258AZN.rebuy4.007565.002020.02.14 09:00:08.2778541.000.000.003 904.00
2020.02.14 12:44:47.36730160AZN.rebuy4.007609.002020.02.14 12:45:13.6847612.000.000.0012.00
2020.02.14 12:46:24.57930162AZN.rebuy4.007621.002020.02.14 13:02:01.8597799.000.000.00712.00
2020.02.14 12:55:16.68130174SSE.rebuy16.001658.502020.02.14 13:01:06.0171707.500.000.00784.00
2020.02.14 12:57:32.33430179AZN.rebuy4.007572.002020.02.14 13:01:56.6467799.000.000.00908.00
2020.02.14 13:03:32.02230204AZN.rebuy2.007572.002020.02.17 09:00:07.5948030.000.000.00916.00
2020.02.14 13:04:10.83130207RTO.rebuy1.00491.502020.02.17 09:00:12.966490.700.000.00-0.80
2020.02.14 13:05:05.40030209TSCO.rebuy10.00256.602020.02.14 14:25:48.102257.800.000.0012.00
2020.02.17 10:06:11.92431497RTO.rebuy1.00491.502020.02.17 13:00:30.538505.000.000.0013.50
2020.02.17 12:45:05.83831611SSE.rebuy10.001666.002020.02.17 13:00:20.1961714.500.000.00485.00
2020.02.17 12:46:21.91131615TSCO.rebuy35.00257.702020.02.17 13:00:08.125263.100.000.00189.00
2020.02.17 12:47:28.14131619AZN.rebuy4.007355.002020.02.17 13:00:12.1717500.000.000.00580.00
2020.02.17 12:50:13.76531621SSE.rebuy10.001666.502020.02.17 13:00:15.7891714.500.000.00480.00
2020.02.17 16:28:40.85431881TEVA.rebuy25.0012.222020.02.19 19:10:52.28113.240.000.0019.74
2020.02.17 17:04:35.26931952AZN.rebuy2.007400.002020.02.18 09:00:04.6127819.000.000.00838.00
2020.02.17 17:05:02.80631956TSCO.rebuy10.00258.002020.02.18 09:00:09.870272.800.000.00148.00
2020.02.17 17:06:41.93131959RTO.rebuy5.00492.202020.02.18 10:04:33.364494.300.000.0010.50
2020.02.18 10:04:24.53332491AZN.rebuy4.007431.002020.02.18 10:44:34.1287435.000.000.0016.00
2020.02.18 10:53:38.69532550SSE.rebuy10.001695.502020.02.18 13:02:06.6371720.000.000.00245.00
2020.02.18 11:14:34.35232596AZN.rebuy4.007463.002020.02.18 13:01:15.6907578.000.000.00460.00
2020.02.18 12:11:56.96132709RTO.rebuy5.00495.902020.02.18 13:00:11.280506.400.000.0052.50
2020.02.18 12:47:40.94932742SSE.rebuy10.001689.502020.02.18 13:02:00.9671721.000.000.00315.00
2020.02.18 12:48:08.46832745AZN.rebuy10.007433.002020.02.18 13:01:09.2847578.000.000.001 450.00
2020.02.18 12:48:45.62332747TSCO.rebuy100.00256.502020.02.18 13:00:16.088261.000.000.00450.00
2020.02.18 13:04:13.68832797SSE.rebuy4.001687.002020.02.19 09:23:06.3381691.000.000.0016.00
2020.02.18 13:11:16.24032809AZN.rebuy4.007448.002020.02.18 13:55:47.0657506.000.000.00232.00
2020.02.18 13:11:54.56532813RTO.rebuy5.00496.802020.02.19 14:00:02.061504.000.000.0036.00
2020.02.18 16:56:02.49033488AMD.rebuy25.0056.512020.02.18 19:47:43.18157.500.000.0019.04
2020.02.18 17:08:44.59133513AZN.rebuy5.007509.002020.02.18 17:17:30.7857513.000.000.0020.00
2020.02.18 17:18:10.10233526AZN.rebuy4.007517.002020.02.18 17:22:45.6297525.000.000.0032.00
2020.02.18 17:22:35.96133555AZN.rebuy4.007526.002020.02.19 09:00:04.0787972.000.000.001 784.00
2020.02.19 09:01:16.67334382RTO.rebuy50.00447.202020.02.19 13:59:50.513504.000.000.002 840.00
2020.02.19 09:10:37.80234397RTO.rebuy200.00447.202020.02.19 14:00:06.668504.000.000.0011 360.00
2020.02.19 09:31:31.20334431RTO.rebuy50.00447.202020.02.19 13:59:56.106504.000.000.002 840.00
2020.02.19 09:59:36.84334488RTO.rebuy75.00447.202020.02.19 13:58:43.307504.000.000.004 260.00
2020.02.19 11:09:13.64934547EXPN.rebuy10.002713.002020.02.19 13:57:21.6352868.000.000.001 550.00
2020.02.19 11:21:02.90434558EXPN.rebuy10.002713.002020.02.19 13:57:16.2582868.000.000.001 550.00
2020.02.19 11:34:04.73734583EXPN.rebuy25.002713.002020.02.19 13:57:10.8182868.000.000.003 875.00
