Services Offered I Will Trade Your Forex Account - Up To 300% Profit Per Month


LMAO! - Your "proof" is an offer on eBay? That's even better than the 2 very short term accounts on MyFxBook where all the critical data is locked away where no one can see it. If these alleged bank traders offering to manage money are real, they should have a website, show a lot more information about the trades, and also tell us all about where they are licensed and regulated.

Let me share a little more about the depth of my scepticism of your BS claims:


Banned for uncivilized conduct
I have USD $100 Million to invest with your excellent scheme due to a fortunate windfall resulting from the death of a long lost cousin,a Nigerian Prince.I just need you to pay the tax on the amount at just 10% which will of course be refunded to you in full once we get the trading account up and running.
You can send the tax payment by Western Union and once I have the control number I will get in touch with you and we can really make some big money together,I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
John Smith.