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EAs don't make trades

Discussion in 'Forex Trading Systems and Strategies' started by charis, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. charis

    charis Recruit

    Mar 5, 2010
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    hi, I hope I am allowed to ask this question here.

    Maestro and Firebird
    I have MT4 and I have firebird as a mq4 and maestro as ex4.

    When i start the EA the terminal experts box says:

    10:25:12 Compiling 'MACD Sample'
    10:25:12 Compiling 'Moving Average'
    10:25:12 Compiling 'Accelerator'
    10:25:13 Compiling 'Accumulation'
    10:25:13 Compiling 'Alligator'
    10:25:14 Compiling 'ATR'
    10:25:14 Compiling 'Awesome'
    10:25:14 Compiling 'Bands'
    10:25:15 Compiling 'Bears'
    10:25:15 Compiling 'Bulls'
    10:25:16 Compiling 'CCI'
    10:25:16 Compiling 'Heiken Ashi'
    10:25:16 Compiling 'Ichimoku'
    10:25:17 Compiling 'iExposure'
    10:25:17 Compiling 'MACD'
    10:25:18 Compiling 'Momentum'
    10:25:18 Compiling 'Moving Averages'
    10:25:19 Compiling 'OsMA'
    10:25:19 Compiling 'Parabolic'
    10:25:20 Compiling 'RSI'
    10:25:20 Compiling 'Stochastic'
    10:25:21 Compiling 'ZigZag'
    10:25:21 Compiling 'close'
    10:25:22 Compiling 'delete_pending'
    10:25:22 Compiling 'modify'
    10:25:23 Compiling 'modify_pending'
    10:25:23 Compiling 'period_converter'
    10:25:23 Compiling 'rotate_text'
    10:25:24 Compiling 'send_pending'
    10:25:24 Compiling 'trade'
    10:25:25 Compiling 'stdlib'
    10:34:19 Experts are disabled because the account has been changed

    How can I fix that so my EA to make trades?

    I have it on demo account.

    it says that for both EAs.

  2. Doug Reo-Cocker

    Doug Reo-Cocker Private, 1st Class

    Sep 6, 2009
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    I think that your problem is that you have disabled your experts advisors. Go and check inside the options and you'll fixe it.

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