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    Windsor Brokers has sued to try to force the FPA to remove client complaints

    Windsor Brokers Has Sued The FPA For Allowing Unhappy Clients To Complain This time, it wasn't just a company threatening to sue the Forex Peace Army. Windsor Brokers hired a law firm and filed a suit against four of their own clients and the FPA's parent company. They want the FPA to remove...
  2. H

    Windsor Brokers Ltd. Mega Scam Scandal...

    To all present and potential investors dealing with Windsor Brokers Ltd., I urge you to read the below scam story involving about 500+ Egyptian victim investors, which was initially raised thru a different thread in the FPA by: Gogo_arc Recruit (community/threads/windsor-brokers-cyprus.49757)...
  3. Gameoverwindsor

    Windsor Brokers, Cyprus

    This is the scam which happened to me after dealing with Windsor Brokers. This Broker is not honest at all, there is something fishy in the way they conduct their business, and they are here only to steal our money, I advise everyone not to deal with them, and if you are dealing with them get...
  4. G

    Windsor Brokers, Cyprus

    I urge every person who thought of dealing or is already dealing with this broker to read this first carefully. This broker is very dangerous and must be avoided by any means. I have an account with Windsor Brokers since 2014; I have been introduced to them by one of their Business Introducers...
  5. V

    Windsor Brokers. Dormant accounts are charged a maintenance fee!!!!??

    Dear friends and trader..brokers..dealers..etc i need you opinion in the following case i hade several accounts with"" windsor brokers ltd ""i open this accounts before more than 3 years and i hade don huge volume with them until now i hade some of these accounts and i hade money but not...
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    هذا ماحدث لى من قبل وندسور بروكرز

    هذا ماحدث لى من قبل وندسور بروكرز فتح صفقات من الديلنج رووم فى شركة وندسور بروكرز دون اذنى من اسعار 1.6363 غير متواجدة فى السوق فى هذا اليوم بتاريخ 22/1/2012 حيث كان اللو لهذا اليوم 1.64502 والهاى 1.65870 وعندما كنت اتحدث بسبب هذة المشكلة من خلال خدمة الشات تم ايقاف الشات عن الجهاز...
  7. T

    Windsor brokers, they should belong to jail

    It is really sad, that there are still such brokers on the market. Their dealing desk lies, they do their best to wipe your account. Their requotes and market executions are their tools to decline your profit and increase your loss. whenever you make a nice profit and hit the close button, you...
  8. C Fraud 10,000 dollars Fraud 10,000 dollars,a big scam My Account number: 140012 Investor Password(read only): unfair888 MT4 platform download: MT4 Trading Platform (Meta trader 4) - Windsor Brokers My orders are Resersed and Reopened on 2012.11.08 (November 8, 2012) Example: Ticket...
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    Resolved - windsorbrokers issue

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