Investment in Forex : Safe or Risky?

Forex trading experience is nothing like stocks investing so you’ll have to learn a lot in the beginning.
And the next thing that many people noted here correctly is the broker that you work with. These are the main points you need to pay attention to.
The only thing is learning how to trade and if we manage to learn it, this knowledge is applied to every type of trading either it is forex or crypto, stocks or else where.
It is safe when you use stop loss because you have control over what you lose and know this in advance.
Investing in forex is much more risky but the rewards are higher as well.
Yeah, there's a rational kernel, but everything is because while investing you operate bigger sums.
However, if you take short-terms trading, rather big deposit and on top of that quite a big leverage applied, then it's getting dicey as hell.

So, I can agree with your opinion, but it's dependable. And, actually, it's difficult to claim that this or that riskier. Both have certain peculiarities, and one wrong move may cause bad consequences.
Like you wanna know how risky is to open long-term positions on currency pairs? Or you have just veiled short-term trading like that? :D
I ain't know much about long-term perspective in forex, because usually investments are all about those assets you have mentioned.
Short-term trading is exactly that thing which suits forex.
You can try run a fundamental analysis on pairs, maybe it will help you realize whether it's possible or not, but I can't claim for sure.
Worse experience in forex trading is a usual thing. I will reveal you secret information, but traders also have bad experience trading equities, commodities, indices, cryptos and so on. It depends on the level of your proficiency, the broader expertise in the field you have, the more chances that you will succeed at this activity you have.

Everything is cognized by trial and error. You are forced to make mistakes, not to make them in the future. That is why forex trading is positioned as a risky adventure. You should try, try, try and once again try. Only then you will have chances to attain your goals.
Bad experience of forex trading isn't a very rarer phenomenon, sincerely speaking. The majority of traders who are thrown away by the market never return to this sphere and start complaining about injustice.
However, when you enter forex trading, you must have a certain established setup - there's a chance to lose money. If you know it, it's easier to bear through loss streaks, and eventually, when you master psychological techniques, you will be able to bear fruit.
It can be both.
If you decide to take the short road to success and invest a big portion of your account size in your trading positions, it can be quite risky business.
If you take a more conservative approach and follow the books when choosing a trade size, it can be really hard for anyone out there to blow up an account even if they try
Really, I challenge anyone to blow up an account under one condition: to invest only up to 2% of its account size in one position. You will see how hard it is.
It is important to understand that Investing in forex can be both safe and risky. It’s essential for beginners to know that while there’s potential for profit, there’s also a risk of loss. The forex market is highly volatile, and currency values can change quickly. I will advice you get proper education because you will be safe if you understand the market.