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Problem Centaurus Smart Robot

I am having an issue with a company
Hi everyone

I paid USDT87 for the robot. Received the EA, indicators and template but no setfiles. He is supposed to send me about 10 setfiles for the currencies and cryptos but despite many emails, he simply ignored me and never sent me any. I can only rely on the default setfile which has been consistently losing money and doesn't come close to the results shown on youtube. btw, I think he has changed his name to Salvatore Lombardi and his youtube link is here:

The robot name has also changed to Pegasus.

Some of you have bought and made profits and I still want to have a small bit of faith that the EA actually works Is there any way someone can let me have the setiles so that i can use the EA on a demo account first? Is it allowed to ask for this in this forum? I don't want to be permanent banned by the administrator.

I am attaching a screenshot of my MT4 to show that I have the EA. Just need the setfiles.

Thank you very much.


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