Has anyone heard of Linear Coin?


You'll probably ignore my opinion since I haven't flushed any of my cash down this particular brand of toilet. I'm surprised you are looking into other investments since you seemed so attached to making impossible profits and fat affiliate commissions from Mirror Trading International. But, since you asked and I don't want to see others getting sucked unto yet abother bad company, here goes:

Take your money and flee from this one like it's infected with Covid, the plague, and ebola. Why? Where to begin?

1. On linearcoin.eu/about/ they claim to have been around since 2009. That's funny, since they only registered their domain name on July 1st, 2020. It' also on an IP shared with 529 other websites, which seems like an insecure option for a company that wants to hold onto people's money.

2. Much of the text on that about page matches text on etoro.com/en-us/about/ Etoro has been around for a long time. It's not hard to guess which of these brokers is the original source of the text. I haven't bothered to check to see if any other text on Linearcoin's website is stolen, but I wouldn't be surprised.

3. Linear Coin's website doesn't even show a hint of regulation, despite claiming to have offices in Luxembourg and Cyprus.

4. The phone number begins with 62, That's the country dialing code for Indonesia. That seems very unusual for a company allegedly based in Europe.


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I have asked the Linearcoin representative to respond to these alegations. So hopefully he will come on and answer the 4 points and many more.

Thanks for your response. Let's see

anyone else has experience with Linear Coin>???