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Hi, I resonate with your sense of 'something lacking' and wanted to let you know I read the same books. I have come across another book which at first glance might not look as if it has much to offer traders, the book is 'The Power Of Now' by Eckhart Tolle which is a guide to spiritual enlightenment and self development. Just like Joe said in the video trading is a 'counter-intuitive event' we are not wired to trade. The essential teaching of 'The Power Of Now' is as the tittle suggests and it very simply and effectively details the workings of the human mind and has been instrumental in my ability to focus on the here and now without letting the past (fear) and future (greed) overtake my judgement while trading. The author provides very simple practical techniques that are helping me in my trading and in general to stay focused with a clear mind.

Thank you for your opinion and book recommendation, I will check it out. I think when Joe and Mark talk about trading being a 'counter-intuitive event' they think that our brains are not ‘’ designed’’ to think in probabilities and not accepting the fact that we don’t need to know what will happen next or being right every time in order to make good money at trading. Mark actually talks a lot about this, how we drag negative feelings into our thinking process when our stop loss is hit or when we lose money on a single trade, when in reality if we know we have a profitable system we should just keep ‘’playing’’. This is the part that I mastered as I no longer suffer any pain or doubt when my stop-loss is hit, and I always predefine my risk when opening a position. I am having a problem as I said above, with truly believing that indeed we can make this amount of money from trading even though I saw it being done and done it myself to some extent before.

But its always nice and insightful to talk about it with other traders and share experiences, even though I must say I was never a very spiritual person I will consider your book recommendation with an open mind. I am glad it helped you.