Global Intergold Scam??

Marcelo Rosa

Master Sergeant
Hi guys, is anybody investing in this company called Global Intergold (former Emgoldex)?

People where I live in Dubai are investing about $ 820.00 and receiving after 4 months about $10K, I don't buy that, you need to bring people to the scheme and I've spoke with people that clearly admit they that it's a ponzi scheme, but because the investment is small, it's easier to keep bring people.

From my research, in the Philippines a lot of "investors" are suffering because they can't get their money back, specially when the company was named Emgoldex, it was using Dubai and telling that they were regulated by the local financial authorities, which has been proven it's not true, than the company had to change the name because of the restrictions the financial organizations were putting.

As far as I know, this company invest in "online gold" and clients have the opportunity to receive their investment back in cash, in real gold bars or keep reinvesting, but apparently you need to bring at least two people to enter, and those people will bring other two and so on.

What are your thoughts? It's clearly in my mind that's a completely scam company, and I can see many families suffering in the future if this doesn't stop right now. Everybody is making money as we speak, but until when?


What's the exact URL? I want to make sure I look at the right company's website.
The websites don't seem to show the exact details of this plan.

To put it simply, no legitimate person or company will accept $820 from you now and promise to pay you $10k in 4 months. Possibly if you recruit LARGE numbers of people into some sort of referral program (or pyramid scheme), then you just might get paid.