hoopergroup.tech, is a SCAM recovery site beware


i would like to share with you my most stressful and torturing time in my life with the SCAM recovery website called (Hoopergroup.tech). The 2 people were in-charge during this task was the expert John and CEO John Hooper.

During end of April 2020; got trouble retrieving BTC from SCAM website so i contacted the scam recovery site called Hoopergroup.tech. After providing them with all information they requested from SCAM website, the expert who was I'm in-touch with called "John" assured me it will take 11 hours max to retrieve the amount.

Starting off, the expert requested for me to open an account with blockchain.com so they can place few non-spendable BTC address in my account; believing one of them is source from the SCAM website. this will trick you seeing large number of BTC in your account which you could not withdraw.

Another day passes the expert John requested me to deposit additional funds in order to retrieve my funds along with the bonus from the scam website. he mentioned it will take 7 hours to retrieve it. Another day passes by, the expert quoted "we will need more funds to break the key as it has come to a halt". So i asked what happened; he quoted "full money is recovered what is left is breaking the key".So i requested for proof of work as evidence. he mentioned due to security concerns with the scammers that he cant provide me with the proof until the job is completed.

After almost 2 weeks and few additional payments went through, i requested for cancelation since there is no assurance where is this going. The expert gave me assurance and promises that "500% the final closure is on the next payment" and i will receive the amount in 2 hours.

After the payment being transferred and Few hours has gone. i was waiting for the amount to be retrieved to my account. The expert John without any explanation said we need extra fees for the finalization part. his explanation due Russian hackers. So i requested for his contact number to get more information about this. he quoted "call me ? its not my job description sir. is there is a problem ? you have nothing to worry about. People that live close to NC have visited out office". Beside that he added i have nothing to hide. (Note the expert John will use these words frequently on his replies such as i promise, guarantees, trust, ease of mind you deserve, look at the bigger picture, promise you wont regret this, 100% transparent, i wont disappoint etc) to lure you in this scam with no evidence.

During this time i found out my Son was ill from a rare disease which he needs to be treated urgently since its fatal.So i have mentioned to the expert that i cant lose money on this if it doesn't workout i need to cancel or pause the task to treat my son. he replied back we reached end of the journey any minute you will get your BTC during the finalization phase.

After few weeks i have payed the funds for all the levels in finalization phase which i was promised numerous times it will end during the next level which it didn't. During this phase i had argument with the expert John due to his false acquisitions and false promises so the chairman (CEO) called John Hooper stepped in and emailed me from the same email address (recovery@hoopergroup.tech). Here it gets interesting; there is no proper introduction from him. he started the email by his exact words "Sir no need for threats here. This is the chairman talking to you." what away to start conversation with no proper introduction to the client who has invested numerous times in his website. anyway After few emails; he assured me very soon it will end. During this time i requested for his personal email address and personal contact number. he denied to provide me any sort of evidence.

As we passed the finalization phase and the expert wasn't happy to retrieve the BTC just yet so he decided to try different method without consulting me about it. but he consulted the CEO (John Hooper).There was argument taking place here between me and the expert along with the CEO.

From here onwards started emailing the CEO (John Hooper) directly since i lost trust completely with the expert. So CEO (John Hooper) mentioned we need to trust each other and this will end anytime. during this time i mentioned trust is 2 way street. i trusted you with my funds while you are not willing provide me with the non of following below:

- no refund

-no evidence

- no personal Contact number

- no personal Email address

what type of trust is this? he is avoiding all my questions and wants me to believe him with his promises.

So going to the new phase which i have mentioned to him i wont go forward until i have an agreement with you (CEO - John Hooper). i have mentioned to him about my son illness who has (LEUKODYSTROPHY) if he can assure this will end this and he did with a promise. The agreement was i will pay final payment with no additional payment after this which comes with certain conditions. The agreement was if the task ended before level 6/7 i will retrieve my funds along with the last payment i did, if it went above level 6/7 the CEO will pay from his own pocket. if the amount went above the amount i have paid for for level 6/7 the CEO will pay for it and will get back his funds once he retrieve the BTC. i have even attached an image of the agreement for you to witness. we both accepted the agreement and he assured me with a promise no more payment after this; and this will take 72 hours to reflected in my account.

So i transferred the last payment and after 48 hours, he claims we are on level 7 and short of funds. i said to him what about the agreement? he said i didn't expect it will be pricy. so i said then will wait until you can get the funds since i have given you my clear reasons going for the agreement because i'm out of cash. I even attached the report of my son with his medical condition.he replied back i cant get it and i wont spend anymore on this job.

Here i knew there is no mercy from this guy after all what I have funded them. So i decided i need all the invoices for the payments i have done during the past. i even attached an image below for you to witness his reply for what he quoted "i will send you the breakdown. we've not received the invoice from the merchants just yet". after a day i asked him again about the invoice. he started contradicting his own words. he quoted 'i cant get an invoice out till this finishes sir. we usually don't give out invoice. this is not a store" stating the job is not complete and this is not a store. i even attached image below for you to witness that too.

Other words, The CEO did not just broken the agreement but he wants me to add additional funds or the job will be canceled.

On his very last email he started insulting me by saying "most of the time you barley even understand what I'm saying". what type of clients wants to deal with a company when the CEO treats you that bad. just imagine if the CEO is talking to you like this what do you expect from the people below him will do ? i certainly lost all kind of respect with Hoopergroup.tech after the last email. I've been working hard to fund them so they can retrieve my funds but thats how they repay you after all.

what i have paid for this SCAM website (Hoopergroup.tech) i learned a valuable lesson don't trust any person on the other side of the computer even if he claims he is the CEO. if he cant provide you any sort of the evidence or some type of assurance then better go the legal way. it might take longer but it is safer for the long run. Just don't get scammed like what I've been through with hoopergroup.tech along with non trustworthy CEO John Hooper and expert John.
This is really sad, hope they didn't take much from you? Heating stories like this makes me sad.

Toby Scott

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Toby Scott

i got more than 500 messages from the company for the past 2 months but i will upload for now screenshots of the messages being said before the agreement took place and later i shall upload the messages being said after the agreement took place for reference.

The 3 images i have uploaded below; you can see the CEO John Hooper clearly mentions he will provide me with his personal number if any hiccups comes by but he also said he is sure this will be done and i'm 1000% safe. on the 3rd image he states clearly by him self i wont pay any thing extra after this agreement.


Toby Scott

Hi Guys,

As i said before i will posting messages what happened after the payment went through which you can click on the images below. Beside that, i have informed the Regulatory Authorities along with National Fraud Intelligence Bureau regarding this case.