2020.02.19 14:10:45.11334795AZN.rebuy8.007626.002020.02.20 09:00:06.5127629.000.000.0024.00
2020.02.19 14:13:07.71934800SSE.rebuy4.001693.002020.02.20 09:00:13.0401939.500.000.00986.00
2020.02.19 14:13:59.60334804RTO.rebuy5.00504.802020.02.21 13:01:41.235518.200.000.0067.00
2020.02.20 11:53:46.68936170EURMXNsell0.0220.129782020.02.20 14:37:05.32120.209540.000.00-6.62


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2020.02.20 13:24:36.90336298SIEGn.rebuy10.00107.382020.02.28 10:10:09.54291.700.000.00-134.36
2020.02.20 15:30:30.43736499KO.rebuy100.0059.752020.02.21 18:16:32.41359.950.000.0015.42
2020.02.20 15:31:07.08736505DIS.rebuy10.00141.302020.03.06 15:33:52.705110.830.000.00-234.11
2020.02.20 15:32:10.18636523CERN.rebuy10.0076.832020.02.24 15:42:40.25474.960.000.00-14.47
2020.02.20 15:33:20.61936550AMD.rebuy20.0058.172020.03.05 15:32:34.45348.810.000.00-144.91
2020.02.20 15:34:52.72836569COST.rebuy10.00324.232020.02.28 15:30:46.972284.370.000.00-310.58
2020.02.20 16:05:45.60636722V.rebuy10.00213.252020.03.06 15:32:34.187183.470.000.00-228.78
2020.02.21 09:06:12.35039360DE30#buy0.1013582.02020.02.21 09:31:54.17013641.60.000.00124.85
2020.02.24 08:00:37.72241914DE30#buy0.1013316.52020.03.12 08:00:08.5219779.60.00-28.95-7 805.94
2020.02.24 08:00:37.72341915DE30#buy0.1013316.52020.03.12 08:00:10.7089786.70.00-28.95-7 790.53
2020.02.25 09:17:34.14745721SPX500buy1.003252.02020.03.12 08:14:31.5812647.10.00-4.64-472.05
2020.02.25 14:13:12.28846085DJ30#buy0.02281252020.03.12 08:14:29.680226840.00-0.51-424.63
2020.02.26 09:53:50.00747914DE30#sell0.1112499.52020.02.27 11:55:29.97812458.50.00-6.7895.84
2020.02.26 10:13:15.61848010DE30#sell0.1012394.52020.02.27 15:38:30.94012355.90.00-6.1782.25
2020.02.27 10:43:59.71649624DE30#buy0.0112574.02020.03.12 08:00:11.9749787.10.00-2.13-615.08
2020.02.27 11:57:53.96949811DE30#buy0.0912456.52020.03.12 08:14:28.8069818.50.00-19.36-5 233.57
2020.02.27 15:45:04.60650274DE30#sell0.0912319.12020.02.27 15:50:25.69212318.
2020.02.27 15:51:32.94550312DE30#sell0.0912322.12020.02.27 16:20:03.65912288.50.000.0064.43
2020.02.27 16:34:06.00450524DE30#sell0.1112229.12020.02.28 08:08:51.31111843.50.00-2.29905.90
2020.02.28 08:43:09.45451731DE30#sell0.1911916.92020.02.28 15:36:26.26211910.50.000.0025.96
2020.02.28 10:56:40.18052166DJ30#sell0.02250752020.03.03 11:32:37.495267660.000.00-132.20
2020.02.28 10:58:07.29252173SPX500sell1.002905.02020.03.03 11:32:41.1093098.20.00-0.09-151.04
2020.02.28 15:43:00.19452760DE30#sell0.1911904.62020.02.28 17:36:30.45611894.50.000.0041.31
2020.02.28 17:38:25.23953204DE30#sell0.2211907.12020.03.02 17:12:24.58711885.10.00-4.61105.65
2020.03.02 08:24:35.78053959USDJPYsell0.50108.2632020.03.02 08:47:57.940108.5030.000.00-86.31
2020.03.02 09:50:48.26854073GERMAN30sell0.2012048.42020.03.02 10:16:00.49711992.
2020.03.02 10:16:52.27754110GERMAN30sell1.9011994.82020.03.02 10:47:15.45811896.20.000.00162.51
2020.03.02 10:52:01.65854145GERMAN30sell1.9011876.82020.03.02 11:18:01.54311858.70.000.0029.82
2020.03.02 11:19:13.91854194GERMAN30sell2.0011866.82020.03.02 11:22:07.09711852.70.000.0024.46
2020.03.02 11:22:48.39654200GERMAN30sell2.0011833.32020.03.02 13:38:32.71111730.40.000.00179.02
2020.03.02 12:30:40.06054322US30sell0.3025346.02020.03.02 13:38:12.14325267.00.000.0018.56
2020.03.02 13:42:31.06454433GERMAN30sell3.0011720.42020.03.12 08:14:28.10011082.80.00-15.261 685.79
2020.03.02 15:35:21.06654546US30sell0.3025551.02020.03.02 15:41:02.32125498.00.000.0012.45
2020.03.02 15:44:33.72154564US30sell0.3025549.02020.03.02 16:03:04.45325519.
