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fix-market.com and toptencoin.com scams

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by flatestcat, Apr 14, 2019 at 8:25 AM.

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    Hi , I live in Australia. I would like to hear from people who have been scammed from these two online traders. fix-market address of 88 Wood Street , London , is a fabrication. I presently have no idea where and in what country , they operate from. The fixmarket person goes by the name of Ray Davis - claims to be 63 years old ( probably not his real name) and claims to trade from 88 Wood Street London and has done for 27 years and & months. I have proof that it's a lie. The accounts female ,goes by the name of Elena Addison. There is also a younger man who does the cold calls - Ray Turner - sounds in his mid to late 20's ( probably not his real name) All their phone numbers begin with +44 which is UK England but it's probably not coming from England. They would have good technology to get around that . They all speak English . Ray's accent might be Spanish. Not sure. The victims transfer money into a bank account in Lisbon, Portugal . While you are still believing he is in England, he explains that the money you transfer to the Lisbon account is because they don't charge a transfer fee. At least that is true ( I checked it)They get you to start up with 250 Euro over the phone and then you're put through to Ray Davis who begins trading and you can see the winning trades .So , by then he is gaining your confidence. He starts pushing you to step up to the next level , explaining that 250 euro is not enough to make significant gains. You can see his point . His results are impressive , so you transfer 5400 euro to go to the next level ( gold ) He continues to trade with excellent results and keeps hammering you for more money to jump up to platinum level ( you pay another 2400 euro) . A few nights later ,he hammers you again , saying he can only do 7 trades per day with Platinum BUT for another 16400 euro he can put you up to Platinum Plus and he can do between 25 and 35 trades per day. You need to do your own investigations and ask him questions to put him on the spot. He claims that Lloyd bank matches your money input and that enables him to trade even bigger. Fix market fee is 3.6% and Lloyd Bank fee is 1.6% of you total wins. It's all lies. You will NEVER get your money back from them. The same applies with Topten coin Top ten coin website looks primitive compared to fix- market website. I would like to hear from anyone who has been scammed by these two " companies"

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