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Problem ForexGen - Another style of scam

I am having an issue with a company


Brigadier General
NOTE TO MODERATORS: This issue is separate and distinct from the other issues regarding ForexGen, and thus I feel it deserves it's own thread.
NOTE TO ALESSANDRO: This is only for discussion your advertising practices. Please confine your comments to this thread's topic.

In light of Alessandro0003msc's ardent defense of ForexGen, I did a bit of investigating.

At first, Alessandro tried to present himself as an interested person, who had no real financial interest in ForexGen. Only after being confronted with large amounts of evidence that he was actively advertising for ForexGen did he finally confess that he was an Introducing Broker (IB) for them.

After spending some quality time with Google, I found that Alessandro has been spamming ForexGen ads on large numbers of forex forums, other financial forums, random blogging sites, soc.culture.(fill in country name) sites, gaming sites, etc., etc. Just check this search out and you will see what I mean:

forexgen alessandro0003msc - Google Search

Please note that not all links found will work, since many of his threads and accounts have already been deleted as spam. You can click on the "Cached" button in the search results to view the ones that have been removed.

Further digging turned up some conversations on forex forums between a user roberttonino and Alessandro (about ForexGen). Cross checking showed almost identical conversations in other locations between roberttonino and a user called francafoschi (about . . . you guessed it! ForexGen). Franca even has nearly identical grammar and spelling errors to Alessandro. What was truly fascinating was that sometimes Franca was looking for the broker and Robert was the happy, long-term customer, and other times Robert was the clueless newbie and Franca was the long-term happy customer. It was amazing the short time between questions and answers in all cases.

Since these obviously staged 2 way (sometimes more than 2 way) conversations keep getting his accounts and threads deleted, Alessandro has been trying a similar gambit without the aid of his friends (alternate identities???). Sometimes he's a clueless newbie asking about ForexGen, sometimes he is a long-term happy customer, sometimes he just copies advertising material from their website. Not matter how he starts out, in the end he always copies ForexGen advertising material from their website.

Here are a few other links that may prove useful to those wishing to research further:

Missing threads - vamist.com - Forex forums and blogs
Forexgen - Scam or legit??
Forexgen - Forex Trading

So, what we have is a person who spams widely, frequently withholds information about his relationship with ForexGen (sometimes even claiming to just be looking for info about ForexGen), and who has even engaged in artificial forum conversations in order to promote the company. The fact that ForexGen fails to put a stop to this does not reflect well on the company's integrity.

I openly challenge any member of ForexGen's management to comment on why this type of unethical behavior is permitted to continue in the name of your company.

Even disregarding all of the other complaints about ForexGen, Alessandro's deceitful actions alone fully qualify as a scam in my book.
I've done a little more digging and found even more usernames having fake conversations about ForexGen on other forex forums (as well as non-financial forums). Sometimes Alessandro is with them, sometimes not. Where he isn't part of the fake conversation, he's had the same conversation with at least one of the participants elsewhere.

The roles of clueless newbie vs. an experienced trader (who has always allegedly been a ForexGen client for some time) often get swapped around. The conversation follows a very similar script, sometimes to the point where the same responses seem to be copied and pasted. No matter what else is written, it always ends with lots of items copied from ForexGen's website.


There were a few other usernames, but these seemed to be the most common ones used.
Hello there. I'm the admin of the forum Pharaoh linked to - "Forexgen - Scam or legit??" - and I can definitely confirm that alessandro attempted to do the same thing he does on all forums - promote ForexGen. If you visit that link you'll see that he signed up as a different user and tried to stand up for his own posts. The two posts have the same style of speech, manner of expression, and horribly mangled english. I tracked his IP and it appears he signed up from an IP and then stopped using it, and then used some proxy server on some sort of poxy web hosting company to post the rest of his comments.

This basically all got started when he cam across my blog posting and reporduction of Rob Grespi's original warning about ForexGen.

Furthermore this shameless pimp for ForexGen has the guts to toss threats: "but i think since 2003 and we are facing people like you and we have our tools to face people like you"

Forex Peace Army User sahaar registered at IP address This same IP address used for some of the posts made by user alessandro0003msc. User sahaar has an email address from ForexGen.com. There are no other overlaps for IP addresses associated with alessandro0003msc's account.
Alessandro is either recruiting followers or else is making new accounts.

