10crypto.io: Access client area and withdrawal

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I confirmed the invitation, but the message that I invited them has not yet appeared. You mean it’s not done well?


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I took a picture of the Dashboard screen that I attach here. I have two open positions with an approximate profit of $ 1750.

I attach the screenshot below.

No screenshot attached. When you attach any file, it will be visible in the attach files section
fpa attach screenshot example.png

I recommend closing the positions before requesting a withdrawal. Or at least generate an account statement with all current positions.

Keep excellent records + dealing with reputable companies = keep all your profits.

edit: like shown in this video clip:
View attachment bandicam 2020-02-13 23-53-57-007.mp4

if the file is too large, the server might reject the file. But you will get an error message. In those cases, you would upload to dropbox, icloud, google drive, etc and share the public link to it here.


Sorry, the message has now appeared. Now do we wait?

Yes. But you should be gathering evidence in the mean time. Also focus on using more reputable companies.
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Did you get response? I have also invested here and been ghosted
If you are having a serious problem with a company, you should open your own thread in Scam Alerts and give details.

Why your own thread?

1. If the person who started this thread has their issue resolved, this whole thread will be marked as resolved.

2. Your thread can have a link from your review. This makes your issue more visible.

3. Issues can be different. Having your own thread makes it easier to get advice specific to resolving your issue.