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Problem ICMarkets.run froze my account refuses to allow me to withdraw funds

I am having an issue with a company


I am having a problem with ICmarkets.run. I was using ICmarkets.run for future trades and am up to 1,138,900 when I went to withdraw $51,800 it was taking over 30 hours. As soon as I opened the chat to contact customer service my account froze. When I tried to log back in I received “user has been frozen” message. How on earth do I get my account I frozen and my funds and profits that I made? Seems odd they froze my account when I inquired but within five minutes of such action I lost access. I am frustrated ow since it was everything I had that I invested and making good profits with my future predictions. Now I just want my funds back. Help


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Seems like Scam website clonning real ICmarkets.com. The website icmarkets.run only is 4 months old, so they are lying when says they are working since 2018