New Forex Stuff Indicators with optimal filtering of noise in the foreign exchange market.

Dear friends! I want to sincerely help you and dispel your illusions.

1) When you look in the market (or somewhere else, on some channel, etc.) at the description of any product (indicator or robot), you give priority (buy) to the product, the seller of which presented the most possible a long series of positive transactions based on the use of this product. And you think you made the right choice. But don't be so naive. The seller can choose from one hundred series of transactions, 99 series of which are losing, one winning series of transactions and present it in the description of his product. And this is what almost all salespeople do because they need to sell their product. I don't do that because my products are designed for the thinking consumer.

2) Optimization of the robot, which gives an exponential growth of the deposit, when billions are obtained from a hundred dollars, this is, in essence, just an adjustment to the previous history. When new data comes in that goes beyond the history of optimization (i.e. you start to actually trade), then such a robot with a 100% guarantee will bring losses. They buy such robots, in general, suckers. Friends, do not be suckers, i.e. do not lose your money neither on the purchase of such robots, nor when playing on the stock exchange with their help. Many sellers, in general, simply write bright clips, where the stories of allegedly positive transactions of their product and the frantic growth of the deposit are clearly unfolding in the drawn terminal. Some sellers do the same programmatically. If someone had such robots, then no one would sell them. This must be understood, and not wishful thinking.

3) I (a professional scientist, not some schoolboy) sell products with algorithms, which are my own original developments based on a scientific approach ( , ) to the study of the foreign exchange market and stock market, which, by the way, no one has done yet. All existing models of the foreign exchange market are not scientific, but simply "shamanic dances with tambourines." Trust me as a scientist. But people tend to buy products (at least robots, at least indicators) with popular algorithms “tested” by time, i.e. well-known strategies and calculation formulas. At the same time, they hope that the popularity of algorithms will provide them with a profit. This is also a naive fallacy. After all, if there were well-known formulas and algorithms that would bring profit in all market conditions, then everyone would become millionaires, which is not observed. On the contrary, in the reality hidden from suckers, all traders (using "time-tested" algorithms) either mark time in one place or lose money. Therefore, among the popular mathematical algorithms (even the most sophisticated ones, such as some kind of neural networks, etc.), there are no algorithms that consistently provide profit, and with a change in the state of the market, they begin to incur losses. Profitable algorithms should be looked for, just the opposite, among the original little-known developments, which are my products.
Profit Trade

Profit Trade
is a deep development of the well-known Donchian channel indicator.

✔️ The indicator demonstrates the current state of the market in a clear and covering all characteristic price scales.

✔️The filtration used in Profit Trade is extremely robust; and this indicator does not redraw.

✔️The indicator settings are extremely simple.

✔️The algorithms of this indicator are unique and developed by their author

Author Aleksey Ivanov

Friends, I am a theoretical physicist and a trader, mathematically rigorously studying market processes, aspects of which I have already begun to present in my articles.

Based on a rigorous theory, I have developed indicators with optimal market noise filtering for trading.

However, it should be emphasized that a trader (investor) should choose the direction of his positions on the basis of fundamental analysis, and correctly applied indicators of optimal filtering of market noise should be only its auxiliary tool. These indicators are used to determine:

market entry points are determined,

the positions of stop-loss and profit and their order (time and number of points) of movement are determined,

determine the size of the opened lots (calculated through money management built into the work of many indicators presented here).

I emphasize that for today's highly volatile market, these (1-3) statistically calculated parameters of the game are also (like fundamental analysis) key, in the sense that without them it will be generally impossible to get a stable profit.

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Signal Envelopes

The Signal Envelopes indicator uses the robust filtering method based on: (1) the moving median Buff0 = < Median> = (Max {x} + Min {x}) / 2 and (2) the averaging algorithm developed by the author Buff1 = <(<Median> ) ^ (- 3)> * (<Median>) ^ 4 based on the moving median. The Signal Envelopes indicator allows you to most accurately and with the minimum possible delay set the beginning of a new trend. The Signal Envelopes indicator can be used both for trading according to scalper strategies, and when using long-term trading strategies.

✔️The indicator has all kinds of alerts.

✔️ The indicator does not redraw

✔️The algorithms of this indicator are unique and developed by their author

Author Aleksey Ivanov

TrueChannel FREE

The TrueChannel indicator shows us the true price movement channels. This indicator resembles Donchian Channel in its appearance, but is built on the basis of completely different principles and gives (in comparison with Donchian Channel, which is better just to use to assess volatility) more adequate trading signals.

✔️The algorithms of this indicator are unique and developed by their author

Author Aleksey Ivanov

Alligator Analysis FREE

The Alligator Analysis” (AA) indicator allows you to build various (by averaging types and by scales) “Alligators” and their combinations, i.e. allows you to analyze the state of the market based on the correlation of this state with a whole range of different "Alligators". The classic "Alligator" by Bill Williams is based on moving averages and Fibonacci numbers, which makes it one of the best indicators now. The classic "Alligator" is based on Fibonacci numbers and is a combination of three smoothed moving averages (SМMA) with periods 5, 8 and 13, which are part of the Fibonacci sequence. In this case, the moving averages are shifted forwards by 3, 5, and 8 bars, respectively, which are numbers from the same sequence (preceding the corresponding period values).

Alligators from the AA indicator is based, on the same principle as the classic “Alligator”, but on different parts of a number of Fibonacci numbers, as well as on different moving average averaging algorithms.

The indicator AA uses 6 types of averaging, where the classical averaging SMA, EMA, SMMA, LMA are supplemented by averaging the moving average by the median and averaging weighted by volume.

Line shifts can be removed. The colors of the AA indicator lines are set according to the type of color spectrum: from violet for a small smoothing period to red - for the largest period.

Author Aleksey Ivanov

6. GBPUSDH1.png
Channel Builder FREE

The Channel Builder (CB) or Ivanov Bands indicator is a broad generalization of the Bollinger Bands indicator. First, in CB, the mean line <X> is calculated using various averaging algorithms. Secondly, the mean deviations calculated by Kolmogorov averaging are plotted on both sides of the middle line <X>.

✔️The algorithms of this indicator are unique and developed by their author

Author Aleksey Ivanov