1. M

    ECN Brokers which accept USA clients

    Hello all, I am seeking your help to find an ECN forex broker which is regulated and accepts USA clients. Can you anybody please help me find one?
  2. ImraanShaykh

    A - Book Brokers

    Hi, I am a novice in the world of forex trading, still learning the ropes of the trade on demo accounts. I read an article about A-Book Brokers and B-Book Brokers and was upset to know that someone who we thought as an ally in the forex game might be the one that rigging up the whole game...
  3. M

    Stock broker

    Hi, I am having some difficulties finding a regulated broker that offers american stocks ETFs and ADRs. I have accounts with etoro and fxpro, which are horrible for trading stocks, quotes are not accurate, huge spreads, and they offer a limited amount of tickers. Can anyone recommend an EU...
  4. ciheg30

    Looking for brokers who offer high leverage for UK clients

    Hi there, this is my first post but I am not new to FPA. I often spend my time reading the reviews and checking forum debates etc. My question is this, I'm from the UK and due to ESMA rules, brokers in the UK can only offer 1:30 leverage on major FX pairs. Can anyone in this forum recommend...
  5. E

    Forex Affiliate Links Looking to onboard Affiliate's and Introducing Brokers

    Looking to onboard new affiliates and IB's. Introducing Brokers, Investors and Affiliate Managers this is your time. we offer CPA or revenue share just by referring your contacts. Click the link below to register a partner account as you can see on the top right-hand side of the website...
  6. L

    Need Help - Kinda Unique Story - Brokers/vantage/tradeview

    Hey everyone. First off, my story is a bit weird and I'm getting desperate so I'm trying to post it here see If you guys can help me sort it out. I dont know If I posted it in the right forum section so mods can go ahead and move it sorry in advance. I'll try to keep it short. Please read it...
  7. FitsTrader


    Why all FX Brokers with CFDs suddenly stop reflecting oil prices and stucked between 16 usd to 22 usd range? While the current market price now is at 5 usd?
  8. J

    Crypto Brokers

    Can anybody recommend any good brokers that i can trader btc/usd with high leverage on metatrader. I can only find 2:1 . Thanks
  9. N

    Genuine brokers

    How do i know a broker is legit
  10. pwilliampat

    How to verify and avoids scam brokers?

    Run a review on them. Check legitimate of their operations if regulatory status: check if other trader has complain about them online. Check withdrawal deposit and condition, confirm the authenticity of their trade platform if it allows citizens in USA, Japan, UK, and India. Deposit very little...
  11. Keandre88

    Be careful in the financial market there are many scammers

    Hello I take this space to be prevented, this world as many know is full of scammers, a few weeks ago my best friend was a victim of who calls himself Philippe Ballesio, you sell a thousand wonders Cryptomt4 and Btcmt4, and ended up staying with all their investment is now desalinated, but it is...
  12. J

    Which broking software would a pro use?

    Hi all, Newbie intros aside, I've been looking into Forex (and commodity) trading, and whats involved. One thing I think I've found is that there's a big difference between a Forex broker and a Forex trader. To me, a broker works for a financial company and trades on behalf of someone else...
  13. FXTradingRevolution

    Dirty Practices of Brokers that Cost You Profits

    Based on the research, and hundreds of extensive tests of forex retail brokers around the world of the FX Trading Revolution team, we have discovered that approximately 98% of retail brokers don’t have any interest in profitable clients. And this is the main reason why so many traders lose money...
  14. FXTradingRevolution

    What Forex Brokers Never Want You to Know!

    In financial markets there are a lot of different brokerages with very different approaches to working with their clients. Some brokers offer low trading costs and other brokers offer a little bit higher trading costs. Some brokers are direct market makers – and are on the opposite side for all...
  15. FXTradingRevolution

    Insider Information about Interbank Market Trading

    The interbank market is where supply and demand meets – for the financial sector including banks, investment funds, central banks, international financial institutions, brokers, and in the best situation also orders from broker's clients. Understanding the principles of how financial markets and...
  16. FXTradingRevolution

    FX Trading Basics that You Must Know

    In the first article of our educational series on the FX Trading Revolution website, we will show basic facts and terminology that some traders will probably know. However, we will present these facts in the correct way. In the article we will move on to the facts about Forex, which you probably...
  17. FXTradingRevolution

    Know Your Enemy - Participants of Financial Markets

    In the financial markets, there are more topics to consider, than it may seem at first glance when you open a trading platform and enter your orders. Various entities in the financial market also have completely different approaches and purposes for operating in the financial market. To...
  18. Jarratt Davis

    Retail Brokers – What Happens to Profitable Traders? Welcome to this fourth final presentation in the series on Retail Brokers entitled 'Retail Brokers - What Happens to Profitable Traders?' Previously we have looked at the concept of stop hunting. We looked at who the stop hunters are. It's definitely...