2020.03.02 17:12:41.80654758DE30#sell0.2211872.62020.03.06 10:36:16.45711615.00.00-27.911 229.87
2020.03.02 21:46:37.19855212GERMAN30buy3.0011974.02020.03.02 22:14:30.94611976.
2020.03.02 22:48:57.81055327GERMAN30buy3.0012015.92020.03.03 15:53:22.42912052.60.00-1.8595.73
2020.03.03 16:00:08.96056636GERMAN30buy3.0012166.92020.03.03 16:07:56.22612173.10.000.0016.20
2020.03.03 16:08:02.63056729GERMAN30buy3.0012187.42020.03.12 08:14:27.0319815.00.00-16.59-6 275.52
2020.03.03 16:55:07.07956905AMD.rebuy10.0049.462020.03.03 16:57:28.59249.680.000.001.72
2020.03.03 16:58:07.37956917AMD.OQbuy35.0049.722020.03.06 18:02:17.58147.24-2.63-0.33-66.73
2020.03.03 17:01:00.16356935DIS.Nbuy10.00120.312020.03.09 14:43:06.448108.87-1.77-0.66-87.36
2020.03.03 17:04:05.02556960KO.Nbuy15.0057.082020.03.04 21:40:57.45758.66-1.35-0.0718.42
2020.03.03 17:23:03.97357054DE30#buy0.0212011.02020.03.04 14:05:25.88912132.60.00-0.3152.80
2020.03.04 16:00:05.18658665DE30#buy0.0212063.02020.03.04 16:01:23.52712071.
2020.03.04 19:55:03.21359160V.Nbuy10.00191.352020.03.04 21:44:48.688192.69-2.990.0010.41
2020.03.04 21:52:40.29459307V.Nbuy15.00193.642020.03.05 15:31:25.237194.39-4.52-0.228.71
2020.03.05 12:27:15.18759778DE30#buy0.0211935.52020.03.05 17:25:01.88711942.
2020.03.05 13:30:37.70059855DE30#buy0.0211963.52020.03.12 08:14:25.3899818.40.00-2.17-945.69
2020.03.05 17:45:34.07760489DE30#buy0.0211908.02020.03.12 08:14:24.5309819.70.00-2.17-920.65
2020.03.06 07:20:01.60961058GERMAN30buy0.1011717.52020.03.06 09:01:03.09811669.90.000.00-4.12
2020.03.06 08:26:28.98961139GERMAN30sell2.0011672.82020.03.12 08:14:23.7849816.90.00-10.183 271.62
2020.03.06 10:36:20.20461391DE30#sell0.3311610.62020.03.12 08:14:21.9529817.50.00-42.2213 039.95
2020.03.06 11:09:58.24761453DJ30#sell0.02255092020.03.12 08:14:22.889226870.00-0.01220.19
2020.03.06 11:10:59.67261457SPX500sell1.002948.62020.03.12 08:14:19.8402647.70.00-0.13234.78
2020.03.08 23:43:59.92063097GERMAN30sell0.1010976.42020.03.09 10:09:49.28510825.70.000.0013.07
2020.03.09 08:02:50.44863558DE30#sell0.0210778.62020.03.09 09:44:17.59910768.