Someone who sounds a LOT like Alessandro, but who is calling himself Trendnow wass spamming BabyPips. This username first popped up on Trade2Win, defending Alessandro and spewing profanity, but that thread was quickly removed by the moderators. After Trendnow went completely off the deep end (even attacking other threads I'd posted in that weren't ForexGen related), BabyPips banned him and erased all his posts. This makes the second time that Alessandro's group (assuming there is more than just 1 person) has been kicked out of that forum.

It was also interesting to see that a "Nicole Forex" made identical posts at almost the same time as an "Adriano Forex" in different forums. Evidently Alessandro (and friends?) can't keep track of his own identities on the web.

Considering the pathetically juvenile level of Alessandro and Trendnow's postings, I'm stunned that ForexGen would allow them to continue their campaign. It only makes them appear to be even less honest and less competent.
First, we had Alessandro's evil twin, the hyper-aggressive Trendnow. Now there's a slightly less aggressive version calling himself ForexAng. The Alessandro0003msc and ForexAng usernames keep copying the same anti-Felix and anti-FPA propaganda posts onto different forums at the same time.

What's most interesting about all of these "characters" is that they pop up out of nowhere. Some of them claim to have been trading forex for years, but not one username has any history on any forex forum before jumping in to promote ForexGen and attack Felix and the FPA. Also, not one of them has posted about any other subject, except as a lead in to more ForexGen advertisements.

Currently, ForexAng is trying to debate me over at the Vamist.com forums. I checked the userlist and see that there's already another "Nicole Forex" account waiting in the wings.

I'm amazed that ForexAng/Alessandro would take me on at Vamist, considering that users francafoschi, sa7ar, roberttonino, smith99, Adrianooooooo, jackdavid22, and smithanderson have already been dealt with for posting ForexGen spam there. Ah well, determination and intelligence don't always go hand in hand.

What's truly funny is that Alessandro claims to be Italian. Then he made a post on the forums at forexitalia.org in Italian attacking me, Felix, Alan (of Alan's Money Blog), and the FPA, one of the Administrators replied:

"Alessandro there is no need to post 3 times the same thread.
Also your italian is a little weak. Post in English next time"

Why am I developing a suspicion that Alessandro is really from Norway, where ForexGen is based.

And so, my investigation of the spammers/scammers continues.
And their campaign has continued. Now they are faking CNN articles, inserting a line at the beginning of an old article claiming that Felix was part of something and re-dating it.

Also, is one of our Investigators named Ken?

If so, did you use "FPA Investigations Lieutenant" in any emails to ForexGen? If so, did you send them anywhere else? One of the current found of ForexGen spammers (ForexAng) copied what looked like an email signature (with first and last name) of what looks like one of our investigators, and I think ForexGen gave it to him.
I can confirm that I've used that signature only 1 time. That was an email I sent to ForexGen and copied to Adam. I do not think Adam would be sharing it with this forexang person. Forexang must have gotten it from ForexGen.
Trade2Win aka TW2


Not sure this is the correct location for this topic, but it seemed appropriate at the time, (Another Style of scam) but not specific to the ForexGen but just (another style of scam) in general.So Please move the post as you see fit.

This is not a review of the Trade2Win aka TW2 forum, but just to point out what you already know about blogs and forums around the net.

In my initial investigation/review of FPA,I originally attempted to find info on FPA and posted questions in other forums etc. And I also read much of the things all over the net.Later I found out about all the tactics that appear to be used buy people in the blogs and forums etc.

In my defense of the truth and in this case the FPA I am now engaged in a discussion at TW2

The discussion here at TW2 which appears to be similar to what is going on with many forums and blogs around.

Anyhow see the forum posts, by me and others.
my TW2 user name is AgentZ86

There are some topics there that I am not familiar with so I can't defend or confirm but perhaps someone who knows can shed light on these topics as well in which I would be happy to relay provided it's conclusive for me to do so.

Anyhow here is the link to the ongoing posts.;
T2W Day Trading & Forex Forums

Just thought someone may want to know.
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