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Global Country Risk Developments

Discussion in 'Market Predictions and Reports' started by f-man, May 10, 2012.

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    AlgeriaTransparency problems in the international trade sphere increase cross-border trade risk.
    AngolaDespite good growth potential, tax reforms look set to increase social instability.
    BotswanaThe short-term outlook is increasingly uncertain on the back of weakening growth prospects.
    CameroonEconomic growth will remain below potential due to inadequate infrastructure.
    Congo, D.R.Political uncertainty abates a little but security problems persist in the country's restive east.
    Cote d’IvoireSigns of greater political and economic optimism are beginning to emerge.
    EthiopiaAn Ethiopian attack on rebel bases in Eritrea heightens cross-border tensions.
    GabonRestricted media freedoms and extensive corruption still pose downside risks.
    GhanaConcerns in the fiscal sphere and with inflation could lead to further monetary tightening.
    KenyaThe power industry is promised much-needed investment.
    LibyaThe oil industry continues to expand, but problems with internal stability remain.
    MalawiThe president's instransigence towards opponents and donors signals a rise in political and economic risk.
    MauritiusWorries about the euro-zone crisis and domestic political uncertainties overshadow the risk outlook.
    MoroccoThe central bank's loosening of monetary policy risks increasing inflation.
    MozambiqueShort-term economic growth prospects are dampened by problems in the EU and a slowdown in other key export markets.
    NamibiaThe risk outlook stabilises amid stronger growth.
    NigeriaCommodity exports support economic performance but the security situation is worrying.
    SenegalA peaceful but inconclusive presidential election heads to a second round of voting.
    Sierra LeoneDespite strong activity in the iron-ore sector, potential investors face difficulties.
    South AfricaA fragile outlook undermines the risk environment.
    SudanBorder disputes with South Sudan continue to seriously undermine the risk outlook.
    TanzaniaSignificant economic imbalances continue to cloud the risk outlook.
    TunisiaPolitical tensions are rising as criticism of the ruling party grows.
    UgandaThe economy undergoes a quarterly contraction, led by the industrial sector.
    ZambiaThe outlook is threatened by political tensions.
    ZimbabweRumours about President Mugabe's health re-ignite the succession debate.
    Asia Pacific
    AfghanistanSevere security threats dominate the risk outlook.
    AustraliaThe economy will only grow moderately at best in 2012.
    BangladeshWith inflation undermining domestic demand and export growth weak, the economy will suffer a mild slowdown in 2012.
    CambodiaThe economy showed signs consistent with robust growth in early 2012.
    ChinaThe economy still shows signs of relatively sluggish growth.
    FijiThe economy is showing signs of a renewed downturn after growing for the first time since 2006.
    Hong KongPolitical and business scandals undermine the city-state's clean image.
    IndiaThe economy struggles with inflationary pressures, high interest rates and political paralysis.
    IndonesiaHalf-hearted fuel subsidies lead to a higher fiscal deficit.
    JapanDespite continued signs of improvement, impediments remain to a sharp economic upturn.
    Korea (South)The export-oriented economy registers signs of weakness.
    MalaysiaVoter-friendly policies point to looming elections.
    MyanmarPolitical and economic reforms gather momentum.
    NepalSerious political and security threats continue to dominate the country's risk outlook.
    New ZealandThe economic picture is fragile, but there are grounds for optimism.
    PakistanThe economy stagnates due to ebbing external demand.
    Papua New GuineaPolitical uncertainty remains elevated in the run up to June's election.
    PhilippinesPublic-private partnership projects are being pushed, but not fast enough.
    SingaporeWith a technical recession on the way, growth shrinks.
    Sri LankaThe economy has overheated, forcing a tightening of policy.
    TaiwanThe risk outlook has stabilised, helped by stronger US demand.
    ThailandThe export-oriented economy is not yet clear of the disruption caused by flooding in late 2011.
    VietnamTight policy measures contribute to a significant slowdown.
    Eastern Europe
    AlbaniaEconomic growth slows significantly.
    AzerbaijanThe economy struggles with oil production problems, while non-oil growth performs well.
    BelarusRelations with the EU continue to sour.
    Bosnia & HerzegovinaThe economy is stable but growth has slowed to a crawl.
    BulgariaHigh-frequency data suggest a gloomy economic outlook.
    CroatiaThe economy stagnates amid weak domestic and external demand.
    Czech RepublicAusterity measures divide the ruling coalition and threaten to bring down the government.
    EstoniaA slowdown in growth will increase the risk of doing business.
    GeorgiaThe short-term outlook stabilises amid strong economic growth.
    HungaryRenewed hope of an IMF financial assistance package improves the outlook.
    KazakhstanThe risk outlook deteriorates amid increasing unrest.
    Kyrgyz RepublicThe county's dependence on natural resource industries is highlighted once again.
    LatviaThe economy cools as the euro-zone crisis escalates.
    LithuaniaBetter export performance underlines the strong start to the year.
    MacedoniaThe commercial risk outlook improves amid higher bank lending.
    PolandThe government faces demonstrations against proposals to raise the pension age.
    RomaniaEconomic activity slows amid weak external demand.
