Banc De Binary - Jim Young - badly lost


There are good forex brokers out there. Whether there are any good binary options brokers or not is still an open question. So far, it looks like there are very few, if any honest binary brokers.

Aussie Scammed

Under Australian Consumer Law Banc De Binary and it’s representatives have participated in the following:
Misleading or Deceptive Conduct
It is important to look at how the behaviour of the business affects the consumer’s impression of a good or service. When deciding if conduct is misleading or deceptive, or likely to mislead or deceive, the most important question to ask is whether the overall impression created by the conduct is false or inaccurate.
Business conduct is likely to breach the law if it creates a misleading overall impression among the audience about (for example) the price, value or quality of consumer goods or services. Australian Consumer Law - Avoiding unfair Business practices, p6.
Predictions and opinions
A statement about the future that does not turn out to be true is not necessarily misleading or deceptive. But promises, opinions and predictions can be misleading or deceptive if the person making the statement: • knew it was untrue or incorrect • did not care whether it was true or not • had no reasonable grounds for making it. Australian Consumer Law - Avoiding unfair Business practices, p8.
Unconscionable conduct
Examples of unconscionable conduct by a business may, depending on the circumstances, include:
using high pressure tactics, such as refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer, sustaining a sales pitch for a long period of time, or refusing to leave a consumer’s home. Australian Consumer Law - Avoiding unfair Business practices. p16
Harassment and coercion
It is unlawful to use physical force, coercion or undue harassment in connection with the:
> supply or possible supply of goods or services
> payment for goods or services
> sale or grant, or the possible sale or grant, of an interest in land, or
> payment for an interest in land.
Undue harassment means unnecessary or excessive contact or communication with a person, to the point where that person feels intimidated, tired or demoralised. p25



Whatever u do, they wont admit any faults. U have to stay strong!
Evelina will only give u standard answers like u placed the trades by urself, u have approved the deposits etc.
Im collecting now all my evidence and I will initiate a back charge through my bank.
I have just become a member today and after reading everyone's dealings with BDB I don't feel as bad as I did because I to have been scammed by DBD and have made a complaint to DBD and they have also said that I was the one that made the trades so it was up to me. lost $7500 in 3 sessions with David Banis.
I was a first time trader and did read reviews on DBD and come up clean, obviously the wrong reviews.
I was advised of what to trade on and how much to trade 4 trades $1,000 each within 10 mins all losses.
David Banis said we don't wont you to leave a loser so offered a bonus of 2500 if I placed 2500 into my account total deposited now 7500. more high risk trades some wins up to 9k, asked for a withdrawal of 2k Banis said cant do it while trading.
Next session all gone, complained to Banis he said he will speak to recovery dept to try get the 2k requested withdrawal fund, never heard from him again. Numerous emails to them with replies to say stiff that I placed the trades so at my risk.
Note there are a number of advisory sites that give DBD a very high rate. (what the F) they must be getting funds from DBD.
I feel very sorry for others who have lost lots more than me.


Hi Kenjo -wellcome,
Stay strong and read other posts re BDB-
Make a folder on your desktop and do screen shots of all your deposits-withdrawals-traded emails and trades-
What country are you in? How did you deposit? -when? -how did you ask for your withdrawals?
Collect and post this info to this forum because collecting your thoughts gives you strength.
You will need all this info soon- in case you instigate a chargeback from your bank or credit card institution!
Within a few days some big guns from this forum will comment and give you more advice-
Hope this helps-
Take care -
Oh -and don't be scared to make your own thread-it's actually easier than getting scammed-hey!!!!!!!!