Ichimoku 4H Kijun-Sen Cross Strategy. KISS - Keep It Super Simple ! :D

Just opened a trade on Gold/USD.

One trade protected and three unprotected = exposure of 3% total.
That's enough exposure for now. Time to let price action take over for a day or two.

Once I have more trades protected I'll be looking out for another.
EURJPY looks like it is setting up to be a good trade but I cannot take this signal.

I have 2% of the account equity exposed to two JPY trades right now.
Never expose more than 2% across any one currency.

It may be possible to protect Gold/USD soon and then there will be only two trades exposed. (2% equity)
As trades become protected it is then possible to search for more. Something not JPY is preferable.

2% exposed equity = very low risk trading
3% exposed equity = low risk trading
4% exposed equity = moderate risk trading
5%+ exposed equity = high risk trading
Quick update on Mondays trading.
Currently have $1220.00 running positively. Three trades positive and one trade about 10 pips negative.
Total equity right now is $53,615.

Last week the trades were quite short as the aim was to pass the FTMO as soon as possible.
This meant that a lot of trades were cut short and the trend was not allowed to run.
This week the trades will be allowed to run to see if there is a difference in profits.
The entries will be the same, usually taken from the 4H signals. But the exits will be the 30m - 1H Kijun.
This means that the stop loss will follow slightly below/above the Kijun which will let trades run further.
Price will typically return to the 1H Kijun line in a trend a few times. Price will hit the Kijun and then continue.
Our job is to not panic when we see a pullback in the price. Wait for the pullback and then adjust the stop loss.
Some trades will drop back to the entry and cancel itself out, but others will run away for a week.

So this week we are trend surfing and not turn scalping. So set your beer down on a steady table ! :eek:

GBPJPY is a prefect example of what I mean.
You can see price fall to the Kijun line on the 1H and now it's starting to bounce higher.
It's best to let price move away and break the old high before tightening the stop loss.

Screenshot from 2020-09-28 22-40-45.png
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Two trades closed out today; GBPJPY @ +$351.85 and GoldUSD @ $818.50
This gave a total of $1,168.24 in additional profits. Balance is now $53,551 and equity is $54,500.
I hope to double the FTMO requirement of $2,500 by the end of the week. Still no negative trades so far.

I entered gold again as I expect it to continue higher. It hit a stop I had placed too close (30m chart).
AUDJPY has finally decided to move higher and the protective stop loss is following it on the 1H.
CADJPY has not moved five days later. I expect it will eventually but I may close it out at break even soon.

Also opened today are EURJPY, NZDJPY and NZDUSD.

I will be adding further posts on an evening basis (10 - 11 GMT) as I do not have time for real time updates.
I'll make a report on current trades and a future outlook for possible trades.
Update for tonight.

Currently running open trades at $1,350 in profit as I look at my screen. (Shows $1,250 in the screenshot)
Three trades are hovering around the entry point still but they will eventually get the message !


The past 7 trading days have been profitable even when scalping the 4 hour chart turns.
For this week I'll be trend following instead of closing out on the first sign of weakness.
In a ranging market this style is useful but we have a trending market right now so catching trends might be much more profitable.

Right now my equity is $54,900.00 so I need just $100 to reach double the FTMO target in profits.
Still no losing trades but there are three more days to go.
Eventually we all have a bad day but that's all part of the game.
You can see how I trail the stop loss just under the 1H Kijun (Gold). Blue line is price, I don't need candles.

Took a monumental hit to my equity last night. I think I had my stops WAY to close for comfort.

Two trades closed out in profit, AUDJPY @ +$238.98 and GoldUSD @ just +$53.50.
CADJPY, EURJPY and NZDUSD are all still running. EURJPY is protected.
Balance is now $53,842.26
But the equity was slashed from +$1,350 at one stage to ZERO after the trades mentioned above closed.
That was a very disappointing overnight picture but things should turn around soon.
To follow a trend takes too much time waiting for pullbacks to recover.
My FTMO trial is finished in three days so I only have until Friday to finish.

I found a website where investors can fund the traders they want and I now have two people following me.
Therefore I think it would be best if I did not spend too much time playing around with a working strategy.
I'll just stick to catching the turns and get out on weakness. It really isn't a lot of work that way.
I will continue to trade a weekly trend but I don't think I have time for dealing with pullbacks.
So find the entry, wait for the move, exit on 15 - 30m Kijun, wait for the pullback and reenter the trend.

I might use the lower time frame Kijuns (15 - 30m) for a possible exit and keep scalping those turns.
I find it more relaxing to catch a turn than ride a trend. 4 hour Kijun entry and 15 - 30m Kijun exit.
Overall everything is still on track, no losing trades and FTMO is currently passed.

If anyone wants to see another attempt by me at the FTMO trial account then let me know.
Also, what do you think is a good return on your money from a trader you funded ?
A = 5% per month, B = 10% per month C = more than 10%
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Final update on the FTMO two week trail to make 5% on $50,000.

So I managed to reach my goal of not 5% but 10% on my $50,000 FTMO trail account.
This system using the 4h Kijun is just one of the systems I have done my best to perfect.
I also run other systems which are used on lower time frames (1H) for day traders.
If anyone would prefer to see this system let me know. It's a 1H system.

The FTMO servers have had a lot of issues over the past couple of weeks.
Down time and missing trades and missing trades seem to be the issue.
I will post my entire MT4 trade history below which consists of a streak of 21 positive trades. (Odds???)
Altogether, all trade sizes combined, I risked just under 10.0 lots during this trail.
I also stuck to strict money management so my exposure to loss was minimized if the entire market went against me.
I have not left out any negative closed trades. I have also never used more than 0.5 Lots in trade size.
A screen shot of my FTMO account will be added however it only shows 15 of 21 trades.
A lot of people have been having these issues with the FTMO website lately.

If any traders, or new traders, want some basic coaching on how to trade then PM me.
I do not promise riches, just some help to get off the ground. I have given you a basic strategy here.
Trading is difficult on a psychological level. Having a plan of action, or inaction, is necessary.
I look at trading from two perspectives, a medium to long term (4H+) and short term (1H+).

If you want me to trade for you where you control ownership of your funds then PM me.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this system.
Maybe the FTMO might grant me a $100K account :cool: . That would be amazing.
If you want to be a funded trader be sure to check out the FTMO.com website. Nice people there.

If I get a final report from FTMO that is updated i'll post it later.
Also, I am not affiliated in any way with FTMO. I just use their platform to do get a free trail account to test.



Screenshot from 2020-10-02 00-35-00.png
If I get 100 likes and 100 comments I will open a new thread with my 1 hour strategy !
Demand and supply ! ;) Let me know that you want it.
I will test it against the FTMO trial again.