Banc de Binary problems


I joined BDB (Banc de Binary) back in March.
Deposited 20,000$ USD under recommendation of a broker ZR.
Managed to win 46% of my trades, pretty well on my own to start.
ZR really pressured me into putting another 10,000$ in early April.
Quickly made three 1,000 USD trades that lost very shortly after the new deposit.
He was pressuring me to inject up to 50K in order to get to VIP trading platform.

After that, was 10 days without news from my broker.
Found out he "...was no longer with BDB"
New broker ER took over.

Tried to withdraw from my acct. but was blocked by compliance.
I was told I had to generate 265,395.00 USD in trades before I could withdraw.
That figure this week was 403,395 euros ( even though my acct is in USD)

I had actually generated over 12,000$ in trades between the two above figures!
So the turnover, as it is called, should have reduced slightly. Not so!!!!!

I am never going to see the color of that 30,000.00 $ USD.

This is a warning to newcomers: DO NOT ACCEPT BONUS MONEY

It locks you in to having to generate 20 (twenty) times the size of the bonus + your deposit.

Today, I have decided, upon the recommendation of a broker who is a friend of the family, to stay away from BDB
And all their representatives.

I am pasting his advice below:

"To be honest it would not be a good idea to continue doing trades with this firm so your Dad should ignore any threats from them and stop interacting altogether. If they already said the initial deposit is gone an they "gave" your Dad another $30K to trade with (it makes no sense) they will not give you their money back right. I have never heard of a brokerage like this before but it smells rotten to me..."

Be aware!!!


Actually, the bonus is not the key, but a hook.

No matter if you take the bonus agreement or not, they won't give your original deposit back anyway.


My experience is very similar. I have just sent the below email to Jack who claims he is a decent person and will help. Maybe you should do the same. It remains to be seen though.

Hi Jack,

I tried to send this to Oren but it bounced back. I hope you can help me out as I was basically scammed by Jim Anderson and Warren King at BdeB. Strangely enough i opened an account with B54 not long ago and I was given an account manager by the name of Steve Hemilton who sounded exactly the same as Jim Anderson. I even said to him that he sounded like my broker at BdeB. He gave me the same bull**** spiel promise of the world and then withdrew money from my credit card without my authorisation. After complaining I was hand balled to a guy called Henry. You wouldn’t believe it but he sounded exactly like Warren King. You know that South African accent he has. Henry sent me an email and even though he signed it Henry the email address said it came from Warren Kingston. Can you believe that. I was scammed by the same two guys but from different companies.

Anyway, below is the email I tried to send to Oren. I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Oren,

It is with great disappointment that I find myself contacting you. I am pissed off with the way your company has treated me and are now withholding my money from me.

Just over 18 months ago I opened a small account with BdeB. Soon after depositing $500 I was contacted by Jim Anderson who put the hard sell on me straight away. I told him I was in the middle of a custody battle with my ex and I needed my money to be able to pay for the court costs which where approximately $50k. He talked me into taking the bonus money and promised that he would train me and we would turn over the money with in three months.

He failed to give me any training and after following his so called expert advise I lost 7 out of every 10 trades he recommended yet he claimed an 80% strike rate. In reality it was 30% and I would have been better off tossing a coin, than following his recommendations.

I was then handed over to his close mate Warren King who told me he would sort things out. He took money off my credit card and promised me a tv and an iPad mini, which I never received. After depositing $31k with Jim and Warren I was pressured into taking several trades of around $7k that were 99% chance of winning according to them. They all lost and my account was smashed.

I gave up taking the advise of your brokers for a while as they were just losing money.

Last year after making some noise I was told by my broker at the time Matteo Hermes, that he had spoken to Justin Webb and had come up with a deal to release my account given that I had received such ****house service from BdeB. He told me that if I deposited a further $15k into my account and traded for 30 days then they would withdraw $7k from my account and release the rest to me. My balance at the time was just over $8k so I reluctantly agreed thinking that I would get at least $1k out of the deal and hopefully be able to build on the balance a bit.

I didn’t have $15k available straight away and so I deposited $5k and then a further $5k. Several weeks later when I had the last $5k available I contacted Justin Webb and he sent me an agreement to sign. He promised me he would give me the help of one of the best brokers to try and get my balance up a bit. I traded by myself for a few weeks and managed to increase met balance by just over $1k which I was happy with.

I traded with Elliot Green and Thomas Villas and they both managed to lose a further $6.5k from my account. I wrote to Justin Webb expressing my disappointment. His response was to see what he could do. I think I received one training session but that was it.

After well and truly meeting my end of the bargain and being $40k out of pocket, I am now faced with the obstacle of withdrawing my own money from my account. I have been told by several brokers from reputable company’s that I will never be able to withdraw my money as the binary platforms are nothing more than a scam. Well I can’t say I have any argument to dispute that view based on my own experience. I have submitted a withdrawal application which I was told was approved. But now the website is saying that my account needs verification despite the fact I have already done this. It also says that my last withdrawal request was denied.

So my question to you is what are you going to do to help me? Are you an honest person who will take responsibility for the actions of the people that you employ or will you just treat me like I mean nothing to you and your company. I hope you are a man of integrity and will do something that will lead me to walk away thinking that you have treated me fairly and not as merely an inconvenience to your day.

I look forward to hearing from you,


James Francis


Brigadier General
Lots of people claim to be decent. Wait and if your money arrives in full with no strings attached.

Funny how you mention that 2 B54 employees sound exactly like 2 BDB employees. Sort of makes one wonder about the real relationship between those two "banc" companies.