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HKEXpro, not to be confused with the real HKEX, lures investors from dating sites to WhatsApp and then asks individuals to download an app for trading. Once an investment is made, victims are asked to pay taxes to make withdraws but upon doing so there are more excuses of why a withdraw is not possible. This is a WARNING not to do any business with this company or you will lose every dollar you give to them.

HKEXpro,不要与真正的港交所混淆,从约会网站吸引投资者到 WhatsApp,然后要求个人下载应用程序进行交易。一旦进行了投资,受害者被要求缴纳税款以进行提款,但这样做后,有更多理由说明为什么不可能提款。这是一个警告,不要与这家公司做任何生意,否则你会失去你给他们的每一美元。


Website IP ( (


Yes, this is SCAM website, please don’t be fooled by the scammers. HKEX used to be Ether Pro, they use popular name to confuse people, and they just want to STEAL money from you. Stay away from SCAMMERS. Follows are the scammers website

If you have been scammed by the same website, please contact me.
If you are tech expert, know to how track the above scammers’ website, please contact me.

Many thanks!
I was thinking this was a scam for the longest time. No reviews. Thank god people are starting to post about it. Soo many red flags man. I might still pull out completely. This is the first thread I have seen talking about this. Been looking for 2 months.


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