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General discussions of a financial company
Important Answer From A Very Serious Broker Concerning Eas

This is a tadawul fx answer for all their customers and others :

Dear Readers,

Many clients believe that once they connect an EA to a platform they can sit
back and watch the EA make money for them. Unfortunately it is not that
simple. The important issue here is that the few losses made are bigger than
the profits made which shows bad risk management strategy or basically that
the settings in regards to when the position should close need correcting.

EAs have settings that need to be adjusted according to conditions provided
by the Forex Company (for example the spread). As TDFX do not build or
provide EAs, it cannot be blamed for the performance of any particular EA.
Please be advised that we have many traders who work with this particular EA
very successfully as they have learned to adjust the setting efficiently.

In regards to the comparison of TADAWUL FX with other Forex Companies, I
would like to abstain from commenting on the way other companies operate,
however it is widely known that many companies do not cover all client
trading positions and as a results use manipulation techniques that are not
easy to catch unless you know what to look for.

TADAWUL FX has a direct banking feed that provides a feed from over 20
banks, therefore it is safe to say that when trading with TADAWUL FX you are
trading under real live market conditions and not man manipulated virtual
trading platforms.

TDFX is also more than happy to assist and advise its clients if given the
chance to do so. help us help you !

Kind Regards,

Thomas Papantoniou
Account Manager
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oh yea?

Hey manager dude-can u tell Maxey what happened to his 9 grand profit? And it better be good cause lots of Traders will be reading.
Sorry can you repeat please :)

Sorry my friend, can you explain me who's Maxey and what can y do to heal him ? :)

Kind regards

this is a good new :)

I am not surprised of the agreement because there are human beings behind Tadawul FX, you don't have to run all around the world to reach a living person there :)...

Every problem, and where there is money there can have problems, can be easily solved by explaining the facts...

Trading bonus of USD500 be withdrawn? Any Conditions?

Hi ,

I would like know if the Trading bonus of USD500 offered for opening of Trading
accounts can really be withdrawn? What are the conditions attached to be able to convert from credit to cash in the trading account?
Where does it state about the USD 500 bonus? I could not find it on their website.

This was much earlier bonus offer advertised by Tadawul Fx. The accounts Im having was deposited USD5,000 add creditbonus of USD500 have received in the account.
But this is not been converted to cash balance yet. Its been there for 4 months,with active trading done.

Hope Tadawul FX can answer this. TQ
EA Review

Hi Guys
I saw someone called him self loser from Germany he made a review about the EA system in TADAWULFX and he said
´´For all who want trade Fapturbo at TadawulFX take a look here.
(MT4 Stats - Share your MetaTrader 4 Statements with the world) That's how it works at TadawulFX using Fapturbo. You will burn your money for sure.
Scalping EAs doesnt work here. The prices don't change so much like they do on other brokers. ´´

I checked his MT4 statement which is under the link which he put it to see what he is talking about because i saw many clients using Fapturbo and other EA systems without having any problem and I found that his FAP turbo opened about 354 positions and from this 354 there are 257 with profit and 97 with loss that means his FAP turbo was winning in 65,66% and losing in 34,34%, so what is the problem with that Guy, as I saw that his EA system was closing the positions between 0$ and 50$ in case if there was profit and in case of loss he was closing the position between 0$ and -250$ and that means that his FAP Turbo was risking too much to make a small profit.
(Click Hier) to see his statement and you will find what I mean.

There are a lot of people when they lose they blame there Broker

Best Regards
Obied Ziad