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I should like to thank Joe from Germany for his wonderful assistance in getting a full refund from this program. I followed the instructions he gave in his post and it has worked. My efforts with the website were just getting nowhere and it was just a case of to and fro all the time. From when I sent the first message to Card Query until I got a message from Paypal to say that my refund had been received was just over forty eight hours. Thank you Joe and thank you Forex Peace Army. Without the two of you I would have suffered a bad loss.
I had a similar experience with these scammers, from the ForexAchiever - Oliver Green end of this double-sided scam. For your info the key to refunds here is to go to Digital River, parent company of SWReg. Have their telephone receptionist transfer your call to their Complaint Escalation Team. SWReg is a shady subsidiary of Digital River, but DR is a large public company that is completely legit. They actually process the billing for SWReg. They will take your complaint about the vendor, and about SWReg Operations and refund you immediately. Hope this helps some. Digital River Corporate Headquarters 10380 Bren Road West, Minnetonka, MN 55343 USA Telephone: +1 (952) 253-1234
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same here even i contacted the payement website they did reply fews time then say be patient but since last week no more reply.
what a ripp off $ 500
Follow my suggestion in this thread, and you will be refunded; but do not delay, time is of the essence.
same here even i contacted the payement website they did reply fews time then say be patient but since last week no more reply.
what a ripp off $ 500
THIS IS NOT A SCAM although I must agree that there are a lot of scammers out there but once in a while some one with integrity and good intent comes along and Karl is one of these. I purchased FPF when it first came to offer in Feb 22 and put it on a real account with a small risk and with in the first couple week was very impressed in the trades but unfortunately some weren't closed and ended in losses. But through the next couple months we were in trades for a very long time this is not a get rich quick scheme so be patient. Finely May rolls around and all those trades pay of. Take a look at the master account FPF Mirror Trader System | Myfxbook He has also dedicated hour in webinars every week teaching his trading methods. So in this case you all jumped to conclusions and wanted burn him at the stake a little too early. If any of you never got your refund give the mirror trader a chance you may earn your $495. back.
The guys from ForexPipsFinder are back.
Now the trader is not Karl, but Shawn Williams and the webinar it is clearly a recording, the two men that talk have voices like they are actors and reading a script. The system they are selling now is different, not an EA but a signal alert indicator. The price is still 497 $ but they are offering 300 copies. The link of their site is this - On this site, they offer a system for free that looks quite good and say that they will give you a signal alert indicator for that system (so you don't have to look at the charts all the time) for free if you register for the free webinar. I was really excited to get that indicator so I did register, although I knew it must be a catch because usually, when something looks to good to be true, that means it’s not true. During the webinar when they made the offer with the ForexPipFinder I googled it and found this thread.
So THANK YOU "ForexPeaceArmy" for saving me from being scammed. I hope my comment will save others.
Have a pipfull day/week/year....
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Another benefit of posting a detailed complaint at the FPA - such a complaint can damage future sales of a company that wronged you.