    Russian FederationClarity over President Putin's policy stance is the key to the long-term outlook.
    SerbiaA slowdown in growth could threaten the public finances.
    Slovak RepublicThe risk outlook continues to deteriorate.
    SloveniaThe April 2012 budget is awaited as the deficit hits 6.4% of GDP in 2011.
    TajikistanThe authorities block access to social and media networks amid fears of growing unrest.
    TurkmenistanIn a heavily rigged poll Berdymukhammedov secures another term of office.
    UkraineThe government hopes to attract much-needed foreign investment to help bridge its funding gaps.
    UzbekistanRising tensions with Tajikistan could threaten the vital agricultural sector.
    Middle East
    BahrainThe economy struggles to recover as the banking industry's assets shrink.
    EgyptA vital agreement with the IMF remains to be concluded, keeping risk levels elevated.
    IranD&B downgrades Iran's country risk rating in the face of further international sanctions.
    IraqAfter a period of relative calm, internal stability is again weakened by terrorist attacks.
    IsraelThe economic growth outlook for 2012 improves.
    JordanEconomic and political tensions undermine the risk outlook.
    KuwaitA buoyant oil sector will underpin stronger growth prospects.
    LebanonStronger economic growth forecasts rest on some fragile assumptions.
    OmanThe banking sector leads the recovery.
    QatarThe country's banks seek to raise funds through bond issues.
    Saudi ArabiaStock market swings highlight investor skittishness.
    SyriaAcceptance of the peace plan is revealed as a tactical move and the conflict continues.
    UAEDebt overhang overshadows positive economic developments.
    YemenThe humanitarian crisis deepens as political tensions persist.
    The Americas
    ArgentinaD&B downgrades Argentina's country risk rating amid concerns over increased business risk.
    BoliviaThe overall risk profile weakens due to escalating social unrest.
    BrazilThe government and central bank expand stimulus measures as economic activity remains muted.
    CanadaThe job market displays healthy signs of growth.
    ChileSocioeconomic unrest intensifies as the government comes under pressure to tap its sovereign wealth funds.
    ColombiaThe pace of growth is set to moderate amid a weaker global backdrop.
    Costa RicaA landmark tax package is in the hands of the Supreme Court.
    CubaThe risk outlook is dominated by wide-ranging reforms to stimulate investment and ease the country's accounts.
    Dominican RepublicA new deal with the IMF fails to materialise ahead of May's presidential election.
    EcuadorBuoyant activity in the oil sector fuels economic growth.
    El SalvadorRecent elections may see the ruling party lose office.
    GuatemalaCongress approves a tax reform aimed at improving the country's fiscal position.
    HondurasThe short-term economic outlook stabilises on the back of improved global prospects.
    JamaicaAnother deal with the IMF is under negotiation.
    MexicoUncertainty over the parliamentary election outcome could harm the economy.
    NicaraguaThe independence of the central bank comes into question as the governor resigns.
    PanamaExtremely rapid economic growth feeds into labour shortages and inflation pressures.
    ParaguayContinued adverse weather conditions raise the prospect of a recession.
    PeruAn ambitious investment plan seeks to sustain high economic growth and promote private investment.
    Trinidad & TobagoThe economy continues to limp along but headline inflation has jumped.
    USAThe fragility of the recovery is again underlined by weak job growth.
    UruguayThe country's risk outlook remains stable.
    VenezuelaAn increase in the minimum wage undermines the economy's competitiveness.
    Western Europe
    AustriaAfter contracting at end-2011, the economy shows signs of stabilising.
    BelgiumThe economy displays further signs of weakness in early 2012.
    CyprusThe outlook deteriorates as the economy contracts.
    DenmarkWith the country already in recession, the deteriorating Euroland economy weighs on the outlook.
    FinlandA major austerity plan is announced as the short-term economic outlook remains negative.
    FranceThe presidential election outcome hits financial markets' confidence over the euro-zone crisis.
    GermanyThe economic outlook remains fragile despite a strengthening of business confidence.
    GreeceThe country's risk outlook deteriorates as political instability increases.
    IcelandThe economy continues to recover despite persistent inflationary pressures.
    IrelandThe weakening Euroland economy drags the country into recession.
    ItalyEconomic activity continues to shrinks as austerity bites.
    LuxembourgFollowing a sharp downturn in late 2011, the economy looks weaker.
    MaltaReal GDP growth for 2012 is downgraded as domestic and external demand weaken.
    NetherlandsThe economy shows further signs of weakness after falling into recession in late 2011.
    NorwayExports continue to drive economic growth.
    PortugalExternal factors and fiscal consolidation drag down economic growth.
    SpainRecession hits amid low corporate profitability.
    SwedenThe risk outlook remains clouded as weak foreign demand hurts exports.
    SwitzerlandThe short-term economic outlook improves as the economy shows signs of stabilising.
    TurkeyAlthough the economy continues to grow, downside risks to growth remain strong.
    United KingdomThe budget does little to stimulate economic growth in the medium term.
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    Of course, what's defined as sluggish growth in China would be considered an economic boom in the USA.

    Oh good! No warnings about North Korea's currency. :p

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