Are you addicted to trading?

No, I’m not addicted to it. I take it as a job and not a hobby, although I like it. For example, sometimes I’m reluctant to enter the market and want to make something different such as watching a movie, but I do realize that at this particular moment I ought to cling to the trading platform to spot the best moment to enter the market cuz I expect or feel that it should occur soon. For me it’s obvious that if I ignore the necessity to watch the market this hour, then I will have to wait for another opportunity much longer than I expected.
No, I'm not addicted to trading. Trading is a passion and interest of mine, but I know the importance of balance in life. I can stop anytime.
Yes, sometimes people have a passion for forex and are not addicted, in addition, forex includes risky business, and addicted forex without paying attention to the risk maybe make life imbalance
Well, honestly, from time to time. I would love to be more consistent. This is probably the reason why I'm not that successful lol
lets just say i have this forex account at hfm that hit the 10 years mark a while back, thinking about it it might as well be an addiction, a good one i guess
I also actually trading already more than nine years, but I do feel not addicted and only trade with spending money that affords to lose, the best moment for forex is to make a profit of more than 200% less than 1 hour from EURCHF a few years ago.
I have met a few traders who appeared to be addicted to trading and even though they were not professional traders they tended to make their daily decisions based on their trading and often cancelled or rescheduled planed events during the week due to trading.

I think they did that because they were not profitable and believed that they need to be glued to their screens in order to finally turn around and generate profits on a few trades. They seemed addicted to it which influenced their lives in a negative way. You always read about the positives in trading, but very few mention the negative impacts a lot of people suffer (besides losing your capital).

Any thoughts?
You've mentioned a crucial aspect of trading that is often overlooked – the potential for trading addiction and its negative impacts on traders' lives. Trading addiction can lead to significant problems, both financially and psychologically.
Identifying trading addiction involves observing signs like excessive time spent trading, emotional extremes, neglect of self-care, escalating risk-taking, and financial strain.