FOREX PRO WEEKLY August 19-23, 2013


Sergeant Major
Sive concerning Triantus

concerning 3-d party analysis. Be careful with it. Previously we've dedicated a lot of attention to them, since we had (and have) an access to JP Morgan Markets software, DB FX researches and many others, as Man Financial (RIP). But very rare they give really valuable information. THe point is that these researches is not the ones that they probably use in real trading. These researches is more a retail product to support clients and give them what they want. May be they are created by good analysts, but this is quite different department - those who write researches and those who trade.
They give mix results, and we've abandoned track them. They have absolutely different position structure, and FX business structure, than any of individuals. So, you just can't get into big bank skin. So, these researches might be useful in terms of some data and information, but probably not in terms trading plan.
Better to use researches of some party out of interest, those who do not trade on market. For instance, S&P.

Oh man i must live in faityland- it had not occurred to me that whole banking system giving this information could be so devious and corrupt, thanks heaps Sive and Dkami.
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