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Problem Bibox vip channel scam or real?

I am having an issue with a company
I suspect he is, so i have stopped communication, i thought i was wise to the world, but have been completely screwed over, with no chance of getting any of it back
this is exactly what happened to me, i confronted my scammer today so he knows what a scum bag he is.
There are many articles on the web regarding Pig Butchering scams. Criminal Chinese run these scams in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines and the UAE. You should take screen shots of all communication, trades, transfers, their website because eventually they will shut if off, etc. Then let us know where you are from so we can advise where to begin reporting.
this is exactly what happened to me, i confronted my scammer today so he knows what a scum bag he is.
The profile pics they used are 100% fake and you don't know if you are talking to a man or a woman. They are stealing from you and 10 other people at the same time unfortunately.
the 71k ustd was "earned" in some kind of leverage event they had.
i started with 200 ustd, as i was shown to be getting 1% interest per day, if i put 10k ustd that went to 1,5%. and it worked for a week or so and i withdrew $200 to my account so i had confidence it was all working ok.
i then was told by the lady about activity events, but 'click on them till she says.

me being fat fingered clicked the link and it said i had participated in the 20,000 event. i didn't have 20,000 i only had 10,000k. I ask to be removed from it, bi box said i couldn't and the event had started however if i didn't put the 20,000 to them i would loose 80% of my investment.
i panicked an found 18,000 ustd. the lady then "topped up" the last 2,000.

that event lasted 2 weeks and it said i had 27k ustd in my account, i went to with draw it, that's when this new leverage event called "lucky user"?! started and i couldn't get to the ustd then either.
once the event finishes i went to withdraw the ustd to be told i need to pay 3600 ustd to get it into my wallet.

the lady is still messaging me and she appear ok, bibox are still replying to my messages but just saying pay 3600 to getting the ustd out.
If it's bibox.bio it's a scam. Similar experience here with a scammer on social media. Now I am getting random phone calls from a man trying to dig for details. I have tracked 38 scam accounts all using the real woman's pictures.... The real person in the pictures doesn't care this activity is occurring....