Romance Scam FSDS Global Scam (

Pig Slaughter and similar scams = SCAMMER!!!

FSDSglobal is a fake platform which they are able to scam money sent to a fake account on this.
I am a VICTIM of this scammer.
Unfortunately, I was already taken in by this scam group.

They have scammed my money USD20,200.

I have reported my case to the police and other several organizations.
I assume that they are a Hong Kong based criminal group.

I was contacted by chat app "Line". And it was too late for me to be suspicious enough that fsds is a scammer but I had already sent money by cryptocurrency to the fake account they made of FSDS.

I really hope no one will be a victim anymore!
Please kindly share as much as possible that is a criminal scamming group.
I think this scammer is really really active and aggressive now.
And they can easily change their broker names and they do the same scam again under the different broker names.

You should regard anyone (you've never met) you're texting now as scammers when you see these words sent from them. "wealthy" "rich" "successful" "introduce my broker" "crypto" "bitcoin" "teach you a investment (trading)" "running own business" "will travel to your country soon" or any similar words.

I was also contacted by the same WhatsApp number +852 9623 2315 pushing me to invest in FSDS. Please be careful, DO NOT invest your hard earned money into this fake company. and fsds-global.comAll those links are fake.
This is a scam, beware!
Yes then they extort for more money. Add more to pay commissions first before you can withdraw money from “customer seevice” and takes three days to wire funds. They eve claim that they send money to your so called account to help build the hedge margins and grow. The Customer Service shows a supposed deposit into your account. Than later claim need funds back very influencially “Uncle” helped to save her businesses. And Uncle locks access to your supposed account with a chinese bank (BKYHYO.Ltd) dealing with
Claims and Customers Service “Lisa” and “Uncle” is lead analyst tell you that you have to go to london unfreeze account and you will br sued for fraud! Then says if you pay the bsck supposed loan you can have access to “your” fundsall if it! But the change platform or “ update” for security reasons! what gets me us they come full force to get the small loan Uncle helped pay and now tranfers to you. what crazy thing !!!