Genius Funds Scam


Genius Funds have completely disappeared, I have tried all available contact routes, to no avail. The Contact names for Genius Funds are Mark Stelvio (from other forum news this guys name appears as owner of other sites ) George Schale, Panos and a Michalis Constandines. As only one of many, many clients, i had over 10k invested here.

I would dearly like to see these guys taken down (Legally of course)


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Unfortunately, the only way to stop HYIP scammers from doing this time and time again, is simply to stop dumping money into their scams.

BTW, just because they mention forex doesn't mean they have anything at all to do with forex trading. ;)


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Go after them by all legal means, but do something else that will hurt them and their kind far more.

Warn as many people as possible about the type of scam they ran. Tell your friends that it doesn't matter if a HYIP has been paying for 1 day or 5 years, it's always a scam and the trap can snap shut with no warning at any time. Placing even one cent with this sort of criminal just helps them to keep scamming others.

If you have doubts about whether a company is a HYIP or not, this article will make them easier to spot:

Remember - any money you make from a HYIP has nothing to do with forex trading or any other investment. It all comes from others who place money with them. If you make any profits, that's just money being stolen from others who "invested" with them who didn't pull their cash out before the HYIP closes.