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Free signals via mail/blog/twitter/facebook/buzz/etc...

Discussion in 'Personal Trade Journals' started by SURFINGTHEPIPS, May 17, 2010.



    May 6, 2010
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    Hi everybody,

    I simply love this site. It is the best forex site out there. That's why I chose it to present my blog.

    We made 1675 pips in the first two months. Everything is proved by the history of blog/twitter/facebook etc...

    I dont know if it is possibile to post link. Anyway I do not want to break any rules, so

    just google my nick name if you want to reach it.

    I'm a professional trader, 34 y.o., based in Europe. I have many years of forex experience and never surfed any waves in my life...except the Forex one's of course :D

    I decided to share my trades because I have 2 goals:

    1) I want to build a community to feel less alone. Trading is a damned lonely biz
    2) I would like, in the future, to manage an hedge fund

    My service is totally FREE and I believe in ethic trading. I've created a Kiva account where you can share a small % of your gain with people not as lucky as you.

    Hope to have some opinion and ideas to improve my service from you peace&army people...

    Surfing the Pips
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    May 6, 2010
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    +499 Pips This Week! +43.48 Pips Per Day From The Beginning!

    Hi guys I'm gonna brutally paste my weekly report. Sorry about that :)

    Hello Surfers,

    as you noticed I don’t like to talk too much during the week. I prefer to make a balance during the week-end and stop.

    So, what about this week? Let’s say that it was the 7th consecutive week in profit and this is quite a good news. We are making money in a stable way. Second we made one pip less than the record week, week 4 in April. Third, we smashed the 2000 pips barrier so ok…there’s no doubt….We MUST be happy!!!

    We did not start very well, we had some losses during the first part of the week. Tuesday 18 of May was a very interesting day, we started losing money tryin to buy Euros and Pounds but we soon recovered, ending in profit, seeling them the same day during the late US session.

    What a fantastic lesson. We learned to be flexible (never fall in love with one trading idea!) and we trusted like a devotee our strategy.

    My trading approach is a non-biased approach and I can confess you, I never read one single news out there. I really dont care about, and more, I think they really make your mind works not good during trading.

    Mind, in my humble opinion, has to be clean during trading activity. Look at this week. All newspapers, website, radios…everybody shouting about euro falling down. What a wise trader do in situation like that? The exact opposite.

    That’s why I did not have fear to buy euros. We made a mistake tuesday, but we made 560 pips in one single day buying euros thursday! So, look at charts, only charts, they say everything to you. Believe me.

    I updated performances and starting from this week I added a nice value, the Day Average.

    At the moment we are cruising at +43.48 pips/day. Not bad isn’it?

    I am also happy to see visitor growing up day by day. I’m not very good as a marketing manager of myself. I believe in word-of-mouth. I know that if someone is good making money, well, he do not need too much marketing. People come automatically.

    Last thing: thank you very very very much for the incredible words you are giving to me through mail. These are the best present I can receive. You can not image how much energy I can absord from these emails. Please go on like that :)

    See you tomorrow guys

  3. RahmanSL

    RahmanSL Major

    Jan 16, 2010
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    I went over to to your site as directed and read one of the following:

    [order 13] EURUSD buy 1.2411 TP1&2&3 reached for a total of +245pips

    As a Newbie, I wouldn't know just what to put TP for total +245pips.
    Is it possible to post:

    [order 13] EURUSD Buy: 1.2411 TP1:_______ TP2:_______ TP3:________ reached for a total of +245pips

    That would make it much easier for Newbie like me to understand and quickly response to execute Buy/Sell and TP advise.

    Thank you.


    May 6, 2010
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    Hi Rahaman,

    you are making a little confusion. That is not a call for a trade that is the result of a previous signal. Please check the instructions on this page:




    May 6, 2010
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    +615 PIPS IN MAY 2010
    MAY 2010 WEEK#4

    Finally we had a losing week. Yes, I dont want to sound too provocative but after 7 consecutive profit week I started to have problems finding new subjects. This moments are exactly the moments that divides losing traders from winning traders. What is the typical reaction of the first ones? Easy. They feel fear, they start to risk less. They change everything. They start changing strategy, looking into forums like junkies, they have to find the new Holy Graal. They find it and now they are ready to start the new week with lots of new hopes, hopes that are about to last one or two weeks and then another failure. And after that? You are totally in the loop. The loop that begins, stops and restart , again and again.

    It is always the same story. Doing this you’re making rich brokers, forex site, expert advisors producer and all the scam that ruin this world. Do you really want to know the thruth? There’s no strategy, there’s no indicator, there’s no guru, there’s nothing but you. The best trading coach has to be a mind coach. Forex trading is like everything else in the world. I like this game a lot because is a stylized version of everything that happens in this life.

    To succeed in trading you need the same skills you need to succeed in football, art, family, management career or chess. The same. The good thing about Forex is that it’s easy to measure, you can easily see where you are, where you were and where you are going. This is the unique quality of trading. Everything is easy to control. If you understand how to do it. You have to deal only with you and … numbers.

    You need:

    * know what you want (this is the hardest part believe me. it is not just “I want money”. Look at what happens to those who wins lotteries)
    * write it down
    * build a plan
    * stick to the plan
    * measure and control
    * stick again to the plan with faith
    * measure and control again
    * succeed

    There’s no way to fail.

    Probably I’m not the best trader out there, I really dont like to stick at the monitor watching every pip and watching changing indicators all day. I have best thing to do. I have a life.

    Do you remember the reason why you followed in love with forex? Speaking about me was: make money working for me and not work for money. That’s all. So, if I stay all the day in front of the monitor am I sticking to the plan? Please think deeply about that.

    Anyway, back to numbers. We closed the month of may with a nice profit, +639 pips. Our average is almost 30 pips a day. We had a terrible start of the week with two big losses. A great recover during the days in the middle and a bad thursday. Watching the charts everything is under control. Our strategy HAS to produce losses during no-trend week. It’s just like any other business. You have costs. You have gains. You must ends up with a profit. There’s no business able to avoid losses. If you can not deal with them stop trading now. If you are wise, not risking too much, you can afford to lose.

    Best traders can afford to lose everything, they do not care because they know that scared money is money already gone. So like those traders we do not care to lose for a week. We care about the final goal. We built little by little. If you prefer hard emotions you are not in the right place. We are boring. We are proud to be boring! :)

    We do our 30/40 pips a day watching the market for 3 or 4 times a day for a maximum of 10 minutes each time. For the rest of the day we have the blessing to do what we like or “do nothing”, or maybe read books, stay at the beach, make other plans, waiting for a new idea, or simply stay with children. This and only this must be the final goal of a decent trader.

    We are not the best one, ok, but we are steady. We are not the best one ok but we are trasparent like the glass.

    Does anybody know another service on the internet sharing trades in real time with exact entry prices, stoplosses and takeprofits, everything 100% proved by social networks with updated performances every week? I personally not. If you’ll find one please write it back to me.

    We talk about losses, this is not a taboo for us. We are mature, we are serious, we are not scam. That’s all.

    Have a fantastic sunday!



    As I wrote on the FAQ area, I will open comments soon. I’m just waiting the community to grow up a little bit more


    Thanks to all of you for the dozens of mail I receive everyday. I’m not a Guru guys. You can easily do what I do. I will teach you how. I’m doing it every day.

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