Henry Liu - Scam


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Henry Lie is full of it. He is an armature trader. and all his programs are half ass scams.

The fact that he put another site together and just put all his OLD ASS videos on it and has the nerve to charge 250 a month for that just proves the SCAMMER is running out of options.

What can be next for this scammer??? taking his worthless CSR or 10k program and just rename it and try to target newbie traders in South America?


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hi dkami

Wow you are tenacious and p...off but i see your anger as justified. Like you i was in the 10k program and have had almost identical experiences as you. I also did not get the SMS- after 5 or 6 losses this neglect cost me a profitable trade and brought my 10k acc. down to 4k in a month. Later it was hit and miss. Like you I wrote to HL he did not reply I could go on .. but you have already said it in this thread. Thank you for speaking out and protecting those that are new and vunerable, the world needs people like you. Joh


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To Alvin re 7-26-2011

Sorry for the delay have just finished reading this thread.
And thank you for all your posts.
Like you I heard HL say he thought we would not reach the 1MM but we could/would reach 300k. How interesting or weird is that
The program HL sold/advertised/contracted was named 10k to1MM.
My question is when did HL decide that he would/could not reach the 1MM?

Before he advertised this 10k to 1MM program?
If so why did he not name it then a 10k to 300k program? The fact is HL did not.

I find it difficult to believe as an experieced trader/mentor which he claims to be that HL discovered this discrepency (a mere 700k) accidently after the program
had taken off (not succesfully)? But lets assume HL did then, at that point he should have offered everybody their money back because of this huge revision of 700k +.
HL did not do so.
In case he did know it beforehand and used the 10k to 1MM because it looked and sounded better (rather catchy) then he deliberately deceived all of us and
should still refund the money charged.
Legally most of us did not copy every word uttered/written but it does not alter that before or after that statement he should have honoured his word and refund in full
to those that wanted it, Henry did not.
Especially because he was connected to FPA which is about keeping the operaters honest-
because I for one would never have joined HL or his program if he had not been with FPA.


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To Rahman (9/2/2011)

Thank you for your post (s) to which I like to reply.

For what it's worth IMHO HL gives clear signals re the news. Words are his forte. HL is extremely clever with words -he speaks cautiously and selects his words carefully -
Look how he defended himself on this thread. We all know the public at large does not print or copy every word uttered/written and therefore he gets away with the
response to others 'can you prove it' -where did I write/say that' - 'show me the case number' etc. Avoiding the 'issue' -
Refusing to address the reason why so many people are angry that they lost their money. HL does not see that as his fault ' it happened because of the way the market
reacted to NFP etc.......

Not once did HL say 'I should not have entered that trade in this climate' or 'I should not have removed the SL'. He seems unable to own that 'he' fails because that
would destroy the picture he has of himself as the mentor. That is the reason he will stay a pathetic trader because he lives a lie and knows it.
Regarding the 10k to 1MM program -read his on admission (on this thread to Alvin) HL states he said instead of getting to 1MM we would probably only get to 300k -
In one generous swoop he wiped 700k+ - a mere 700k+ of his own program which he promoted and took peoples money for -this is laughable if it wasn't so tragic -
ofcourse the elusive 300k is another pipedream -sorry guys.

Instead of galloping to this elusive 300k lets look at some facts. The 10k Program is now in the 15th months. The mentor HL 10k acc. balance today is a mere 5k-
HL barely survived 2 magin calls recently by closing a $3254 negative trade the first time and the 2nd time by closing partially 2 trades with another $720 loss.
The remaining trade set on the 1st Sept.11 is a 3.3 GY trade to which is still running negative and it had added to a 5.0 A/NZ trade (this is a combined 8.3 trade on this small acc.)
the latter also hit SL another 420 loss. This one if I recall was Greece's fault.

It looks to me that HL uses his words both as tool or weapons to boast or deceive. He sets himself up as a mentor and an experienced trader but even a
halve baked trader knows a little about Money Management and overtrading an acc.or removing SL is a not smart- but HL keeps stating 'it is not his fault that the program,
he sold/promoted is still down 5k after 15 month of trading and this Program by his own declaration has a mere $295000 to go. s i g h


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the 300K issue

Like you I heard HL say he thought we would not reach the 1MM but we could/would reach 300k.

Joh, sorry to hear you were a victim too. Regardless of what Henry called this miserable scheme, he distinctly guaranteed to reach 300K. This was not something I imagined or wrongly recalled, as you and dkami and others remembered the exact same thing. This guarantee which he made during a pre-launch promotional webinar would qualify the scheme to be formally labelled a SCAM. Unfortunately, we do not have the video recording of that webinar as evidence to open a Trader Court case against Henry. RobertMac, a fellow FPA member, said he might have a copy of the video but was unable to hunt it down.


a lot of bull****

Why does a forex marketer work hard by writing a lot of bullsh1t words, testimonials, etc to convince everyone that his trading system is good, or try to convince everyone that he is a successful trader, whereas there is a simple way to convince everyone, the simple way is just publish his trading performance, real time and real account to mt4i.com or myfxbook.com.
He can not show his trading performance, because he is not trading for living, but marketing for living everyday.


Jon, what more can I add??..

"superforce" sum up old Henry nicely with: "He can not show his trading performance, because he is not trading for living, but marketing for living everyday."

....very much like a super salesman who doesn't use the goods he is peddling.


23101 views I hope people are getting the picture and staying away from this CON-MAN and his SCAMS


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I hope every one is beginning to see the truth behind this scammer. A user had mention he used to work for him and gave details on how scammy his business was even off line. He is the scammer of the decade. for giving people hope of making 300k but in the end he just took their money and went on a month vacation when the other scam CSR came out.

Its even more scammy that he is running out of ideas and made a site (250/month) to view his old videos..lmao..wow.

Wake up people if you are still in his programs GET OUT!