More Brokers Slapped by the CFTC. Their Crime? Daring to Accept US Traders.


Social media is another option. If enough people complain, the law might get changed.

The drawback to that is a law can be change back and forth many times. A US Supreme Court ruling that overturns a law is likely to stick a lot longer and sets a precedent that can be applied in other cases of regulatory infringement on the rights of traders.

There's no reason that both avenues can't be tried simultaneously.
Strange but i suppose they want there us Citizens to be protected and there for saying if you want to operate with the US you must sign our agreement

John perry

regulations across the world need to be looked at and refirmed. to many can do that here but not there and can have this but not in those country's. the world we now live in gives us opportunities to be global but country sanctions stop the moment of people. the internet needs a global relational to the flexibility of life to grow even more and develop