XP Markets....Beware of them.


I have an account with these crooks and they keep refusing to transfer my balance of funds to me. The first excuse was we need docs...second excuse was the withdrawal was refused, no explanation. Then after they approved the withdrawal on 10/11/13, I still never got my money. And out of the clear blue sky on 12/5/13 I see a $300 bonus added to my account which I did NOT ask for OR accept when asked to. Today their saying I have to play thru a bunch of trades to get my $342 dollars which is mine, I have not traded any of the bonus. Please help FPA....and prevent this from happening to other honest people...
How did you deposit? If by credit card, contact the fraud department of your issuing bank. Explain everything to them and ask about options for a chargeback.
Hi, My name is maverick and I am from Singapore. I have a account with XP markets open on 09-Dec-2013. I deposit USD$200 through credit card and found out that they have the same interface with Optimarkets. I made a withdrawal of USD$195 shortly after losing USD$5. Send them the document as per requested to both their email address. However no reply since than. Contacted their live chat, email and phone but to no avail. Than decided to come here to look for answer and found out so many people got scam. Requesting to see whether my bank can do a charge back for xp markets. Currently have a pending withdrawal made today at optimarket. Will see how it goes. So sad....... got con 3 time since nov 2013 till today. First is a missing parcel, than xp market and now opti markets. So sad. T.T
First, stop putting money with binary options brokers.

Second, with any forex broker, decline ALL bonuses. The vast majority of bonuses are just traps to make you keep your money on the table long enough to lose it all.

Third, call your credit card issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Tell them the entire story and ask if a chargeback is appropriate.
I agree with others. Stop using these little BS shops and go with someone bigger and more established. You pay the same amount in both places but you definitely don't get the same service as the big FCM's