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    RBOptions is closed I think

    RB Options site is not working I think they are also closed. I have some 3.5K with them is there any way to recover it. Regards Alex
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    I have been scammed. I deposited my money and they will not refund them. I was tricked by phone to sign a bonus agreement (my account manager assured me that I could cancel it anytime). Now my account manager disappeared. I get replies to my emails from different people. Do not invest with them...
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    Binary Trading Global: Criminal Behaviour

    Here is my E-Mail to: support@binarytradingglobal.com: Hello, I received a phone call several days ago from a member of your company who proposed to me to open an account with RBOptions and said he was willing - as a professional trader - to trade my account. I agreed and gave him my login data...
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    RBOptions Scam

    What can I do to withdraw money as I have deposited huge amount of money in close to US$26000 and they mentioned to separate into trading and cash account, but with the recent Brexit, practically my cash account is wiped out and now they said that they can ask their VIP brokers to help me gain...
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    Theft by RBOptions

    If a broker steals my money, can I claim it back? How do I do that?
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    Problem Warning against RBoptions

    Hi RBoptions brokers are devious in their means. They will give you 1 or two positive signals and entice you to deposit more. They will then commit you to long term trades without any information as to the reasoning behind these trades. I have lost alot of money with this broker due to...
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    Anyone able to provide feedback on RBOptions?