2020.03.09 09:01:21.16063708ITA40#sell0.01207272020.03.09 09:06:50.245187750.000.0084.64
2020.03.09 09:09:23.89563726ITA40#sell0.02187452020.03.09 09:26:14.947187750.000.00-2.61
2020.03.09 09:46:30.15263795DE30#sell0.0210790.62020.03.09 09:50:47.53010837.90.000.00-20.51
2020.03.09 09:57:12.52663820DE30#sell0.0110781.62020.03.09 15:09:03.78410807.80.000.00-5.71
2020.03.09 09:57:47.26763824ITA40#buy0.04187752020.03.09 10:42:47.078188900.000.0019.93
2020.03.09 11:00:41.19264076ITA40#sell0.04188352020.03.09 12:06:29.690187950.000.006.98
2020.03.09 12:06:02.29864264ITA40#sell0.08187452020.03.09 15:08:54.153187450.000.000.00
2020.03.09 14:34:38.48565183ITA40#sell0.10183752020.03.09 15:09:01.130187550.000.00-165.62
2020.03.09 15:21:42.31865676DE30#sell0.0110779.82020.03.11 09:48:43.90610731.20.00-0.4210.62
2020.03.09 15:32:05.87665759ITA40#sell0.04187052020.03.10 09:06:20.447186750.00-0.215.23
2020.03.10 09:12:01.81168884ITA40#sell0.04186052020.03.10 09:12:34.739185750.000.005.23
2020.03.10 09:12:54.15668886ITA40#sell0.04185202020.03.10 20:19:29.121184930.000.004.72
2020.03.11 10:40:04.07572992DE30#sell0.0110606.12020.03.12 08:14:18.5109817.50.00-0.64173.78
2020.03.11 12:20:51.26773391ITA40#sell0.01179052020.03.11 13:16:46.010178750.000.001.31
2020.03.11 13:34:56.54973779ITA40#sell0.01177502020.03.12 09:02:49.536168650.00-0.1639.04
2020.03.11 18:43:57.84675298SPX500sell0.202748.02020.03.12 08:14:07.6092646.20.000.0015.89
2020.03.12 07:59:54.92177012DJ30#sell0.01225382020.03.12 08:14:15.891226900.000.00-5.93
2020.03.12 09:01:20.10577281ITA40#sell0.04175222020.03.12 09:02:35.705168650.000.00115.92
2020.03.12 09:01:20.94277282ITA40#sell0.04175222020.03.12 09:02:37.363168650.000.00115.93
2020.03.12 09:14:17.19877358DJ30#sell0.01225282020.03.12 09:55:11.137224270.000.003.95
2020.03.12 09:36:13.24677492DJ30#sell0.01224502020.03.12 09:55:12.341224310.000.000.74
2020.03.12 09:44:35.78177525DJ30#sell0.05223872020.03.12 17:59:27.148223650.000.004.37
2020.03.12 10:22:09.99577727ITA40#sell0.01169302020.03.12 17:59:28.962152950.000.0072.37
2020.03.12 14:02:17.41388670ITA40#sell0.01166702020.03.12 17:59:29.856152950.000.0060.86
2020.03.12 14:43:12.95591366US30sell0.1021665.02020.03.12 17:28:37.16921656.
2020.03.12 14:46:21.02691380ITA40#sell0.02162102020.03.12 17:59:30.477152950.000.0081.02
2020.03.12 14:53:52.92292692DJ30#sell0.02212312020.03.12 17:59:31.303223600.000.00-89.65
2020.03.12 16:18:30.551108701ITA40#sell0.02158752020.03.12 17:59:32.088152950.000.0051.34
2020.03.12 17:04:15.204114179ITA40#sell0.05153002020.03.12 17:59:33.068152950.000.001.11
2020.03.12 17:30:26.378114296US30sell0.1021533.02020.03.12 17:59:34.17922366.00.000.00-66.16
2020.03.12 18:07:39.081114449DJ30#sell0.02224912020.03.12 21:44:53.030209440.000.00123.20
2020.03.12 18:07:49.075114450ITA40#sell0.05153152020.03.13 09:00:55.084155300.00-0.26-47.80
2020.03.12 18:12:17.708114473DJ30#sell0.02221712020.03.12 21:44:46.975209470.000.0097.48
2020.03.12 18:20:51.280114517ITA40#sell0.02153152020.03.13 09:00:54.065155300.00-0.11-19.12
2020.03.12 18:36:55.104114528US30sell0.1021796.02020.03.12 21:44:35.07220959.00.000.0066.66
2020.03.12 18:37:09.956114529SPX500sell0.102546.82020.03.12 18:39:22.0482535.
2020.03.12 18:39:29.743114533SPX500sell0.502532.32020.03.12 19:25:30.3932522.
2020.03.12 18:46:59.474114539DJ30#sell0.06216602020.03.12 21:44:34.275209450.000.00170.82
2020.03.12 19:25:37.843114571ITA40#sell0.02150122020.03.13 09:00:53.248155300.00-0.11-46.06
2020.03.12 21:45:49.602115068DJ30#sell0.10209292020.03.13 08:36:21.159219670.00-0.01-412.36
2020.03.12 21:46:53.600115071US30sell0.1020940.02020.03.13 08:36:40.26921967.00.000.00-81.60
2020.03.12 21:47:10.015115072GERMAN30sell0.109017.92020.03.13 08:36:40.9089425.00.00-0.09-36.19
2020.03.13 12:04:24.312122750ITA40#buy0.01164702020.03.13 12:18:13.310170350.000.0025.09
2020.03.13 12:12:04.227122776ITA40#buy0.03167302020.03.13 12:18:12.092170550.000.0043.29
2020.03.13 12:14:31.131122814DJ30#buy0.01221632020.03.13 12:18:10.365221880.000.001.00
2020.03.13 12:18:42.976122826ITA40#buy0.03171402020.03.13 12:25:41.141168650.000.00-36.69
2020.03.13 12:28:49.188122892ITA40#buy0.01169652020.03.13 12:33:06.919170400.000.003.34
2020.03.13 12:43:38.537123289ITA40#buy0.01171902020.03.13 13:49:54.778173000.000.004.91
2020.03.13 14:30:16.153127980KO.Nbuy13.0047.282020.03.13 14:34:43.25149.14-1.000.0019.41
2020.03.16 09:00:04.977150497ITA40#sell1.12165372020.03.16 09:01:22.620152100.000.006 743.29
2020.03.16 09:00:37.344150500ITA40#sell0.12165372020.03.16 09:01:24.224152100.000.00722.46
2020.03.16 09:29:17.016150569GERMAN30sell0.108516.52020.03.16 09:30:58.1298493.
