Forex Eternity by Tom Green


Beware of this product. At his webinar he says it will occur only one time and has got only a few accounts left, that is a lie. It happens every Sunday and he will get as many subscribers as he can. During the webinar he tells you a beatiful story about how he got 1.3 million dollars, show photos of his big house, nice cars and etc. He will show you a metatrader claiming to be a real account (it can be or not) with a lot of trades withing the same day with small profits each one. But at the end what you will get is a simple signal provider and only a few trades per week. He uses price action and fibo. For me this trade copier did not work well. It did not close a lot of trades and I have got a big loss and got no answer from the support, not even from the request for refund. At least during the webinar that I have participated he didn´t mentioned anything about signal provider. He tells you that it is a software and bla bla bla. If I knew from the start that it was only about trade copier I wouldn´t have bought it. And as this copier don´t work properly, you have to enter the trade room every day to check if the orders that you have are the same as his orders.