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Country Risk Report - The Americas

Discussion in 'Market Predictions and Reports' started by f-man, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. f-man

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    Dec 5, 2010
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    A very interesting updated report about the current situation in many Counties worldwide, divided by Continents:

    Argentina Political uncertainty is likely to increase in the medium term, worsening the business environment.
    Bolivia Rising commodity prices boost nominal exports and government revenue.
    Brazil Monetary tightening continues despite signs that economic activity may be easing.
    Canada The economy is set to slow thanks to rising input costs, the strong currency and weak external demand.
    Chile The business environment remains favourable amid a rapid economic expansion but the political sphere has deteriorated.
    Colombia Economic growth is strong but measures to dampen currency appreciation may be deployed.
    Costa Rica The government's loss of key political allegiances jeopardises important fiscal reforms.
    Cuba Economic reforms progress, albeit at a slow pace.
    Dominican Republic An economic deceleration causes a downward adjustment to growth forecasts.
    Ecuador Economic growth picks up and high oil prices support the external accounts.
    El Salvador High inflation is a major concern amid a sluggish economic recovery.
    Guatemala Political tensions rise following the ban on Sandra Torres' presidential candidacy.
    Honduras The return of former President Zelaya should help restore access to crucial concessionary financing.
    Jamaica An extension of the IMF stand-by arrangement could boost investor confidence.
    Mexico A key state election could presage the result of the presidential poll next year.
    Nicaragua Economic activity picks up but external factors cloud the outlook.
    Panama Growing inflationary pressures continue to pose a threat to economic stability.
    Paraguay The economic outlook remains broadly positive, but downside risks have increased.
    Peru Policy continuity will mitigate political risk, while the economic expansion appears sustainable.
    Trinidad & Tobago Inflation continues to decline, but so does private sector credit growth.
    USA D&B downgrades the US' country risk rating amid politicking over government debt and fiscal consolidation.
    Uruguay High inflation shapes macroeconomic policy amid a positive business outlook.
    Venezuela The risk of political turmoil increases amid uncertainty over the president's health.

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