Happy New Year folks, from the desert of Qatar


Hello, all;

I'm a Dutchman out in Qatar in the oil/gas trade.
Having seen part of my savings slashed by over 20% Dollar drop lately. :embarrassed:I sincerely intend to remedy that!
In pursuit of the best method I stumbled upon Forex trade as the most direct and intriguing way to do so.
I am corrently trading dummy accounts, and already had the sour and the sweet as simulations.
As I looked for brokers and software, I learned most on this site, and hence became a member today.

Hope to meet some of you on line whenever serious questions pop.

Till then, my best regards, and a healthy, profitable trading year tou you all!

Jan Stokkermans



It could be worse - you could have invested all your money in oil futures when oil was at $135.

Don't dump all your dollars quite yet - we're due for some deflation before they can print enough to make them worthless.

Ron Jensen

Hi I'm a newbie to this. The reason I signed on to this forum is to find out any info about the suit against Aden Rusfeldt. I had a managed account that he mismanaged. I was wondering if anyone has an update on the restitution he has been ordered to pay.