1. L

    Tixfx is a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, I have a bad experience with tixfx. I invested 1900 euros and every day ask for more money to invest. Now nobody answers me for a month. What can I do? Thank.
  2. A

    TIXFX - Scam / Mошенники

    To: JEDI MARKETING LTD (09940948) Registered Office: 71-75, Shelton Str. Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. Director: Dusan ISAILOVIC E-mail: tixfx.com@domainsbyproxy.com (December 1990, Serbia) Dear Mr. Isailovic, I demand that “TixFx.com” would withdraw all my funds in amount...
  3. marchie

    Mr Peter Majewski of TIXFX REF;2108932360

    I was convinced by the aforesaid "gentleman?" after a bombardment like harassment to increase my 1000pounds investment to 3000 saying that it would guarantee that I would not loose any money. He was told that I was going on holiday and he would had to wait since I was not sure what form of...
  4. abramp

    tixfx.com is a very big scam

    tixfx.com is a very big scam. i joined tixfx last year around June 2016. i was called by the guy name Chris Bonson, he said i must deposit 500 usd in the tixfx account which i did.He then insisted that i must upgrade the account which i upgraded to 5000usd.One morning on September 2016 when i...
  5. K

    I have been blatantly decieved by TixFx

    I have been blatantly been deceived when I let Tixfx trading company do trades on my behalf, you have no control cannot visit your platform and they never contact you, don't ever let them take the control out of your hands. That's how they manipulate your account, stating you have lost all your...
  6. L

    tixfx is a scam

    guy please do not open an account with tixfx, I opened an account with them and I made a deposit of $300, then when i open the matatrader 4, the money is showing there but i cant place trades, tried emailing them but there is no response, can i ask something, Is there maybe a ways to make money...
  7. A


    Tixfx are liars!!! They scammed me and now they don't want to refund me my money .. they all went silent and now my money is gone .. they've wanted all my sorts of documents. Since my verification has been successful they've been silent!!! Til today my money is still with them ..
  8. S

    TixFx Scammers Fraud

    Dear unsuspecting novice investors. Let me share my experience with TixFx scamming brokers. They get your details off a website called investing.com. Phone you up, place you with their"senior" broker. Then the hell starts u put in a 1000usd,they want more and more and more, scream at you to give...
  9. T


    I was called and convinced by Anthony Valentine to invest some money into a TIXFX account so they could trade on my behalf. After not hearing from them for 2 weeks and could not get hold of anyone from TIXFX, I started to suspect something wrong. I checked reviews on the company online and found...
  10. K

    TIX FX Broker is scamming me need help

    Hi everyone. I need help. I was called by TIX FX about 3 weeks ago. they offered me a Vip account saying that if they will give me a double account, but when I made the deposit of $300 my account was not double it was still $300. then I asked for my money back they said the minimum for...
  11. B


    I am struggling to withdraw my money on tixfx right now. It's been two weeks now! There's a dog named chris bonson on tixfx and I hate it the most!! At first this thing Adam Grande talked me to deposit $2250 and the next step they passed me on to their master conman low life chris bonson. This...
  12. A

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  13. B


    Hello i starting using TIXFX the 26 of sep 2016 i deposited in total 1350$ with them, they told me they going to teach me everything but afetr the deposit they never contact me again so i asked for a withdraw, then a peson ho say be David Lino contact me said that eveything will be fixed but...
  14. T

    TIXFX Broker

    Hello, I've made a withdrawal request from TIXFX but they do not have contacted me. They don't reply to emails and not even to calls. You can find also more scam reports here, https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/resolved-tixfx-broker.46897/ In this italian forum you can find...
  15. aqims88

    Resolved - Tixfx Broker

    Hello, guys! Is anyone here has traded with TIXFX broker? They started to not reply my email pertaining withdrawal. They only replied email which not asking for a withdrawal. I did also contact their phone numbers but not even one tried success to reach them. How can we know that this broker...