1. Ariff Azraei

    Daily Market News by Golden Brokers

    Visit our website for more updates and analysis: DAILY MARKET NEWS - 17-04-2024 Federal Reserve officials, including Chair Jerome Powell, have pushed back on expectations for interest rate cuts this year, stating that monetary policy needs to...

    Searching If I want to build own trading platform like other brokers

  3. forexbet

    Discuss Do most brokers define gap trading a fraudulent trading?

    I understood that some brokers say gap trading is fraudulent trading. Do most brokers define gap trading a fraudulent trading?
  4. paymanz

    Discuss trying to understand current situation with metaquotes dropping brokers

    recently metaquote has ceased service with many brokers. is it only the unregulated brokers that serve US citizens or any unregulated brokers cant use MQ anymore?
  5. A

    Searching Looking for Trustworthy Regulated Forex Broker outside of Australia with High Leverage

    Looking for a forex broker which can offer high leverage 500x or more, but is also regulated within a developed country but not in Australia. e.g. BlackBull Markets. not interested in any dodgy brokers regulated in never-heard of small random countries. in case you're wondering my issue with...
  6. T

    Searching Brokers and withdraws

    What is the best broker and online wallet to use where i can make withdraws if banks are not an option?
  7. NatureGirl

    Discuss Commission free brokers

    saw some commission free brokers but didn work with any of em. have U ever worked one? whats Ur opinion bout em?
  8. C

    scam brokers

    Which brokers do you view as fraudulent, and what are the reasons behind your opinion?
  9. C

    Discuss brokers handle high-frequency trading

    guys do you know how do brokers handle high-frequency trading and provide efficient market access for advanced traders
  10. C

    forex brokers with swap-free accounts

    Hi all! Are any of you familiar with US brokers that provide swap-free accounts?
  11. F

    Discuss Instant Withdrawal Brokers

    I have started enjoying instant withdrawals with crypto and binance pay with exness. because in my country we have crypto card from binance. Any one else enjoying instant withdrawals (like 1 hour) Example: I trade EURO USD and make 100 usd. I click withdrawal and it comes to my binance in 1...
  12. C

    Do brokers actually abuse their customers?

    guys do you think that brokers actually may abuse the traders?
  13. E

    Info brokers

    Hello there! As a newcomer to Forex Peace Army, I wanted to say hi and ask for your advice on brokers to avoid when creating an account. Are there any particular brokers that you recommend staying away from, if so, what are the reasons for this?
  14. Babeeked

    Searching Are there any brokers that allow trading crypto on MT4 24/7?

    Pls recommend any brokers that allow 24/7 trading on MT4. I am planning to test a scalping EA.
  15. Q

    Forex(scam) vs. Futures

    Greetings to all traders, I have been following the site's invaluable inputs from people around the world for quite some time. All in an effort to find a broker as someone new that wants to enter the forex trading arena. I believe I had managed to spot some fake positives along with the horror...
  16. Jmtaylor518

    Searching Suggestions for US Brokers

    I was recently scammed, I lost my $3k investment. I was investing in Bitcoin but my trade account also let me track Forex on my pretty little graph...I honestly didn’t know what I was looking at. The attorney general has gotten involved, I’ll be reporting to a few other agencies and I’m hoping...
  17. motorcek

    Populusfx / clearinggold brokers scam story

    First hello to everyone and i will write a shorty scam story, hoping that someone can doge a bullets with this guys. First it started with me creating Tinder account just for fun since i really never use this ****. So after a few days i got in contact with a Hong Kong girl saying she lives in...
  18. J

    Question about australian brokers bank transfer costs

    Hi. I have been and still am looking for the best broker out there. In my search, I have noticed that many australian brokers are top-notch. However, there's something about bank transfer withdrawal method that they have in common and is nowhere explained. It always goes more or less like this...
  19. M

    Info ECN Brokers which accept USA clients

    Hello all, I am seeking your help to find an ECN forex broker which is regulated and accepts USA clients. Can you anybody please help me find one?
  20. ImraanShaykh

    Searching A - Book Brokers

    Hi, I am a novice in the world of forex trading, still learning the ropes of the trade on demo accounts. I read an article about A-Book Brokers and B-Book Brokers and was upset to know that someone who we thought as an ally in the forex game might be the one that rigging up the whole game...