2020.03.16 09:31:07.487150593GERMAN30sell0.108491.52020.03.16 09:36:30.6958419.
2020.03.16 09:36:32.789150640GERMAN30sell0.308404.52020.03.18 18:58:28.5698272.80.00-0.5436.84
2020.03.16 14:30:05.229151611BA.Nsell100.00169.982020.03.16 14:59:59.095139.44-25.250.002 488.94
2020.03.16 14:36:25.810151672KO.Nbuy100.0042.582020.04.01 17:26:31.90242.96-6.95-8.0130.64
2020.03.16 14:38:53.021151704DIS.Nsell10.00102.272020.03.16 14:46:52.32291.26-1.570.0089.85
2020.03.16 18:54:45.863153324DJ30#sell0.01210072020.03.16 23:05:37.920205300.000.0019.43
2020.03.17 14:30:06.616155300AMZN.OQbuy20.001695.022020.03.17 14:31:20.4681763.51-57.250.001 133.52
2020.03.17 14:31:12.570155305NFLX.OQbuy10.00295.182020.03.17 14:34:18.754304.25-4.960.0074.99
2020.03.18 09:00:11.662156623ITA40#sell2.00151722020.03.18 09:02:50.716151680.000.0036.47
2020.03.18 09:03:34.699156642ITA40#sell0.10150702020.03.19 09:00:11.174157350.00-1.68-314.04
2020.03.18 14:30:00.674157025BA.Nsell360.00124.682020.03.18 14:31:30.759102.92-69.200.006 620.07
2020.03.18 14:30:21.255157030NFLX.OQsell57.00319.372020.03.18 14:31:23.853305.02-30.060.00691.20
2020.03.18 14:31:12.457157036GOOG.OQsell5.001119.292020.03.18 14:33:29.0181066.55-9.240.00222.70
2020.03.18 14:31:47.374157049KO.Nbuy100.0044.462020.03.19 14:30:25.17344.91-7.63-0.5238.74
2020.03.19 09:00:11.174158389ITA40#buy1.40157352020.03.19 09:01:08.902156550.000.00-529.36
2020.03.19 09:08:12.013158417ITA40#sell0.01155152020.03.19 13:40:42.549152300.000.0013.21
2020.03.19 13:41:09.577158802ITA40#sell0.01151802020.03.19 14:32:34.034151000.000.003.72
2020.03.19 14:30:03.779158888BA.Nsell1.00101.562020.03.19 14:36:00.10890.63-
2020.03.19 14:30:15.918158895BA.Nsell10.00101.562020.03.19 14:36:11.44291.34-1.660.0088.04
2020.03.19 14:41:13.710158953ITA40#sell0.02150002020.03.23 09:00:34.358148050.00-0.2217.87
2020.03.19 14:41:53.430158957DJ30#sell0.02190532020.03.20 21:56:58.207188920.000.0013.82
2020.03.23 11:25:27.577164143SPX500sell0.102230.42020.03.25 14:30:20.9172448.20.000.00-18.42
2020.03.23 11:25:48.276164148GERMAN30sell0.108589.92020.03.25 14:30:29.8109590.10.00-0.18-91.55
2020.03.23 14:30:03.095164437KO.Nbuy100.0038.142020.03.23 14:38:31.36336.51-6.440.00-140.44
2020.03.23 14:30:05.866164438NFLX.OQbuy100.00332.892020.03.23 14:31:30.916346.06-58.550.001 134.91
2020.03.23 14:30:24.371164446AMZN.OQsell10.001840.922020.03.23 14:31:37.0081830.02-31.660.0093.95
2020.03.23 14:32:22.788164460US30sell0.1018863.02020.03.25 14:30:12.64320979.00.000.00-178.87
2020.03.24 14:30:00.779165799KO.Nbuy100.0037.702020.03.24 14:45:56.58540.20-6.620.00212.91
2020.03.24 14:30:07.026165801BA.Nbuy600.00106.782020.03.24 14:31:22.615123.97-117.630.008 761.32
2020.03.24 14:30:11.637165803AMZN.OQbuy10.001909.702020.03.24 14:32:00.3031945.86-32.760.00307.19
2020.03.25 14:30:00.689167404KO.Nbuy100.0039.792020.03.25 14:31:27.77140.10-6.750.0026.20
2020.03.25 14:30:03.820167405BA.Nbuy800.00127.722020.03.25 14:31:24.730154.58-190.940.0018 162.45
2020.03.25 14:31:39.983167426KO.Nbuy100.0040.132020.03.25 14:31:45.79040.16-6.790.002.54
2020.03.25 14:32:03.687167432SPX500buy0.102444.52020.03.25 14:40:10.2512496.
