How to make money from EAs (trading robots)

Has anyone here adapted their strategy to an EA ?
If so wax it successfully done and what were the pros and cons
The very first thing and actually the fundamental one is to find a proper expert advisor, it might be either paid or free, either require access to the internet or not, either it's fully automated or not.
There are dozens of peculiarities in trading with EAs, but the fundamental thing is the difficult one. It's tough to find a good expert advisor, because there are either bunch of scams in the world of EA, or they don't work properly. However, I know and actually I used the EA which was awesome, but I understood that there is nothing better than trading on your own and rejected the idea of using EA.
I do really think that robots are better at trading than people. Robot have not emotion.
I get my trading logic and write autotrading expert trading robot. Its name
SP500 Smart Collector
Today his first day
To boost EA profits, consider applying rebates to your account, especially for scalping. Try rebate programs to increase overall earnings.
Even though using a robot without emotion, it does not guarantee always making a profit, trading using a robot also requires manual monitoring, if there is a possibility that the robot will cause large losses, we can do a manual cut loss.