RBOptions Scam


What can I do to withdraw money as I have deposited huge amount of money in close to US$26000 and they mentioned to separate into trading and cash account, but with the recent Brexit, practically my cash account is wiped out and now they said that they can ask their VIP brokers to help me gain back the money, but require me to put in another US$5000. I also tried to withdraw the balance money in the trading account which now they said I am unable to as it requires to have a trading amount of about US$600,000 before I can withdraw and because they have put in bonus money. There was no mention of these clauses and now am stuck with unable to withdraw and unwilling to put in more money. Please advise what I should do from singapore.


First, DO NOT deposit 1 cent with ANY binary options company. Any promises of risk-free or "insured" trades are nothing but lies.

Second, if you deposited by credit card, you what you can try is a chargeback. Failure to provide the promised service of withdrawals is a valid reason for many chargebacks. If your bank won't cooperate, you may want to get an opinion from a professional chargeback company, like WinChargeback.

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