2020.03.25 14:35:01.080167454KO.Nbuy10.0040.532020.03.25 14:40:08.18941.53-0.690.008.48
2020.03.25 14:39:20.431167471US30buy0.1021381.02020.03.25 14:40:05.71921396.
2020.03.25 14:40:18.720167486KO.Nbuy10.0041.592020.03.25 19:16:12.56142.42-0.710.007.02
2020.03.25 14:40:33.222167492SPX500buy0.202496.02020.03.25 18:56:56.2762555.20.000.0010.04
2020.03.25 18:57:07.484168047SPX500buy0.202553.82020.03.25 21:30:37.2592477.00.000.00-12.90


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2020.03.25 20:53:18.030168187SPX500sell0.202478.72020.03.26 08:21:29.0462440.
2020.03.25 20:53:26.636168188DE30#sell0.019759.82020.03.25 21:26:53.6219736.
2020.03.26 09:03:00.971168449SPX500buy0.202436.22020.03.26 09:13:29.4272436.
2020.03.26 09:13:44.202168477SPX500sell0.202435.02020.03.26 11:35:54.5912460.30.000.00-4.25
2020.03.26 10:05:45.821168543SPX500buy0.202446.42020.03.26 14:31:41.8632521.10.000.0012.45
2020.03.26 14:30:02.136168936KO.Nbuy100.0041.592020.03.26 14:32:59.97842.63-7.020.0086.74
2020.03.26 14:30:06.279168938BA.Nbuy700.00158.372020.03.26 14:31:31.920174.69-194.200.009 517.46
2020.03.26 14:30:17.577168941CAT.Nbuy10.00104.402020.03.26 14:32:24.915105.64-1.750.0010.34
2020.03.26 14:30:31.714168947AMZN.OQbuy10.001887.712020.03.26 14:31:51.2011900.40-31.560.00105.74
2020.03.26 14:33:55.136168972V.Nbuy10.00162.622020.03.26 14:40:20.065165.11-2.740.0020.79
2020.03.26 14:37:34.164168986SPX500buy0.202531.52020.03.26 15:42:03.1832562.
2020.03.26 14:38:21.482168990DIS.Nbuy10.00102.982020.03.26 15:35:25.200104.77-1.730.0014.89
2020.03.26 14:40:39.224169000V.Nbuy10.00165.492020.03.26 15:41:03.577166.74-2.770.0010.39
2020.03.26 15:11:35.347169059JNJ.Nbuy10.00124.102020.03.26 15:28:57.752124.90-
2020.03.26 15:14:09.319169064KO.Nbuy100.0044.752020.03.26 15:24:51.45944.80-7.460.004.17
2020.03.26 15:20:28.429169084SPX500buy0.202581.32020.03.26 19:51:11.7332593.
2020.03.26 15:25:15.710169096KO.Nbuy100.0044.762020.03.26 16:06:08.53445.06-7.470.0024.91
2020.03.26 15:32:10.552169106V.Nbuy10.00168.342020.03.26 20:32:22.650166.68-2.770.00-13.63
2020.03.26 15:35:09.131169112CRM.Nbuy10.00151.052020.03.26 17:20:29.698152.74-2.520.0013.93
2020.03.26 15:35:46.933169121DIS.Nbuy10.00105.322020.03.26 17:20:58.320106.19-1.760.007.17
2020.03.26 15:45:23.811169144BA.Nbuy10.00182.662020.03.26 16:05:31.756183.50-
2020.03.26 16:05:58.611169197BA.Nbuy10.00183.802020.03.26 20:32:25.128181.17-3.020.00-21.59
2020.03.26 16:08:46.717169203KO.Nbuy100.0045.022020.03.30 21:55:25.25045.48-7.40-1.9437.04
2020.03.27 10:46:03.879170000SPX500sell0.102565.02020.03.27 15:03:03.6472539.
2020.03.27 12:23:24.629170074DE30#sell0.019695.62020.03.27 13:17:20.1389585.00.000.0024.85
2020.03.27 13:16:52.006170137US30sell0.1021784.02020.03.27 14:15:03.14221688.
2020.03.27 13:18:53.628170154DE30#sell0.019586.12020.03.27 15:38:59.4449564.
2020.03.27 14:30:06.498170260V.Nsell4.00168.572020.03.27 14:32:01.066159.96-1.070.0028.14
2020.03.27 14:30:17.320170264V.Nsell40.00168.572020.03.27 14:35:18.025160.71-10.770.00257.06
2020.03.27 14:30:44.577170269DIS.Nsell100.00105.432020.03.27 14:31:48.64499.87-16.770.00454.29
2020.03.27 14:36:00.695170284BA.Nsell10.00168.392020.03.27 14:56:09.323160.52-2.690.0064.27
2020.03.27 15:42:11.277170422US30sell0.1021661.52020.03.27 16:09:12.04221811.00.000.00-12.17
2020.03.27 16:10:06.702170475SPX500buy0.102557.32020.03.27 18:36:10.2932563.
