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  1. O

    Hi Stockpair assisted me with how to trade... A familiar story, no doubt, that I won alot and was coerced into trading more and more, as guided and 'poof', then lost the whole lot. Stockpair assured me that the whole amount was recoverable (and more!) and that they would continue to work with me...
  2. wolfoptions

    StockPair NO Paying-SCAM!

    Hello dear merchants, I have been fighting for some time to receive from stockpair but without success. They simply blocked 5801USD from my account, of which 5301USD profits came from a small deposit of 500USD. I consider myself a profitable trader, and I have been struggling to live on the...
  3. T

    Escalating to FPA from

    Hi FPA Team, i have account with , i opened trades for 60sec , but those trades got closed before expiry time with return 0 usd , then i discussed with stockpair customer service and also i sent them the snapshots with that shown that the trades got closed before expiry time and...
  4. C

    Scammed by StockPair

    I started trading Binary option with since April 2017 after survey the market knowing that Stockpair is a good and reliable broker. 1. On the 3rd months using their platform (June 2017), out of no where I received an email from their compliance department - stating that my...
  5. R

    Stockpair Annual Review Scam

    Anyone? Delaying tactics?