I have been scammed by this site, owned by "JEFF ANDERSON"

Binary Turbo - One Of A Kind Binary Options Software!

I invested with them and they promised a much higher win vs loss rate, but they instead created a high loss rate of about 35%.I was told that the risk of loss was virtually non-existent.

I was told that that if the TURBO BINARY system did not work AS PROMISED, they would refund any costs invested PLUS $100.

They do not even reply to my many emails at all. Not ever and not once! The Binary Turbo Platform support system is TERRIBLE - they have never replied to any of my emails despite my emailing them repeatedly. They went ahead to trade my account on the Traderush platform without even the courtesy of an email back to me to answer my initial queries or acknowledge my email.

BUT they are SO faithful in sending automated emails encouraging further deposits so that you can "kill it" with their bogus scam system!

To make matters worse they had a run of losing trends DESPITE their advert. Consequently they have taken me down from GBP 200 to GBP 128 a string or mix of losing trades at GBP 10 each... a GBP 72 loss is nowhere near anything of the success rate that they advertised. Granted a few losses are to be expected but this Binary Turbo Platform was sold on the premise of a higher rate of wins than losses and my experience of running losses reflects a problem with their advertising. 14 LOSSES and only 8 wins is NOT what they advertised.....this ois 63% loss!!!!With their advertised win rate, I should have GAINED money not lost it. I did not accept the system as being loss free BUT as being able to trade to win at much higher than average as BINARY TURBO promised.

I really think I could have traded better manually myself BY FAR.... at least I could have capped my losses if I was trading manually. Bottom line is that they promised something and then did the very opposite - mismanage or scam my funds AND not reimburse me as promised on their sales page.

They have scammed others, based on my internet reviews on other sites and they need to be exposed and charged for obtaining funds REPEATEDLY through false pretenses.

PLEASE INVESTIGATE AND HELP ! I have attached trade details - what a joke compared to the sales page: see Binary Turbo - One Of A Kind Binary Options Software!



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Kindly note, they have ignored my EVERY email. Its part of the reason I came here. I couldn't get them to reply . If you or FPA can get them to reply here, That would be great - if they can also prove to be honest and sincere as they do so.

Its not me who has anything to hide. They advertised a system which promised fantastic gains/results. Instead I lost money. Just review their sales page and see if that is anything but a guarantee not to lose. I already submitted my proof from the trading results. The two results are a major and serious contradiction.

Can they do the honorable honest thing and pay the promised $100 if their system does not work, or better just refund me my GBP 72.00 loss, which works out to about $115.

That's all I ask. I didn't review their sales page to find a chance to get scammed. This culture of misleading and exaggerated hype for a quick buck has to stop somewhere. Its honest, struggling,hard working people being defrauded here.
Hi nnutom

Because of Grid, people goes with such Binary options!If there were any 100% winning formula to anybody in forex then a lot of people would have been rich!

Good to know that u got it at the end that trading by yourself is a much better option.
hate to say it but if a bus driver GUARANTEED to get me safely across the city safely I wouldn't get on his bus!

the bigger the guarantee, the lower the quality. Why was Kia the first car to offer 5-year bumper-to-bumper coverage?!

Or as the previous century's biggest liar said, "the greater the lie, the more people will believe it" (his name isn't worthy of this forum but he wrote Mein Kampf)

We have all been sucked in to some degree now and then but whether or not you get your money, take responsibility for your loss and learn from it: only through hard work, either physical or mental, will you get anywhere. Doesn't mean you'll have to put in 60 hour weeks, but you need to LEARN the principles..

Just a new guy, but learning some hard truths....
If there's a guarantee on the robot, you can file a complaint with the payment processor and with your credit card company.

If you suspect that the binary options company is involved in cheating you, you may also want to discuss that with your bank.
Noted UncleSteve and points taken.

Actually I am usually quite cautious online, however the software was recommended to me by someone I have gained some trust with (Dustin - who is usually more traditional and professional in his trade recommendations. I guess this is what lowered my guard, to the point of subscribing with Binary Turbo. I was very disappointed with Dustin and co, and let them know - though I am not sure the message was taken. They didnt bother to reply to my email on the matter and I have unsubscribed from their email list.

I have learned that affiliates for the Binary Turbo make $250 per subscription and so with just 100 subscriptions Dustin and co would have made a whopping $25,000..and no telling how many thousands of people they would have emailed! Perhaps that's what made them throw caution out the window and risk sacrificing some of their email subscribers... but there's no excuse for recommending potentially bogus products to people who trust you, just for a quick buck.