2020.03.27 18:00:34.851170688KO.rebuy1.0043.212020.03.27 18:48:40.03943.410.000.000.16
2020.03.30 07:57:35.781171223SPX500buy0.102575.72020.03.30 18:07:41.5662593.
2020.03.30 09:33:56.213171339SPX500sell0.102516.02020.04.01 09:41:10.2352503.
2020.03.30 10:44:03.239171452USOUSDbuy0.0121.9042020.03.30 10:51:49.83521.9810.000.000.62
2020.03.30 10:48:33.699171461NATGAS#buy0.011.6352020.03.30 15:32:58.9911.6470.000.002.90
2020.03.30 10:50:07.396171464USOUSDbuy0.0222.0402020.03.31 08:54:37.17822.9220.00-0.2314.33
2020.03.30 15:31:17.841171819JNJ.Nbuy300.00128.592020.03.30 15:34:10.630127.81-62.020.00-188.55
2020.03.30 15:31:17.842171820AMZN.OQsell5.001923.142020.03.30 15:38:31.8231914.02-15.470.0036.74
2020.03.30 15:31:23.735171823BA.Nsell100.00151.502020.03.30 15:31:58.682151.02-24.390.0038.68
2020.03.30 15:42:50.327171864JNJ.Nbuy10.00130.002020.03.30 19:42:06.090131.39-2.110.0011.24
2020.03.30 16:59:47.026172011M.Nsell20.005.192020.03.31 21:07:11.7834.94-0.16-0.014.02
2020.03.30 18:08:55.987172094SPX500buy0.102591.52020.03.30 20:02:04.4052597.
2020.03.30 19:45:53.796172185JNJ.Nbuy10.00131.502020.03.31 15:32:38.598133.98-2.14-0.1519.99
2020.03.31 09:54:21.305172653USOUSDsell0.0123.0602020.03.31 16:04:16.71322.4720.000.004.74
2020.03.31 15:31:17.901173135MSFT.OQsell20.00158.652020.04.01 15:31:38.174154.55-5.05-0.0266.14
2020.03.31 15:44:34.220173163BLK.Nsell10.00448.222020.04.01 15:34:49.447419.84-7.00-0.04228.81
2020.03.31 15:49:21.744173172USOUSDsell0.0622.4402020.04.02 16:36:28.43926.8180.00-5.37-211.89
2020.03.31 21:06:49.878173692M.Nsell200.004.912020.04.01 15:32:28.0274.62-1.54-0.0646.77
2020.03.31 21:09:34.918173699BA.Nsell20.00151.242020.04.01 15:32:14.346139.35-4.68-0.06191.73
2020.04.01 09:34:12.681174104US30sell0.1021227.02020.04.02 08:49:13.07121217.
2020.04.01 09:40:48.165174114SPX500sell1.002502.62020.04.02 08:49:24.4522501.80.00-0.020.64
2020.04.01 15:32:01.715174536BA.Nsell100.00138.312020.04.02 15:32:53.883130.45-21.70-0.28635.23
2020.04.01 15:37:26.009174570M.Nsell400.004.622020.04.02 15:37:10.1794.48-2.94-0.1345.21
2020.04.01 15:38:04.737174577BLK.Nsell20.00419.982020.04.02 15:36:06.850415.01-13.47-0.0780.26
2020.04.02 08:50:46.734175395USOUSDbuy0.0624.3352020.04.02 16:38:21.08628.9440.000.00222.89
2020.04.02 08:52:15.811175402US500#sell0.012488.02020.04.02 15:38:18.3332466.
2020.04.02 14:43:19.268175826US30sell0.1020931.52020.04.02 14:43:59.49020985.00.000.00-4.30
2020.04.02 14:43:31.599175827US30sell0.1020946.52020.04.02 15:59:01.55220889.
