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Searching Suggestions for US Brokers

Help me find a company


I was recently scammed, I lost my $3k investment. I was investing in Bitcoin but my trade account also let me track Forex on my pretty little graph...I honestly didn’t know what I was looking at. The attorney general has gotten involved, I’ll be reporting to a few other agencies and I’m hoping for a resolution.

I don’t want to give up, I’d like to do this again...however, I don’t know what I’m doing. I know it was a scam, but I liked what this guy was supposed to be doing - he did all of my trading for me. It was my intent to learn from him along the way but he was a tool and not very good at answering my questions.

I’ve been reading the reviews of the Forex/crypto companies that are recommended here...it seems like they all offer things for individuals to trade on their own. Can anyone recommend a few for me to check out that have brokers that do trading for you? Or is there an automated thing out there that does it for you? I contacted a company and the gentleman said brokers trading for you does exist...I thought it’d be easier to ask someone instead of contacting every company on the site.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!
There are a few reputable offshore ones that have been going for a while - have a look at the broker reviews section on FPA - you get an honest answer on if a broker is good or not.
I’m so sorry to hear this, it’s such a blow! There are so many brokers out there so just got to find the one that fits your needs.
From all you said i have only one advice to you... Never give your money to someone to trade for you.
That's right, it's quite spread way of scamming, you know. I think that traders always must to rely only on themselves even everything goes worng they have to keep their hands up and never give up. Such scamming schemes like trusting fund for someone who consider himself/herself as a professional trader confuse novices and they, because of lack of experience, trust their money to such people. It's disappointing I believe. In my opinion, there must be a community somewhere in the internet which teach beginners how not to face scammers and how to avoid them, because it's almost the only way to defend novices.
Any updates? I'm curious to know if you gave up on trading after this or if you opened a trading account, and if so, which broker you chose. I know of a few good ones I could recommend if you haven't opened one.