FxiResolutions.com_fraud Robot selling company

Manish D Pujari

I have invested 250$ on 2nd july 2015 with FxiResolutions.com company for Robot to multiply my investment in Forex and I was promised and guaranteed full refund by advisor Mr Gautam if the Robot does not make me profit. The Robot has not worked with 2 of my accounts (tradersway.com and XM.com) as it could not control the loss deal and I already lost more than 150$ equity in a span of 10 days hence I requested to refund my money 250$ as I need to pay my credit card bill. The representative Gautam never called me inspite of sending several reminder. Then finally one day Gautam called me on 17th July and promised me that he will refund the Robot charge as well as the loss I made on equity that came up to 500$ however I have to pay a small charge of 50$ in advance as withdrawal charge. I asked him how would I believe him and pay another 50$ in advance then he said he will give in writing and he sent me mail which I have attached. After receiving the mail from him only I paid 50$ as withdrawal charge and post that he never called back nor I received my Refund. I sent him severel email to him and the company support however I am not receiving any response. Please help me to get my money cheated by this company.
Another simple rule to live by: Never pay a company money in order to collect money they owe you.

I've never seen any EA seller pay back losses. The offer to repay anything above the purchase price, but only if you pay a "small charge" screams SCAM very loudly. If he intehded to send $400 or $500 (EA cost plus compensation for losses) but there was a $50 charge, he should have just sent $50 less.

Legitimately, he now owes you $300 ($250 plus the extra $50 he took from you).

Was this a direct credit card payment, or was there a payment processor (netteller, skrill, etc) involved?
I agree to what you are saying that paying money to get money is bad idea however they cheated me saying that it is standard withdrawal charge if we have to go for refund of Robot charge. I asked them to deduct the withdrawal charge from the Refund however representative Gautam said they cannot adjust the withdrawal charge of 50$ from refund as I will get complete Refund hence I paid the additional 50$. All this payment was processed through skrill that is I paid through credit card to my skrill account and from skrill it was processed to them (Fxiresolutions.com)