2020.04.02 15:41:04.393176048BLK.Nsell10.00410.392020.04.08 15:41:44.355448.01-6.93-0.23-303.77
2020.04.02 15:42:46.274176055BA.Nsell50.00129.082020.04.02 15:58:15.236128.51-10.420.0023.04
2020.04.02 15:43:38.569176060M.Nsell300.004.542020.04.02 16:00:23.4474.50-
2020.04.02 16:04:22.373176140BA.Nsell50.00130.452020.04.02 16:08:01.432129.72-10.510.0029.50
2020.04.02 16:05:02.660176146M.Nsell200.004.462020.04.08 15:41:57.5006.10-1.71-0.39-264.84
2020.04.02 16:06:56.021176152US500#sell0.012458.12020.04.08 15:30:51.6222682.30.000.00-90.58
2020.04.02 16:10:48.235176173BA.Nsell50.00131.582020.04.02 16:12:55.665131.52-10.630.002.42
2020.04.02 16:14:12.894176188BA.Nsell50.00130.102020.04.02 17:51:56.652129.16-10.480.0037.97
2020.04.02 16:35:13.638176258USOUSDbuy0.0226.1832020.04.02 16:38:33.86728.9440.000.0044.51
2020.04.02 16:41:22.767176314USOUSDbuy0.0127.2082020.04.03 11:56:22.04728.0140.00-0.126.56
2020.04.02 16:44:17.420176329USOUSDbuy0.0227.9802020.04.03 11:56:15.01028.0100.00-0.230.49
2020.04.02 17:07:06.054176400BA.Nsell50.00130.222020.04.02 17:51:49.282129.11-10.490.0044.83
2020.04.02 17:29:21.509176469USOUSDsell0.0325.5922020.04.03 11:54:12.58928.2030.00-0.67-63.78
2020.04.02 17:59:30.824176557BA.Nsell50.00128.632020.04.02 19:42:32.502124.02-10.220.00186.51
2020.04.02 19:13:03.561176716BA.Nsell50.00125.002020.04.02 19:42:10.973123.82-10.060.0047.74
2020.04.02 19:45:40.428176793BA.Nsell50.00123.372020.04.02 21:02:59.427122.61-9.940.0030.66
2020.04.02 19:50:05.252176800M.Nsell200.004.492020.04.02 21:49:39.5774.42-1.440.0011.30
2020.04.02 21:10:01.688176918BA.Nsell50.00121.922020.04.08 15:40:27.884150.02-10.98-0.85-1 134.42
2020.04.03 13:42:51.844177791USOUSDbuy0.0128.1682020.04.03 14:19:50.10428.6920.000.004.27
2020.04.03 14:19:37.604177879USOUSDbuy0.0228.7742020.04.03 14:29:43.97129.2360.000.007.52
2020.04.03 14:24:31.618177887USOUSDbuy0.0228.9532020.04.03 14:31:10.28629.0570.000.001.69
2020.04.03 14:28:47.810177898USOUSDbuy0.0529.2972020.04.03 14:43:45.87529.7580.000.0018.80
2020.04.03 14:39:38.455177986USOUSDbuy0.0829.6522020.04.03 14:43:39.31429.7850.000.008.67
2020.04.03 14:44:38.093178024USOUSDbuy0.1029.6362020.04.03 20:37:02.38629.7600.000.0010.10
2020.04.06 16:01:43.240179823BA.Nbuy25.00134.202020.04.08 15:49:53.641148.99-5.74-1.87298.47
2020.04.06 16:03:43.793179841M.Nbuy200.005.542020.04.07 20:53:16.7315.67-1.82-0.7721.07
2020.04.06 16:04:25.884179852BA.Nbuy25.00134.822020.04.08 15:57:59.144148.80-5.74-1.87282.11
2020.04.06 16:12:34.384179887BA.Nbuy10.00136.322020.04.07 20:55:29.806140.49-2.25-0.3833.77
2020.04.06 16:24:37.144179922BLK.Nbuy11.00443.172020.04.07 21:54:37.882444.24-7.92-0.549.54
2020.04.06 22:41:01.287180479US500#buy0.012647.12020.04.07 20:53:38.8682667.10.00-0.158.10
2020.04.07 09:45:21.749180938DJ30#buy0.01230512020.04.07 16:12:49.800231260.000.003.03
2020.04.07 09:50:50.196180952SPX500buy0.202722.72020.04.08 15:55:25.1082676.80.00-0.06-7.41
2020.04.07 15:31:40.779181560KO.Nbuy50.0048.342020.04.07 16:03:39.57747.54-3.880.00-32.37
2020.04.07 15:31:59.674181563KO.Nbuy50.0048.342020.04.08 15:42:54.76146.55-3.84-0.24-72.25
2020.04.07 18:09:45.705181933DJ30#buy0.01233072020.04.08 00:36:26.383223980.00-0.01-36.85
2020.04.07 23:01:43.306182315TEVA.rebuy796.009.572020.04.08 15:30:17.4989.580.000.006.43
Total Net Profit:99 357.82Gross Profit:137 171.90Gross Loss:-37 814.08
Profit Factor:3.63Expected Payoff:298.37
Recovery Factor:5.87Sharpe Ratio:0.30
Balance Drawdown:
Balance Drawdown Absolute:0.00Balance Drawdown Maximal:16 930.67 (30.43%)Balance Drawdown Relative:30.43% (16 930.67)
Total Trades:333Short Trades (won %):138 (77.54%)Long Trades (won %):195 (82.56%)
Profit Trades (% of total):268 (80.48%)Loss Trades (% of total):65 (19.52%)
Largest profit trade:18 057.88Largest loss trade:-7 834.89
Average profit trade:511.84Average loss trade:-581.76
Maximum consecutive wins ($):32 (37 176.28)Maximum consecutive losses ($):6 (-643.71)
Maximal consecutive profit (count):37 176.28 (32)Maximal consecutive loss (count):-16 271.58 (3)
Average consecutive wins:7Average consecutive losses:2
I invite @naga-ben ceo of naga to explain to all what is happening at naga