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Profit Master

This Master Profitable indicator is built from two different indicators and when they meet together we get a signal to buy or sell because it means that the direction of the trend is changing . We have worked a lot on this project and finally we have created a profitable indicator that shows the exact signal to buy or sell, it does not repaint or lag. He is not afraid of hot news, he is not afraid of NFP, he shows exactly when to open or close an order. This indicator works with a 1-minute and 5 minute time interval on all currencies, metals or indices. The blue arrow means buy order, the red arrow means sell order. You can change the parameters of the indicator as you like.First you need to start trading with a demo account so that you can understand how the indicator works and you can use it with other indicators. We are currently working and want to build EArobot, and we will do it soon.
We have reconstructed and improved the indicator to make it even better and clearer, so that the trader can identify where the trend is heading as accurately as possible and thus earn more profits. Now you can see 5min, 15min, 30min, 1H and 4H arrows in one system or if you want to make and set parameters separately according to your created strategy. First try it on a demo account.
We wish everyone good luck and good work.
if you buy it, please email me and send me a screenshot, I will send you special 8 indicators for this system to work

If you have any questions, please write.


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