xp markets

  1. S

    XP Markets....Beware of them.

    I have an account with these crooks and they keep refusing to transfer my balance of funds to me. The first excuse was we need docs...second excuse was the withdrawal was refused, no explanation. Then after they approved the withdrawal on 10/11/13, I still never got my money. And out of the...
  2. J

    XP Markets

    Hi, new here and don't know how to post documents. I also do not really know what i am doing and how to best work this topic here. Currently involved with XPmarkets. I have about 35 documents. I have traced the owner to the US who is hiding under domainbyproxy.com. I sent a letter using them...
  3. P

    XP Markets Scammers

    On the 2/26/2013, I opened an account with XPMarket through recommendation. One Allen Creed called me to deposit money, he made me do it up to 3 times promising signals as a newbie giving me wrong signals. After a couple of weeks of trading with them and loosing, I figured out that they were...
  4. L

    Xp Market. SCAM

    Hallo i have trade whit XP Market for a wile, but then i have to whitdrauw my monney, it just pending for a loong time now, i have tryed to call them, but they never anwser the phone, i have talked to them on LIVE suport, sevel times, but nothing happen, and now they have blocked me, i can get...
  5. W

    Be extremely carefull when investiging with XP Markets

    I saw a previous thread for this broker, pretty much along the same lines of my issue with them, I hope the other forum member have recieved his money. I opned an account with XP Markets and invested a minimum of $200. After carefull considiration (and believe me, I should propably have...
  6. Tony Lakeman

    XP Markets.Com

    This is the first stage of logging a case against www.xpmarkets.com. I opened an account with xpmarkets on the 2nd of July and of course agreed with the terms and conditions. My account manager contacted me and gave me a little bit of training as promised (no problems so far). He also...
  7. H

    xp markets

    i have account with xpmarkets for morethan one year i tried to get hold of somebody there regarding my account ,i ihave vip account, i can get hold anybody there and phone is not working any more look like we all scam bythem.i do not know what to do now.
  8. M

    XP Markets - $11K withdrawal

    ForexPeaceArmy, I am hoping that you can help me resolve my situation. I opened an account with XP Markets on June 25th 2013. Over a course of week I deposited $10 000. I was in turn given $20K from XP markets as a bonus. Over the next two weeks I traded a little over $226K in volume, which...
  9. D

    XP Markets is a SCAM... be aware!

    Hi there guys, I am having serious problem with this binary option broker called XP Markets. These that follows are the evidences that this broker is a huge SCAM: 1) As soon as you open an account with them, they will rush to contact you in order to get you a bonus, because they know that...