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Problem Do white hackers exist for romance scams?

I am having an issue with a company
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I posted my concerns about romance scams on Reddit.
After that someone messaged me. I received a message saying, “I am a white hacker.” After the conversation, “Add sufficient funds to your personal wallet and then proceed by providing the scammer’s information. “If successful, you will have to pay 10% of the recovery amount,” he said, “not upfront.” Can I trust this?
Black, white, green, blue, or some other color, it doesn't matter. Anyone promising swift and simple solutions does not have your best interests at heart. Recovery Room Scammers will say anything to get you to trust them.

I've seen reports on various "no money up front" people who claims miraculous hacking skill. All they are doing is trying to gain your confidence before they con you.

One common one - The hacker claims to have located all of your money and just needs some cash to buy a special magic hacking program that's absolutely guaranteed to free your funds. Of course, it won't actually work.

Even more common (and often in conjunction with the previous paragraph) - "I've successfully gotten your money, but there is a small fee needed to be able to transfer it." Pay the fee and then there's another fee and another fee and another fee until the victim runs out of money (often borrowed money) or finally realizes that this whole thing is nothing but a giant scam.

Did this involve any crypto transfers? If so, report ALL the details to the US Secret Service.


They are particulatly interested in tracing criminals using cryptos. You might also want to give them info on the so-called "white hat hacker" who wants you to trust him.
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